Israel is located in the center of the middle east and is always under constant pressure, to understand Israeli life I offer a collection of Israeli movies and tv series to experience both sides of the map, the left, and the right.

Through the frames, you will be able to sense the Israeli reality whether you a fan of Israel or not.


Israeli Educational Television was established in 1966; 30 years later, experimental Channel 2 broadcasts began, and the multi-channel period began in the 1990s. Local dramas and comedies are defined better than anything on Israeli television, despite hundreds, if not thousands, of entertainment programs, shows, reality shows, and sketches that appeared on and off the screen.


Today, Israeli television series are extremely popular all over the world, particularly those dealing with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and security incidents involving the Mossad and the GSS.

Other Israeli programs deal with religious elements; one of which I will discuss later is "Shtisl."

So, which Israeli shows should you watch, and where can you watch anything for free or for a fee? To find out, keep reading my post on Israeli entertainment and television!




"Bishvila Giborim Afim" is an Israeli drama TV series, May 2018. created by Omri Givon based on the novel of the same name by Amir Gutfreund.


Four former IDF soldiers and best friends reunited together for a rescue mission in Colombia, they served together in 2006 Lebanon and the mission is to find Yael(Ninet Tayeb) their friend who was killed in a car accident but is still alive and captured in the jungle.

The tv series was bought by Netflix in 2018, translated into English and Hebrew.






Israel always has to keep the intelligence advantage in the middle east, and the Israeli-Iranian romance producing many stories, Teheran is an Israeli espionage thriller television series produced by Moshe Zonder.

Tamar Rabinyan Jewish-Iranian woman, born in Israel
is an Israeli hacker and Mossad agent, she was sent to Teheran to disable the Iranian nuclear reactor and to provide the Israeli airforce a window to bomb the nuclear power plant by hacking the Iranian systems. disguised to Muslim women and an employee of the power station she is trying to sabotage the central Iranian system and change the reality of the middle east.

Teheran was sold to Apple TV+ on 2020




Fauda or Chaos in Arabic is an Israeli drama-action tv series produced by Avi Isasharof and Lior Raz based on their military experience, the producers and the actors are all former IDF soldiers and officers.
The story is about Doron Kabilio, the commander of a special unit, his team is trying to eliminate terrorists from the west bank and Gaza who killed innocent Israelis.

There are 3 seasons and the fourth is being recorded, Fauda won 2016 the academic prize and in 2017 won 11 different prizes.

Sold to Netflix in 2017.







Israel is forced to deal with conflicts and wars constantly, but we don't have many films concentration on the consequences of the war, this film won so many awards and received a nomination for the best foreign film focusing on the shock of a fight of a former IDF officer who fought in the  First Lebanon War.

The film is groundbreaking, based on the real experiences of Ari Pullman, the director of the film, who was present at the massacre of Sabra and Shatila. It was created in the animation technique, and it has surreal scenes that try to illustrate the nightmares and confusion experienced by the Warriors as a result of the difficult events they witnessed.





"Zero in human relations" is probably the best Israeli comedy in the past 20 years. The film, which won six Ophir Awards and the Best Feature Film Award at the Tribeca Festival, deals with three female soldiers serving in the Shizafon south camp.


Dana Ivgi is Zohar a rebellion soldier trying to break records in the Minecraft game, Nelly Teger is a paper-shredding soldier whose big dream is to move to the Kirya base in Tel Aviv. Shani Klein embodies a level-a triplet officer who fails to cope with the problems of the motivation of the two. The name of the film, by the way, refers to the failed human relations of Officer Ramah. If you have already watched a movie like hundreds of thousands of other Israelis watching it, you are invited to watch his stage adaptation at the Lisin house theater. Pleasure is guaranteed.






An Israeli tv Drama series produced by Yaron Shani,5 chapters about dramatic events of complicated stories taking part in the Jaffa neighborhood of Ajami with a mixed Jewish, Arabic-Christian population. the characters are young Muslims and Christians living in a criminal reality full of lies and cruelty and drugs but trying to have a normal life.






A breathtaking Israeli war story and IDF documentary based on the book of Ron Leshem "If there is heaven", the story takes part in the Israeli military base "Bufor" on the border with Lebanon just before Israel withdrew from the region in 2000, overwhelming scenes are describing extreme moments form the Israeli army service.

The movie was shot on mount Hermon and used real military equipment,

The actors didn't serve in the IDF  therefore many people such as the Israeli general gabi Ashkenazi refused to watch the movie and criticized it.






"Horrible days" Based on a real story, the movie captures the events in Israel during 1993-95 while Israel was under constant terrorist attacks and pressure signing the Oslo agreements with the Palestinians.

The movie presents the perspective of Igal Amir a Jewish assassin who murdered Yitzhak Rabin the prime minister of Israel and the following events.






"Your Honor", An Israeli drama thriller tv-series produced by Shlomo Mashiah and Roni Ninio, taking part in the south region of Israel, an Israeli judge Miha Alkobi finds himself in a dilemma between a family and the law since his son who was driving without a permit made an accident and killed a man who was the son of an Israeli mobster.






Prisoners of War, a breathtaking Israeli thriller and drama tv series about 3 Israeli soldiers who were captured in Lebanon, after negotiations they were released but only 2 returned to Israel. Nimrom and Uri who returned struggling and trying to return to normal life and dealing with post-trauma and stress, the third soldier stayed in Lebanon and was used as an Israeli spy for the Mossad.






One of the best Tv Shows from Israel! The series follows five Israelis who wake up one morning to find out that their passports were used in an operation by a prominent Iranian assassination center in Moscow, making them a kind of necessary star. The plot is inspired in part by the 2010 assassination of top Hamas figure Muhammad al-Mabhouh in Dubai, which included Israelis whose identities had been stolen.


#Suspicion, an international version of Keshet's "Kfulim" spy thriller, was filmed in London and New York in 2022, produced by Keshet Productions, its UK studio. And now, the series' official trailer was released. The Israeli series is a source of national pride, and while the international version is fine, it pales in comparison to the Israeli version!





The Israeli TV series takes place in one of the famous quarters of Jerusalem. The plot of the film reveals the life of the inhabitants of this area. In Mea Shearim, the entire population has been keeping and honoring the culture and traditions of their ancestors for hundreds of years. They do not want others to move in, in their opinion, strangers, people, they do their best to prevent this. Residents want to live in a separate world and isolate themselves from the general world. Young artist Akiva Shtisel falls in love with a widow with a little son. When Akiva brings it up, his father reveals that he is vehemently against it. And he declares that he will select a suitable bride for his son. Shtisel Sr. is sure that his son will not be able to violate his father's order.






On the afternoon of Yom Kippur 1973, in the early hours of a surprise conflict, soldiers were abandoned alone in the Golan Heights, in an area captured by Syrians in a storm. They must now make the most difficult decisions of their life.

Here we are happy to present "Lock Hour," a 10-episode television production never before aired in Israel about the conflict that altered everything! 
The Israeli Broadcasting Corporation's new drama series recreates the Yom Kippur War of 1973 in a massive production never before seen on film. The series takes viewers back to the early days of the battles in the Golan Heights, as seen through the eyes of the soldiers on the front lines, and features an impressive cast that includes Lior Ashkenazi, Aviv Alush, Maor Schweitzer, Ofer Hayun, Imri Bitton, Joy Rieger, Omer Perlman, Lee Biran, Shachar Tabuch, Edo Bartel, Tom Avni, Ohad Knoller, Ami Smolarchik, and many others.







"The Girl from Oslo" is an Israeli TV series of political suspense dramas produced by Hot and Netflix in partnership with the Norwegian broadcaster TV2. The tale revolves around the kidnapping of three young guys, two Israelis and one Norwegian, by ISIS in Sinai. Amos Tamam, Rotem Abohav, Vered Feldman, Gil Frank, Daniel Littman, Shadi Marai, Raida Adon, and others appear in the series. Ronit Weiss-Berkowitz and Kira Holm Johansson created the show, which was directed by Uri Barbash and Stian Christensen.




Since all content is now available on the Internet, watching Israeli shows and movies is possible in the United States and everywhere else in the globe. Many Israeli shows, such as "Keshet," "Kaan 11," and "Walla," may now be accessed on Netflix and Israeli TV stations.




1. Keshet 12

2. Kaan 11

3. Walla