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The Most Delicious Falafel (Tel Aviv)




fallafel tel aviv

Where in Tel Aviv you should taste the best falafel? And why is falafel the most popular Israeli dish? your tour guide in Israel will answer.


Which dish is considered the most Israeli? Falafel, of course. After all, even though these fried chickpea balls were born in Egypt, and then rolled all over the Middle East and North-East Africa, falafel, like no other, claims to be the king of Israeli cuisine.

This is our favorite street food because we came up with the idea of putting falafel in pita smeared with hummus, and then added salads and poured tahini sauce. And this, Yes, is our invention – a healthy, nutritious, and very delicious dinner that fits in one bread tortilla.

In all cities of Israel and literally at every step, you will find a kiosk with falafel. But do not rush to stop at the first falafel that comes your way. Not every kiosk makes a really good falafel, and some even make a terrible one.

Who adds more parsley to the mix, and who uses only coriander? Who has balls without greens at all, and who offers original salads and supplements? Every Israeli has a favorite. But some falafels have no regular customers at all, but only occasional hungry passers-by. They don't know that this seller's falafel is almost all bread crumbs, which are much cheaper than chickpeas, he doesn't change the oil in the fryer every day, his pita is constantly torn and there are spots on his t-shirt.

You need to know where to buy falafel. Especially if you want to taste a truly delicious Israeli falafel. So as a tour guide in Israel who organizes guided tours in Israel, I decided to share with you the appearances and passwords of the best falafel in the center of Tel Aviv.


Falafel The Fly ...

This small falafel booth on the main street of the Carmel market is 20 years old. Elad, who always has a radiant smile on his face, roasts balls, and his mother, who is always behind the scenes, prepares falafel mix, sauces, and salads. In my opinion, this is the most delicious and high-quality falafel in the city, and even for the lowest price. Always fresh and dizzyingly flavorful, with a perfect crunch on the outside and exemplary softness on the inside. No frills, in a small booth meter by meter, but with enviable skill, great dedication, and great respect for each client.


Address: El'ad-HaCarmel St 46.


Falafel a-chosen

Everyone in Tel Aviv knows who the wizard is. This is the name of the oldest falafel in the city, with a reputation as the best of the best. In principle, I agree. Kosem's falafel is delicious! If the Elad has no greens, this one is bright green with a plentiful amount of parsley and coriander. The place itself is more civilized, in the center of the city more like a restaurant where you can sit at a convenient table and order not only in the pit but also dishes on a plate. Everything is always fresh and high-quality, but the price is higher than average, and authentic home comfort like Elada is not found there.

during my guided tours in Israel, we visited many places in Tel Aviv and this is one of them.


Address: HaKosem – Shlomo ha-Melekh St 1.


Falafel Frishman

Falafel Frishman, known to every citizen, is no worse than a wizard. Even every second tourist in the city without a guided tour in Israel can boast of a portion of falafel eaten there. Its central location, near the Beit Lesin theater and the Dizingof fountain, attracts thousands of kidnappers a day. And casual passers-by and regular customers who are sometimes ready to stand in a long queue to eat this falafel. Green, but not like Kosem's, is very tasty, but the price is also higher than average. Although I forgive them because they always give a fried cigar with potatoes in addition to falafel.


Address: Frishman Falafel – Frishman St 42.


Falafel Banin Joni

This falafel opposite the Carmel market is 60 years old and it has a whole guard of loyal fans who are confident in the excellence of this particular falafel. As a tour guide in Israel, I will not argue, that the falafel here is excellent. I was particularly impressed by its extremely crisp crust, unusual addition in the form of fried potatoes in batter, and friendly service. The balls are completely green and you can even ask for a gluten-free pita. The price is average, but the cleanliness… The Israelis are not confused, but tourists, I'm sure, will not appreciate such home authenticity.


Address: Johnny's Falafel – Tchernikhovski St 2.


Falafel Dr. Saadia

It is also one of the oldest falafels in the city and is highly respected. Here they prepare falafel according to the recipe of Saadia's grandfather, who, thanks to his vast experience in the falafel business, is popularly called a doctor. The balls are bright green, crunchy on the outside, and unusually soft inside. But, I do not like such softness, because you can feel the abundant presence of flour. Although, I'm sure many people will argue with me, proving that this is a great falafel. And I will agree that for an Amateur Yes excellent and the price is acceptable.


Address: Dr. Saadia Falafel – King George St 45.


In all falafel kiosks in Israel, you can order a whole portion of falafel in the pit, half a portion, or buy only falafel balls.

If you order a portion in a pita, the seller will ask you what salads and sauces you should add to the pita along with falafel. Hummus, hot sauce, parsley, onion, cabbage salad, vegetable salad, or sauerkraut. And when he has filled the pita with everything you asked for, he will also ask whether to pour the tahini sauce on top.

In addition to these salads, there will be several other types of salads, pickles, and sauces at the window. You can take them either on a plate or in a plastic box if you do not want to eat falafel on the spot, but prefer to take it home.


I offer many guided tours in Israel, but if you like a culinary experience with a tour guide in Israel contact me to eat this delicious dish :)


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