Private tour rates in Israel


Before planning your visit to Israel check the prices for the private tours in Israel





  • The Rates are in US Dollars and do not include VAT (NO VAT FOR TOURISTS).
  • Tips are not included.
  • Standard working day 9 hours, every additional hour 10 %.
  • Rates are based upon a private 1-day daily tour (Tour guide as a driver)Luxury new car.
  • Rates refer to tours from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem(any location possible).
  • Package tours including overnight stays outside of Tel Aviv, an additional 150$ per night.
  • For a special discount please contact me directly.
  • Rates are valid for 2020-2021 only
  • Rates do not include meals entrance tickets.
  • Rates do not have an additional cost during the weekends or holidays.







For any questions about other private tour rates please contact me, and don't forget to check out my daily private tours in Israel.