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The battles and wars of Israel have always been an integral part of history, and this battle legacy tour provides a chance to see through a unique, intimate, thoughtful, and honest exploration of Israel’s military history.







The battle legacy tour is one of the most unique tours in Israel today, this is not a typical sightseeing journey but an actual way to discover and understand through soldiers' and commanders' eyes The battles and the struggle of this unique country in the past 72 years.

This tour covers stories and locations from the war of independence, the Yom Kippur war, the six-day war, the Oslo agreements, and different Israeli operations.

1. Ayalon institute - We begin in 1948, this is a fascinating story and one of the most amazing chapters in the early modern establishment of Israel, Right under the surface, a group of 50 youngsters, members of the“Tzofim A” youth group and others secretly manufactured more than 5 million bullets.
The best part of the tour is the secret entrance below the laundromat Which leads us to the secret factory was this amazing action took part, perhaps you will also hear the famous story about the warn beer which was the tiebreaker and the method of how to predict when the British will visit again.

2. Latrun- located on the historical mandatory British police station and the famous Ayalon valley
Joshua defeated the five Amorite kings, and Judas Maccabeus defeated the army of Greeks, during the war of independence the area suffered from heavy battles since the Israelis tried to break the siege over Jerusalem and create a path to reach the capital, that how the Burma Road was created and that was the only path to reach Jerusalem.

Only in 1967 during the six-day war, Israel conquered the area from the Jordanians, after heavy and bloody battles.
Today the entire complex is a big armor display and is considered the biggest tank museum in the middle east.


We are all waiting shortly for the opening event of the greatest Israel defense forces museum, probably in 2023. the museum will contain a huge collection of military vehicles, vehicles of ex-presidents and prime ministers such as Itzhak Rabin and David ben Gurion, an exhibition of weapons and equipment, and a library.

3. Ammunition Hill - located in Jerusalem, this location was a fortified Jordanian military post on the western slope of Mount Scopus, which was the site where the major battle over Jerusalem took part during the 1967 war. 


4. Caliber 3 - the military academy has unique programs that allow civilians from overseas to come and learn Israeli martial arts.
The goal of these programs, in addition to being professional and experiential, is the education of values ​​and Zionism.
the result is the construction of a public information system in the world that distributes
Israeli fighting methods and the right to the Jewish people in their own country.

Join me for this amazing battle legacy tour to discover the heroic history of our country.


 I hope you enjoyed this battle legacy tour review, for more programs, and tours please read more here.


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