My Day Trips from Tel-Aviv Collection

day trip from tel aviv
Shalom, do you plan a day trip from Tel Aviv? You have reached the right place!
My name is Slava and I will be your tour guide in Israel, I would like to welcome you to my amazing country, I guess you don’t have enough time to explore fully with amazing private guided tours in Israel, But I have some good news for you since I provide amazing day trips in Israel from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem almost every day with my luxury SUV. 
The process is very simple, take a few moments to read my Day Trips from Tel-Aviv collection and choose your preferred tour.
1. Day trip from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem
day trip from tel aviv 
This is one of the most popular destinations which every visitor in Israel must visit during the Day Trips from Tel-Aviv, we usually begin our private guided tour in Israel in the morning around 9 AM and drive to Jerusalem approximately one hour, the first stop will be the famous observation point of the mount of olives In which you will be able to see the amazing view over the old city of Jerusalem, enjoying the spectacular view and making the traditional photos of the Old City, I will give you a brief explanation about how the city of Jerusalem developed before we begin diving Into the history of this amazing city.
After a quick stop, we continue to the Gethsemane garden to hear and to see the story of Jesus and his last prayer before he was betrayed by Judas and taken to prison, next to the Gathsemene garden we will visit the tomb of Virgin Mary an amazing old church below ground level.
Take a few moments to refresh yourself in the car while driving into the Old City, after parking of our car we will enter through the jaffa gate to explore the old city and its highlights.
Walking the via Dolorosa and exploring the 14 stations of the cross with the smells of the market of the Old City, we will enter to the church of the holy sepulcher to visit The tomb of Jesus and the Golgotha.
During the middle of the private guided tour in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, we will have a quick lunch and then we will proceed to the western wall the holiest place for Jews in the world, so please prepare your notes with your special wishes.
Many tour guides in Israel will probably skip during the day trip in the Old City the tomb of King David and the room of the last supper but we will definitely stop to see these remarkable sites.
2.Day trip from Tel Aviv to the Dead Sea and Masada
day trip from tel aviv 
This private guided tour in Israel is a little different from the previous, Our day trip from Tel Aviv to the dead sea and Masada will take part in the famous Judean desert, Today our drive will be a little longer but not less interesting, our first stop will Qumran, This is the place where the scrolls of the Dead Sea were discovered, an amazing story about the oldest holiest scripts of the Bible, Continue driving the desert we will reach the most popular sites in Israel, Masada, exploring this amazing fortress in the desert Will tell you the story about a cruel king who was also one of the greatest builders of the holy land And the thrilling story about the last battle between the Romans and the Jews during the first century.
History is great but how about some fun and relaxation? Not all my trips in Israel are full of learning and exploring but also providing a chance to have some good time, so please enjoy this amazing Moment and take a swim in this magical lake, take a newspaper, take a camera and just float in the Dead Sea!
3. Day trip from Tel Aviv along the coast of Israel
day trip from tel aviv 
Sun and perfect weather what a great combination huh? Today I will take you on a  private guided tour in Israel along the coast of Israel along the sunny beautiful coast of Israel to see amazing sites packed with history!
Just 45 minutes away from Tel Aviv our first location will be Caesarea, This is an amazing port constructed by the great king Herods with amazing technologies, a perfectly preserved amphitheater, hippodrome, and other classic facilities will make you feel like visiting Italy!  
Continue to the capital of the north, the city of Haifa, This amazing green city has a great site to visit, the Bahay Gardens, these amazing Persian Gardens will teach us the story of another secret monotheistic religion combining amazing green gardens and a shiny gold temple.
How about some medieval stories? Yes, this is an excellent opportunity to learn about the Crusaders, the amazing city of Akko is one of the most recognizable cities by UNESCO and has a perfect view over the Mediterranean sea, secret tunnels and other amazing constructions from the 12 century.
4.Day trip in Tel Aviv markets 
day trip from tel aviv 
Try something new, recently the foody tours in Israel becoming more and more popular among tourists, Visiting Israel without tasting the local spices and the Oriental dishes won't Drow you the full picture of our amazing country, Israel has so many cultures and different dishes coming from many parts of the world with all the immigrants who arrived in Israel in the past 70 years, that’s why the day trip in the markets of Tel Aviv Will be an excellent and refreshing option for you.
Let’s explore the central market of Tel Aviv, the Carmel market, A huge open market with tons of restaurants inside, we can also visit the Levinsky market which becoming more and more trendy, this is actually a big pedestrian area with open shops selling our local fruits and vegetables.
There is also an option to explore the Sarona market, a great option for people who are a little spoiled since the market is quite luxurious with air-conditioning and restaurants inside, the Sorona market is quite similar to the La Boqueria market in Barcelona.
5.Day trip from Tel Aviv to the south 
day trip from tel aviv 
Tired of the typical touristic places? I have a great proposal, let’s go down to the desert and explore some ancient cultures and learn about the geology of Israel.
Our first stop during our private guided tour in Israel will be Memphis, Yes this is the ancient name of one of the most important cities which was built by the Nabatines An ancient tribe who transferred spices and oils through the desert to the Roman empire, continue to Sde Boker and this time you will have the opportunity to see the original desert house on the first Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion, We will discuss his dreams and how we actually created a diamond in the desert!
Ready for some action? Great after a short stop for lunch will take an off-road vehicle to explore the biggest crater in the world called the Ramon crater, the amazing geology, and the colors will show you a different point of view about the formation of our planet and the history. 
6.Day trip from Tel Aviv to boutique wineries
day trip from tel aviv 
Wine and Israel? You will be surprised but this pair of words is so relevant in the past 10 years, Israel has become one of the best places growing excellent grapes and using our amazing technologies we managed to create a great product, the Israeli wine!
Join me your private tour guide in Israel for an amazing day visiting our local wineries and enjoying amazing products together with local cheese and fresh vegetables and of course fresh air with the sun!
There are so many options and so many wineries but as an expert, I will be able to take you on my private guided tours in Israel to the best ones, all you need to do is to choose the region and the date.
7. Day trip from Tel Aviv to Galilee
day trip from tel aviv 

This unique private guided tour in Israel to the north region of Israel will provide us a chance to follow the footsteps of Jesus, we will begin from the ancient city of Nazareth and visit the home of the holy family and discuss the story of how virgin Mary became pregnant and carried the child of God, continue To the holiest river in the world, the Jordan River in which you will have the opportunity to get baptized and wash your sins away, this is the actual place where Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist!

Driving around the Sea of Galilee we will visit Magdala, according to the tradition this is the birthplace of Mary Magdalena and also an ancient fisherman Village, continue to Ginosar To see the ancient boat which was used by Jesus and his disciples, we will continue driving towards the north and circling the lake and reaching Capernaum to see during this amazing trip from Tel Aviv the first church in the world and an ancient synagogue from the Byzantine period.

As a private tour guide in Israel, this is absolutely one of favorite routes to visit.


My proposal is great for people visiting Israel for a very short period of time and have an opportunity to make one or two-day trips from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem without planning Ahead.
Please feel free to contact me to book your day trip and have a wonderful tour of our magical country.