Planning to visit or travel to Israel? This question depends on the type of your trip, Your budget, and your wishes.
Are you looking for a family trip? Or perhaps you looking for a Christian heritage trip to follow the footsteps of Jesus, or maybe a culinary trip to explore the markets of Israel? It can be your main goal but remember, traveling to Israel won’t be for only one reason since the variety of the sites and the things to do is just huge, many factors can affect Your trip to Israel such as the political situation or the weather but it’s a desired destination for everybody.
Travel in Israel is a vacation or a visit that you can plan any time during the year, if you’re traveling for religious reasons and planning to visit holy sites Such as churches or temples it doesn’t matter so much since everything remains open during summer or winter, the temperature factor may be an advantage to walk and to explore the sites when the temperature is pleasant and may be difficult to travel during hot summer days. Combining activities such as swimming in the Dead Sea the Sea of Galilee will be an advantage during the hot summer but not so pleasant during the winter.
The busiest times to travel Israel is probably the times of the Jewish holidays such as Passover, Sukkot, and Rosh Hashanah since many people having a vacation and entertaining their kids so you will probably see a lot of people outside, the sites will be packed and the hotels will be fully booked, this is great and fun, Just remember to book your hotels in advance and other services such as Transportation and Tour Guides.
When is the best climate in Israel?
A very good question is when the climate in Israel is the best? The answer can be simple but on the other hand, not so much, the summer in Israel is very long, hot, and humid typically begins from late April till October, The temperatures in different regions are very diverse, the coast including tel Aviv and Haifa can be warm and humid, the central region including Jerusalem will be cooler and dryer, the region of the dead sea will be hot and dry. The winter will bring rain but don’t expect a long and heavy rain. Since Israel doesn’t have too much rain, the north region called the galilee will receive most of the rain and the Golan Heights hopefully a great amount of snow.
My recommendation is to travel and Tour Israel during autumn and spring this is the best time to enjoy everything including sightseeing, bathing in the sea, or just wandering in the city.
What is the best time to visit Israeli cities?
The best time to visit Jerusalem will probably be April, May, and June, and the 2nd cycle will be October November, and December,  the temperatures are very pleasant to travel outside and to explore different sites together with indoor museums, the night can be a little chilly but nice so make sure to take a coat.
The best time to visit Tel Aviv will be all year long except July August and September since the temperatures are extremely high in the humidity is very high also, the region of the dead sea is recommended to visit all year long.
Should I visit Israel during the Jewish holidays?
Perhaps you have friends or family in Israel, that Will be great for you, on the other hand, if you are a tourist coming to visit during the Jewish holidays you can bump into tons of people and have traffic on the roads, Booking restaurants or making other reservations may be difficult since most of the people are traveling and entertaining their kids. my recommendation is to visit Israel after the Jewish holidays or one week before the Jewish holidays and that’s how you can save some money since the prices will be at least 20% lower.
Travel Israel during Jewish holidays- Yom Kippur
Yom Kippur is a tragic day when the country shuts down, for many people it may seem to be an awkward moment but this is the law, you won’t see any cars so using the transportation won't be possible, The restaurants and the stores are closed so there is no possibility to eat outside or even shop for groceries, this is a 24 hours stop so visiting Israel during Yom Kippur is not recommended at all.
Travel Israel during Jewish holiday -Rosh Hashanah
This is a good holiday, the secular Jews together with the religious Jews will celebrate this event and that means that for two days everything will be closed except restaurants and a few grocery shops, It may be a little difficult to travel but it’s not so bad, don’t stop your plans by trying to avoid this holiday.
Travel during Passover
Passover is the longest holiday in Israel that lasts almost 2 weeks, the families are gathering together to have the traditional dinner two times, Israel citizens such as the Druze or Arabs don’t celebrate Passover, the hotels are fully booked since many people coming to Israel to visit their family and friends and celebrate together. the sites will be packed with people and the supermarkets won’t sell any bread for two weeks.
This is a great and happy holiday that looks like the modern version of Halloween, people are dressing in crazy costumes and drinking a lot of alcohol, This is a quite secular holiday especially in cities like Tel Aviv, considering visiting Israel in Purim will be a great idea for adults and kids
Traveling during Hanukkah
Another Jewish holiday, sometimes it seems that we have more holidays than regular days, this is a very light religious holiday involving with eating donuts and great light festivals, during Hanukkah, there are great activities for kids especially in Jerusalem during the nights so it’s a recommended Time to travel Israel.
Special days- Shabbat
Shabbat means Saturday and also a word to greet each other in Israel, most of the public offices and shops in Israel will be closed but different activities and national parks will remain open, visiting markets in mixed cities such as Haifa or Jerusalem Will be possible and they will be open and also many restaurants in Tel Aviv.
Lately, public transportation began operating also during Shabbat so you can use it, private transportation is operating during Shabbat so there is no problem booking a car with the driver or any other private transportation services in Israel.
What is the best time to visit the dead sea and Masada?
Just one hour away from Jerusalem, and one and a half hours away from Tel Aviv you can find the Judean desert, the main attraction will be the ancient Fortress of Masada, this is the jewel of the desert constructed almost 2000 years ago by the great king Herods, The second attraction will be the dead sea. Trying to avoid visiting this location during the summer will be a good idea since the temperatures are nearly impossible, during the winter, spring, and autumn the weather will be pleasant and you will be able to swim and explore Masada.
When to visit Israel without bumping into people?
As a tour guide in Israel, I have plenty of experience and I don’t like to stand in lines and to be stuck in different attractions, therefore, I usually recommend to my clients to visit our country one week before the main holidays or one week after the main holidays, the sites and the markets wont to be packed and the experience will be much much better.
Affordable and cheaper times to travel to Israel
As I mentioned before visiting Israel during the Jewish holidays is the worst and the most expensive., Visiting Israel during the high season in months like May June or August will make your vacation more expensive, try visiting Israel during January or March and you will find much more affordable prices and a much bigger variety of different hotels, it doesn’t mean that the weather will be bad so my recommendation is to book the cheapest vacation in Israel during the low season.
P.s you will still be able to enjoy all the activities and the sites.
The cheapest time to fly to Israel
When usually planning a vacation to Israel from a long distance, you should book your vacation and your flight tickets in advance but if you are a very spontaneous traveler try booking the low-cost flights we have plenty of them coming to Israel every day and you can also use connection flights, the cheapest months will be January after Christmas and the second week after different Jewish holidays.
Where should you stay in Israel?
Depending on your budget, Israel can offer a decent variety of accommodations, if you have a good budget you should probably consider staying in one of the top hotels in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, or Galilee, the hotels including the famous Israeli rich breakfast and other surprises, staying in the four-star hotels is also a good option which will probably include the same but will be a little cheaper.
Using accommodations like an apartment can be also a good idea if you don’t have a big budget or are you planning to spend your money on traveling so you can use Airbnb or a booking.com app to find a decent place to stay and to save some money.
There are great places in the city center but also along the coast with a beautiful Seaview so it’s only up to you!
I hope you enjoyed my article about the best times to visit Israel, please continue reading my other articles at the link.