The land of Israel is the cradle of three monotheistic world religions, this Jerusalem and Bethlehem Private Tour concentrating on Christian traditions and locations 





The land of Israel is the cradle of three monotheistic world religions and it is not surprising that a Jerusalem and Bethlehem Private Tour is a mandatory visit in the tourist program of visiting Israel of all Christians regardless of their confessional affiliation.
I am your Tour Guide In Israel and I want to offer you a fascinating journey through holy places for every Christian in the ancient cities of Jerusalem and Bethlehem.








My Day Tour to Jerusalem and Bethlehem From Tel Aviv includes a mandatory visit to the birthplace of Jesus Christ, which, along with the place of his burial and resurrection in Jerusalem, is considered one of the main shrines in Christianity.

Today, on the site of the cave in Bethlehem, where the Savior was born, the Monumental Church of The Nativity of the Lord is erected. It is the oldest continuously operating temple in the world, in which worship services have been conducted since the IV century, but the modern basilica was built in the VI century.


The Nativity Church which preserves the birthplace of Jesus, the grotto is the oldest site which is still used to worship by Christians and the church is probably the oldest in the holy land, the church was constructed by Constantine the Great and his mother Helena, During the same time, they constructed the church of the holy sepulcher in Jerusalem during the fourth century.
The church which we will see on this private Jerusalem and Bethlehem tour remains in the original formation since the Byzantine period with slight changes from the crusade period, for example,2 bell towers were added and different paintings and mosaics.  the church has three major Streams such as the Armenian, catholic, and greek orthodox.
The "Crown" of the Nativity church in Bethlehem is the silver star in the central altar marking the spot where Jesus was born. In the middle of the 19th century, this Silverstar was stolen by Greek monks who wished to remove the Catholics from the church And this event probably contributed to the great Crimean War against the Russian Empire.
Today the church that symbolizing the birth of Jesus, is a world heritage site listed and protected by UNESCO organization, in the past 200 years there is a status quo and nobody attempted to make any changes without an agreement with the other streams.
1.Is it safe to travel from Jerusalem to Bethlehem? yes absolutely! traveling to Bethlehem from Jerusalem is a daily routine that many tourists are going through! the entrance is very simple and fast and the most important thing to understand is that the events on the media referring to the violence in Gaza are not related in any way to Bethlehem witch is a tourist site and other cities on the west bank!
2.Is Bethlehem dangerous to visit? Bethlehem is very safe to visit! the city is based on tourism and the last thing that the locals need is riots and a bad reputation. the military and the police taking care of the order and nothing unexpected happened in the past 20 years.
3.Can you see Bethlehem from Jerusalem? Bethlehem is only 7 km away from Jerusalem, by visiting one of the observation points of Jerusalem you will be able to see Bethlehem and the nativity church and take a few pictures.
4.Where Was Jesus born? in Bethlehem or Jerusalem? Jesus was born in Bethlehem, today the birthplace is marked inside the nativity church.

5.How much is a taxi from Jerusalem to Bethlehem? The cost of a Taxi from Jerusalem to Bethlehem will be around 400 shekels, the driver will take you to Bethlehem, wait for you for 1.5-2  hours and then take you back to Jerusalem. on a private Jerusalem and Bethlehem tour, this service will be included. 






Right after we learned about the meaning of Bethlehem A logical continuation of a Day tour to Bethlehem and Jerusalem will be a visit to the Mount of Olives and the famous observation point over the old city of Jerusalem the breathtaking landmarks. We will discuss the history of our internal capital, take the famous panoramic photos and continue to The Chapel of Ascension one of the holiest sites on the Mount of olives, and Dominus Flevit Church before we decent to the famous Garden of Gethsemane, where Jesus spent his last night before he was arrested by the Romans and taken to jail.

The bottom part of the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem will provide us an opportunity to visit the tomb of the Virgin Mary and the Russian church of Mary Magdalena with its beautiful golden domes.


Entering the old city of Jerusalem is always exciting, famous people over the years were welcomed near the Jaffa Gate like kings, as you are today! passing by the Tower of David and the smell of the fresh traditional bagels we will visit the Christian quarter of Jerusalem and walk along the Way of the Cross(Via Dolorosa), learn mysterious legends and mystical beliefs associated with each of the 14 stations of the cross on the way to Calvary also known as the Golgotha, and visit the main shrine - the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Inside the amazing church, we will pray at the crucifixion hill, bless your crosses on the anointing stone and admire the main structure - the tomb of the savior.





I also recommend during the Private Guided Tour to Jerusalem and Bethlehem not skipping the Jewish Quarter although it is a Christian tour, since the holiest Jewish place The Western Wall, is also mentioned in the gospels and connected directly to Jesus. the distance is very short and this is a great chance to expand your knowledge about the eternal capital, Judaism, and ancient maps of Jerusalem.

If you looking for comfort and quality a Private Guided Jerusalem and Bethlehem Tour is the perfect option without tourist fuss, rush, and template encyclopedic information, my Day trip to Jerusalem and Bethlehem from Tel Aviv will be the best solution for you.


Private guided tours in Jerusalem and Bethlehem - Western Wall


The final location and the most exciting one on our one-day private tour of Jerusalem and Bethlehem will be another observation point from the rooftops of the old city! this is one of the highest points of Jerusalem and the panorama is just breathtaking.

The observation point from the best Jerusalem rooftop provides us a chance for a 360 panoramic view over the Judean desert, and sometimes during a very bright day, you can even see the Dead Sea!
Looking over the old city you will be able to see the magnificent walls which were built by the great Sultan Suliman the magnificent during the 16th century, the Golden Gate threw witch Jesus entered Jerusalem for the last time, The Golden Dome, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Mount Zion and outside the walls the modern city of Jerusalem.
It is probably the best place to make your photos especially during sunset, the light and the color of the old city becoming gold...that's why one of the names given to Jerusalem is "Jerusalem of Gold".
I like to bring a bottle of wine and to make a toast with you my guests, and like we say in Israel “next year in Jerusalem”.

guided tours to Jerusalem from Jerusalem

My Private Day Trip to Jerusalem and Bethlehem from Haifa and Ashdod ports for tourists arriving in Israel by ship starts directly from the port terminal. Also, as a licensed tour guide in Israel, I will be able to provide you:

1. The Closest Parking Places to the main sites in Jerusalem and Bethlehem (Unlike A Taxi).

2. Comfortable Transport.

3. Individual Approach To Program Planning.

4. Insurance For The Duration Of The Private Excursion To Bethlehem.

I will do everything to make your journey to Jerusalem and Bethlehem, not a hasty review of cities and temples but a truly deep acquaintance with the ancient and holy for half of all mankind's land.






1. The Dome of the Ascension - located in Jerusalem, this is the place where Jesus ascended to heaven.

2. Paternoster - the location where Jesus taught our fathers' prayer on the mount of olives.

3. Dominus Flevit - where Jesus cried over Jerusalem.

4. Gethsemene Garden - A beautiful garden where Jesus prayed for the last time and was arrested by the Romans.

5. Church of All Nations - built by Antonio Bellucci one of the greatest builders in Israel during the 20th century, inside the church, we will be able to touch and pray at the same place where Jesus did.

6. The Coenaculum - Room Of The Last Supper, Built Over The Site Where Jesus And The Disciples Celebrated The Pentecost.

7. Dormition Abbey – The Dormition Of Mary, Where Mary Was Taken To Heaven(near the Zion gate, old city Jerusalem)

8. Petrus Igalicanto - according to the catholic tradition this is the location where Jesus was kept in prison before the trial.

9. The Israeli Museum - this is the biggest and the best museum in Israel located just 2 km away from the old city of Jerusalem, our national museum presents a huge collection of pictures, paintings, and different exhibitions from all over the world! you can also see the shrine of the book in which we keep The Scrolls of The Dead Sea.

10. The Mahane Yehuda Market - Enjoy the colors and the tastes of the biggest market in Israel.




1.Is it safe to walk around Jerusalem?YES, absolutely! the old city of Jerusalem is one of the safest places in Israel to walk, the Israeli police and the military are present around the clock and you have more than 1000 security cameras installed to track the movement inside the old city.

2.How far is Nazareth from Jerusalem? the distance is almost 200 km and it's possible to visit both cities in one day but recommended.

3.Do I need a tour guide in Jerusalem? there are so many places to see in Jerusalem, many holy places are hard to find and access, a tour guide in Jerusalem will be a good solution to explore and learn in the right way.




1. Tour Duration: up to 9 working hours 

2. Important costs: no additional cost on Saturday

3. Traveling with children: Baby Seats provided for free 

4. Start / Pick up time: As per your request from any city in Israel

5. Lunch break: As per your request

6. A dres's code is required to enter places of worship and selected museums. No shorts or sleeveless wear is allowed. Knees and shoulders MUST be covered for both men and women.

7. You can start the tour from Tel Aviv and finish in Jerusalem if you wish.

8. Suggestions: Comfortable walking shoes, hats, sunscreen, swimming suits, towels, and drinking water.





The most interesting combination during your visit to Israel is definitely A private Jerusalem and Bethlehem tour, make the most of this special day by blending history, heritage, and outstanding views.


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