Private tour rates in Israel


Before planning your visit to Israel check the prices for the private tours in Israel


  • The Rates are in US Dollars and do not include VAT (NO VAT FOR TOURISTS).
  • Tips are not included.
  • Standard working day 9 hours, every additional hour 10 %.
  • Rates are based upon a private 1-day daily tour (Tour guide as a driver)Luxury new car.
  • Rates refer to tours from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem(any location possible).
  • Package tours including overnight stays outside of Tel Aviv, an additional 150$ per night.
  • For a special discount please contact me directly.
  • Rates are valid for 2020-2021 only
  • Rates do not include meals entrance tickets.
  • Rates do not have an additional cost during the weekends or holidays.






I hope this private tour rates in Israel article was useful, find out about my daily private tours in Israel.