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Half-day tours in Israel in 2024





Are you visiting Israel?  Half-day tours in Israel may be your best option to see the most important places and also enjoy your free time during your vacation, I know how time is precious these days but on the other hand, the will to explore is high! therefore I designed short day trips to answer all your needs.
Just choose your destination starting from Tel Aviv, Herzliya, or Jerusalem and I promise to show you the highlights in just half of the required time.

Half-day Tour to Jerusalem


jerusalem short daily trips

As a private tour guide in Israel, I offer an exciting half-day tour of Jerusalem, The most important city for Jews, Christians, and Muslims, You will be surprised how much you can see during a short period with a private tour guide from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem!
This tour is available from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem every day and will provide you the opportunity to see Jerusalem in a quick period without leaving behind your leisure.
Jerusalem is known as the city of gold that has the most important holy sites in the world with exceptional beautiful markets inside the Old City, This private guided Jerusalem tour day will be full of exciting surprises while driving and elevating to the capital of Israel we will discover on the way different memorials and exciting stories While traveling inside the old city we will explore the highlights such as the Jewish quarter with the most important Jewish holy sight in the world and the remains of the second Jewish temple - The Western Wall! You will be able to hear the story of this site and also write a note with your wishes. We will continue to explore the Jewish quarter and visit the room of the Last Supper in which Jesus had his last meal with his disciples, below we will see the tomb of the founder of Jerusalem- King David.
Continue to the Christian quarter we will walk the last road of Jesus also known as the Via Dolorosa and we will enter the most important church in the world, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher to explore the place where Jesus was crucified and died on the cross also known as the Golgotha and the place where he was buried, the Tomb of Jesus.
Walking in the markets of the Old City along the Muslim Quarter you will enjoy the colors and the smells and this is the perfect place to take your photos.
Ending the day on one of the highest heels of the Old City, the Mount of Olives will conclude this fabulous day with a breathtaking view over the Old City and the Dome of the Rock.
Highlights of the day
  • The Church of the Holy Sepulcher
  • The Western Wall
  • The Jewish Quarter
  • The Christian Quarter
  • Old City Market
  • Tomb of King David
  • The Room of the Last Supper

Half-day tour in Tel Aviv


half day to of jaffa and tel aviv

This half-day tour in Israel is a perfect option for people who stay in Tel Aviv during their vacation or business trip and they can spend a few hours seeing the main sites of this modern and exciting city. 
Tel Aviv is known as the high-tech nation of Israel but also combines exciting and rich history, This city that never sleeps offers a huge variety of museums, bars, and open sky museum architecture, And also a thrilling old part called Jaffa.
My half-day tour in Tel Aviv will bring you an exciting story about one of the oldest cities in the world called Jaffa, we will explore the 4000 years old city with the main sites such as the floating tree, the clock tower, the Flea Market, and many more, After Jaffa, we will continue to see the old part of Tel Aviv and the first neighborhoods outside the walls of Jaffa called Neve Zedek and Kerem Hateimanim And learn the story about the pioneers and the Jewish dream of building the first Jewish city.
Continue our short Tel Aviv trip to Rothschild Boulevard you will enjoy an open sky museum, this beautiful street has a huge number of buildings constructed in one of the well-known styles called the Bauhaus or the eclectic style.
The last location will be the local Carmel market which is the biggest food and souvenir market in Tel Aviv, you will be able to enjoy our local production and small great restaurants for lunch.
Highlights of the day
  • Old City of Jaffa
  • Floating tree
  • Frank Maisler gallery
  • Flea market
  • Neve Zedek
  • Rothschild Boulevard
  • Carmel market

Half-day tour visiting a kibbutz and Tank Museum


half day tour to latrun tank museum

This half-day tour in Israel is a little different from a typical tourist destination, this is a great opportunity to learn about this unique settlement formation that was used even before Israel was formed, we have so many kibbutzes in Israel and it’s an agricultural village! every kibbutz produces something else so this is your chance to visit on a private guided tour in Israel a local production and combine it with a visit to one of the Arab villages around Jerusalem such as Abu Gosh and enjoy a great Hummus dish which is considered the best one in Israel.
This day will also include a visit to the biggest tank museum in the Middle East called Latrun, This place is just huge and has a collection of tanks from different Israeli wars. In 2021 you will be able also to visit the Israeli military Museum which is supposed to be open soon.
  • Kibbutz Ayalon
  • Abu gosh
  • Latrun

Half-day tour to Caesarea and Haifa


caesarea port tour

A great day along the coast of Israel combining the perfect weather and remarkable sites is a great way to explore the coast on a half-day tour in Israel.
We will visit Caesarea, an amazing port city constructed by one of the greatest builders of the holy land, King Herods, Exploring an amazing amphitheater, hippodrome, and Roman baths that remained from Roman times will overwhelm you and bring you an exciting story about this ancient port.
Continue the Half-day tour to Caesarea and Haifa north we will explore Haifa, also known as the capital of the north, and visit the famous Bahay Gardens, these beautiful hung Persian gardens are the business card of Haifa and provide us the opportunity to visit the tomb of Baha’u’llah The founder of the Baha’i religion and walking down the steps of this phenomenon.
  • Caesarea - Hypodrom, Amphitheater.Roman baths
  • Haifa - Bahai Gardens

Half-day tour to the Negev Desert


private tours of Israel Masada

Would you like to explore the desert and just spend a half-day tour for this?
Driving down to the southern part of Israel will take us only two hours, by reaching this fantastic region we will enjoy a fantastic Jeep Tour in one of the Craters of Israel and learn about the formation and the geology of the desert.
After using a modern SUV we will use the ship of the desert on our private guided tour in Israel, camels! And visit A Bedouin City with great local hospitality which will teach us about the life of these amazing people in the desert. there is also an option to visit the desert home of Israel's first prime minister David Gurion.
Hiking is also a great option since we have hidden waterfalls and river bands in the desert that’s why we will visit a beautiful national park and walk in one of the canyons of the desert.
  • Jeep tour 
  • Bedouin Han
  • Hiking in the desert


  • Ben Gurion Desert Home

Half-day tours to the Dead Sea and the Jordan River

Dedicate a half-day tour in Israel to see one of the seven wonders of the world, the saltiest lake in the world also known as the Dead Sea, This is the greatest natural spa in the world and one of the most interesting attractions that Israel has to offer. Take an old swimsuit and join me for an easy day in the Judean desert to have your natural spa treatment and a great suntan!
This place will completely heal any scratches or wounds on your body since the water is magical and provides a natural treatment for your skin, people having breathing difficulties such as Asthma or Bronchitis or people healing from COVID-19 will be happy to find out this magical Solution.
Visiting the desert doesn’t mean only sand but this place has also great restaurants to offer!
Before or after the Dead Sea and it’s up to you we will visit the holiest river in the world called the Jordan River, according to Jewish tradition, this is the place where the Israelites crossed into the promised land and the place where Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist. This is your opportunity on the half-day tour to the Dead Sea and Jordan River to get baptized and wash your sins away.
An optional visit can be to the Masada Fortress by skipping the Jordan River or the Dead Sea swimming. 
  • Dead Sea swim
  • Jordan River Baptism Site

Half-day tour to Safari Ramat Gan

Visiting Israel is not only about holy sites or leisure but also a place for great activities especially for your kids! in just half a day. In the center of the country, there is a huge zoo divided into an open area in which you can see zebras, hippos, roosters, and many other animals, In the second part of the zoo you will be able to see more animals in cages.
This is your chance on a private guided tour in Israel to learn about nature and the animals of the holy land and also give your kids a place to enjoy different activities such as feeding animals, painting, and guided tours in the zoo.
After this amazing place, we will go up to one of the highest towers of Tel Aviv to the thrilling observation point and enjoy a great 360 view over Israel. 
  • Safari Ramat Gan
  • Azrieli Observation point

Half-day tour to Mahon Ayalon and Winery


private half day Israel tour - Amphora winery

A great combination of an educational journey and wine tasting in the Central part of Israel on a private guided tour in Israel.
Beginning from the first Bullet Factory Mahon Ayalon constructed below a kibbutz in Rehovot, you will dive into an exciting story about the foundation of Israel and how the Israelis made the first ammunition during the war of independence under the radar of the British soldiers, This is a truly hidden gem which many people attend to skip but I think it’s worth to visit.
The second part of this half-day tour in Israel will bring you the culinary part and meet you with the latest Israeli technologies that provide us with a great product -Israeli wine.
Israel is known as one of the 10 best places for making great wine and this is your chance to try the local wines and combine them with fresh vegetables and local cheese.
  • Bullet factory
  • Wine tasting
  • Sand surfing in the desert
Visiting Israel in the winter or summer? It doesn’t matter I have a great half-day tour in Israel for you!
Did you ever think about surfing in the desert? This is a new way to explore Israel, just a half-hour drive from Beer-Sheba there are dunes on which you can surf in the desert! this is a great activity for kids but also for grown-ups to create the perfect family bonding!
Combine this activity with the local Bedouin hospitality and enjoy the local cuisine and herbal tea.
During this day we will also visit the Air Force Museum and learn about Israeli airplanes and the battles during different Israeli wars.
  • Air Force Museum
  • Sand Surfing

Half-day tour to Bethlehem

Half-day tour to Bethlehem from tel aviv or jerusalem
One of the oldest cities in the world in the heart of the West Bank is famous since Jesus was born in Bethlehem, this is a unique opportunity to visit one of the oldest churches in the world constructed during the fourth century by the great Queen Helena and to see the original Birthplace of Jesus - The Nativity Church.
This half-day tour to Bethlehem is not in Israel but the territory of the Palestine authority but it’s completely safe and interesting to visit.
We will see also on our half-private guided tour in Israel the famous walled-off hotel in which you will be able to see the latest paintings and art of the secret famous artist, Banksy.
We can begin or finish the day in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem it’s only up to you.

Half-day Tour to Nazareth and Megiddo

Half day Tour to Nazareth and Megiddo
Traveling north is one of the best-desired locations in Israel, driving up to Nazareth will take just one hour and a half and you will win the opportunity to visit the biggest church in the Middle East and also the place where the house of the holy family was located.
The Church of Annunciation is considered one of the holy churches in the world since Jesus was living in Nazareth together with Mary and Joseph and worked as a carpenter when he was young, this is your chance to visit the home of the holy family in the north region of Israel.
On the way back from Nazareth we will visit a site with the scariest name in the world, Armageddon, according to tradition this is the place where the last battle between the forces of evil and the light will have a final battle and the end the beginning of a new era will begin. This is an amazing archaeological site with remains from the times of King Solomon and more than 30 layers of culture.

Half-day tour to Israel flight simulator and Atlit Detention Camp


half day tour to Atlit detention camp
Would you like to experience how it feels like to be an Israeli combat pilot in just a half-day?
I would like to present a great attraction on this short exciting trip in Israel called squadron, this is the ultimate tool that allows you to navigate a real combat plane through a flight simulator and to be a combat pilot for a day, and this is an excellent experience for kids and adults To become part of the Israeli military for a short time.
Along the coast of Israel, there’s a place called Atlit, it used to be a castle built by the Crusaders but during the 40s it used to be a detention camp in which the British military arrested Jews, arriving illegally from Europe since they didn’t have a certificate to arrive legally to the holy land, this is one of the most amazing stories about the period before Israel was established until today you can see the real equipment and houses in which the Jews were kept by the British army.


half-day tours in Israel are a great option if you want to see Israel in a short period of just a few places instead of spending your precious time during your vacation, I invite you to select one of my custom-made half-day tours in Israel and enjoy sightseeing with a professional tour guide in Israel and leaving plenty of time for your vacation, 
visiting Israel for a very short period? great, this is just for you! we can begin from the airport or Tel Aviv or finish the tour before your take-off! 
please also check my full daily tours in Israel in case you have more time to dedicate to Israel.


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