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The greatest Israeli victory in 1967

Israel is located in the center of the Middle East, observing the map of the Middle East you can immediately notice the shape of Israel, there are no straight lines and there is only an obstructing figure of a knife, and the neighbors of Israel call our country A knife in the heart of the Arab nation, overlooking the history of the formation of the Middle East and the appearance of Israel in 1948 is probably justifying the Arab claims.

the year was 1967, our nation was very confident after the previous victories in 1948 during the war of independence and other conflicts following the formation of Israel so no one could predict another war in the Middle East,

President Nasser representing the Egyptians had his lesson in 1956 after he was defeated by Israel in Sinai, and his relationship with his Arab brothers such as the Jordanians and the head of the Hashemi kingdom king Hussein we’re not good so planning to go against Israel another time wasn’t a subject at all.

The cold war was still going on and the Soviet bloc I was also representing Syria in the Middle East lost more than 13 planes, that was probably the first sign of the war, the relationship between do the United States and the Soviet bloc divided more and more the middle east and probably the reason for this war is the diversion between the east and the west.

The casus belli was the closing of the straits of Tiran, an extremely important place where Israeli ships cross from the ocean to the Mediterranean sea, closing this passage can disconnect the south part of Israel together with the port city of Eilat, And harm the economy, May 23 what’s the date when it’s actually happened and Nasser continued teasing the Israelis and practically called Itzhak Rabin the chief of staff for a war.

Slowly a big correlation was formed in the Middle East between the Egyptians and the Syrians, the only one who hesitated to join the coalition since he could lose half of his kingdom was King Hussein but the brotherhood pressed him to sign the agreement to join the war.

Israel began collecting all the reserves and preparing the soldiers for combat, That wasn’t the situation like in 1956, This time Israel was completely alone against the Arab coalition and there wasn’t a chance to reopen the Tiran straits.

On June 5, 1967, a group of Egyptian planes flying from Egypt to Israel was spotted on the radar of King Hussein, the king was so convinced that the secret attack of the Arab coalition started so he gave the order to attack from the east and to begin conquering Jerusalem. The actual cluster of planes was Israeli, and our combat pilots returned from a secret attack on Egyptian airports, this attack was probably the most important step planned By the Israeli general Itzhak Rabin and gave us the advantage for the next steps, The Arabs were not ready for this surprising attack but Israel made the first step, The Egyptian Air Force was destroyed and the advantage opened the sky for Israel.

the six-day warIn just six days the IDF conquered the entire Sinai Peninsula up to the Suez canal from the
Egyptians, The West Bank from the Jordanians and the Golan Heights and Mount Hermon -
The highest part of the Golan Heights is also known as the eyes and ears of the country from the Syrians!

The most important part of this war was the liberation of the east part of Jerusalem and finally returning the holiest sites to the Jews back home, the western wall and the temple mount the actual remains from the great first and second Jewish temples Came home.

This decision was quite blurred and I did not put a period in the conflict of the Middle East, the Arab league Adopted a different resolution, no peace, no negotiations, and no recognition of Israel.

the six-day war Israel had more than 779 casualties and the Arabs had more than 20,000, The borders of the Middle East were completely changed and the size of Israel became three times bigger, Israel agreed to give up on territories in exchange For a peace agreement but the proposal was declined by Syria and Egypt.
The war didn’t end in 1967 since the Egyptians tried to attack again and again Israel but this time using the Palestinian population

The image of Israel in the world was also changed and many people began seeing Israel as the biggest and strongest force in the Middle East.


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