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Hamat Gader In The Golan Heights - Spa And A Crocodile Nursery





 hamat gader hot springs in the golan heights


Hamat Gader means hot springs of Gader. The first part of the name is associated with the presence in this area of ​​five hydrogen sulfide hot (thermal) springs, gushing from the depths of the earth with a temperature of + 42 ° C. The springs are enriched with mineral salts and therefore have healing properties. The second part of the name indicates the proximity to the ancient city of Gader.


Hamat Gader in Israel is located on the very border of Israel and Jordan at the foot of the Golan Heights, in the valley of the Yarmouk River, which is one of the largest tributaries of Jordan.

The road to Hamat Gader in Israel is very picturesque: winding turns, serpentine such that it "takes your breath away", and in conclusion, descent to the very bottom of the Syrian-African rift.

Finally, this area came under Israeli control only during the 1967 6-day war. In 1977, in Hamat Gader in Israel, based on hot (thermal) springs, a balneological resort was opened, which subsequently turned into an international tourist center.

Today Hamat Gader is one of the most visited resorts in Israel, especially popular with family lovers.


This piece of paradise, spread over an area of ​​130,000 square meters, has concentrated in itself a variety of entertainment for all ages, including thermal baths, water attractions, spa, crocodile nursery, living area, miniature zoo "Safari", terrarium, parrot show, fishing park, and ancient monuments.




hamat gader thermal springs


The water of the hot (thermal) springs Hamat Gader (Israel) contains sulfur in a concentration of 4.7%, as well as other minerals, thanks to which water procedures have a beneficial effect on pain in joints and bones, stimulate blood circulation and promote skin cell renewal.


The thermal baths include spacious pools filled with mineral water, which maintains a constant temperature of + 42 ° C; jacuzzi to relieve tension in the muscles of the neck, shoulders, and back; bubbling pool and hot waterfall. Baths are refreshed every 4 hours.


At the same time, it is not recommended to stay in hot water for more than 10 minutes.

It is also not recommended to enter the thermal water wearing jewelry, since gold and silver items darken in sulfuric water.




Water attractions for the whole family include water slides (for children from 10 years old), a cool pool, and a dance floor with water surprises, The pool is only open during the summer months.




The Hamat Gader spa treatment center (Israel) offers various types of professional massage, including Swedish, Thai, etc.




hamat gader crocodile nursery


Hamat Gader in Israel is home to the largest crocodile nursery in the Middle East. The products of which, together with a second nursery located in the Jordan Valley, make up a significant part of the world's export of crocodile skin.

I must say that crocodiles in the territory of modern Israel have been found since ancient times. And they also hunted them since ancient times, the crocodile skin was painfully appreciated at all times.


As a result, the intense hunting put crocodiles on the brink of extinction. To save the population at the nursery in Hamat Gader (Israel), crocodiles have turned into farm animals. Here conditions are created for them as close as possible to natural ones.


The most valuable commercial part of the crocodile is, of course, its skin, which is distinguished by a very rare combination of plasticity, strength, and beauty.

Moreover, in the manufacture of products from crocodile leather, it is impossible to use automated production, since each piece of leather has its special pattern of scales. That is why crocodile leather products are valued so dearly all over the world and are a symbol of respectability.

In the nursery, only the primary processing of the skins is carried out, which are then sent to Europe to complete the process.



hamat gader attractions


Crocodile meat is white, very tender, and juicy, reminiscent of chicken in taste. The tail is considered the most valuable among gourmets because it is there that the main part of fat reserves is concentrated.

In the manufacture of some types of perfume, "crocodile musk" is used, which is a fragrant liquid secreted by special glands mainly during the breeding season.

The nursery is home to about 200 crocodiles of various species - the Nile, alligators, caimans, and gavials. Under favorable conditions, crocodiles can live up to 100 years, reaching a length of 4-6 meters.

The length of the newly hatched crocodile cubs is 28 cm. By the end of the first year of life, it reaches 60 cm, by two years old - 90 cm, at 5 years old - 1.7 m, at 10 years old - 2.3 m, and at 20 years old - 3.75 m.

In the nursery, crocodiles of different ages are kept separately from each other.


The food of the crocodile changes depending on its age. So, the main part of the food in cubs up to 30 cm long is insects. Food for a crocodile up to 2.5 m long is fish, mollusks, and crustaceans. Larger individuals feed on fish, reptiles, birds, and mammals.

In the wild, adult crocodiles are capable of attacking large mammals such as buffaloes and rhinos.


Crocodiles do not know how to chew, so large prey is first dismembered with the help of front paws and jaws and then swallowed in parts. At the same time, the teeth of a crocodile change many times during its life.

Adult crocodiles live in a special reservoir. To make it convenient for visitors to observe and photograph them, a bridge is thrown across the reservoir. It is true who else is watching who is not clear. Most of the day crocodiles lie motionless, basking in the sun and looking at curious tourists staring at them.


They come to life when the nursery workers take out a cart filled with buckets of fish or chicken. And here the most interesting thing begins: crocodiles rush about like mad, snatch food from each other's mouths, push and even fight. The visitors are delighted.

Feeding crocodiles in the nursery can be observed at 13.30.


On the path leading to the thermal springs, the bravest can take a picture with a live crocodile sitting in the arms of a nursery worker.







1. PETS' CORNER  - In the living corner, children under the supervision of park workers can pet rabbits, noses, goats, turtles, guinea pigs, and other animals, and even play with them.

2. MINIATURE ZOO "SAFARI" AND TERRARIUM - The zoo is home to mountain goats, deer, emus, baboons, large snakes, and other animals.


3. PARROTS SHOW - The real pride of Hamat Gader (Israel) is the show of trained parrots. Parrots ride a scooter, a car, rollerblades, and even a bicycle on a tightrope, talk, solve riddles, collect puzzles ...


Don't miss the show, which takes place on Friday at 13:00, on Saturday at 13:00 and 15:00. The duration of the show is 20 minutes.

4. FISHING PARK - One of the new attractions in Hamat Gader (Israel) is the fishing park. The park is a lake where you can go kayaking and fishing in a line.

The caught fish, which the park staff can clean and cook for you, can be enjoyed in the specially designated dining area.


The park is open only on weekends:


Friday from 10.30 to 14.00

Saturday from 9.00 to 16.00






As early as 1700 years ago, the Romans discovered the healing properties of the Hamat Gader hot springs and the incomparable sensation of water procedures. And the soldiers of the 10th Roman legion stationed in Gadera erected here Roman baths (terms), which are the largest outside of Rome.


High arches, luxurious marble coverings, mosaic floors, and inscriptions-dedication of people who were healed in this holy place, found here, all testify to the great importance the Romans attached to the baths.

You can admire the excavations from the nearby observation deck.

During the excavations, a few surviving fragments of the Roman amphitheater were found. They can be seen behind the Makhvat restaurant on the lawn.

In Hamat Gader (Israel), the collapse of an ancient Talmudic synagogue (5th century AD) was discovered. The ruins themselves are inaccessible to the public, and the reconstructed mosaic floor from this synagogue turned out to be so magnificent that it is currently on display in the building of the Supreme Court in Jerusalem.





hamat gader tickets



Highway 98 leads to Hamat Gader from Highway 90.

The best way to get around in Israel is to rent a car with a driver or booking a private tour guide in Israel to capture the main sights of the Golan Heights. 


Opening hours:

Sunday from 8.30 to 17.00

from Sunday to Friday from 8.30 to 22.00

Saturday from 8.30 to 19.00



On weekdays (Sunday to Thursday) - 99 NIS

On weekends (Friday, Saturday) and public holidays - 107 NIS

Children under 1 m tall pass free of charge. For children over 1 m tall, there are no discounts on the entrance ticket.


Phone for inquiries: 04-6659999
Official website:




Hamat Gader in the Golan Heights is a great place to spend the day with your family and also maybe a perfect location to blend in a private Golan Heights and Galilee tour, contact me today to explore the northern region of Israel.





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