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This itinerary is crafted with my long experience guiding families with children in Israel, During the Israel family journey we will cover the most important sites and activities in Israel and learn about the fascinating history of Israel.

I provide the highest level of education, experience, and comfort which meets the family's needs. 





 family tour to Israel 2021-2022


During the Israel family journey, we will cover the most important and exciting places in Israel!




1. Jerusalem - Follow the Ancient history walking the old city Jerusalem streets, climb the rooftops and the walls circling the city, and explore the underground layers in the city of David + the Tunnels under the Western Wall! Greet the Shabat at the Western Wall or add a festive Bar Mitzvah Ceremony in the capital.


2. The Dead Sea and Masada - Go down to the lowest point on earth and float in the magical salty lake - the Dead Sea, learn the History of the heroic Jewish battle vs the Romans at Masada Fortress, and travel the mysterious Judean Desert with remarkable waterfalls and monasteries.


3. The Negev Desert - Dive into the past, cross the Negev desert on old-fashioned vehicles - camels, and explore the Ancient cities and the geological wonders of the world.


4. Galilee and Golan Heights - Learn the history of the Jewish settlement and visit a Kibbutz and Moshav in Northern Israel, take a Jeep and ride the beaten track along the borders of Israel among the blooming orchids and abanded military facilities of the I.D.F.


5. Haifa and Caesarea - Ride the Israeli Coastline and visit King Herod's famous  Ancient Port city of Caesarea, stop to see the Bahai Gardens on Mount Carmel, and finish in the Heart of the Crusade kingdom in Acre.


6. Tel Aviv - Enjoy the best city in the world! Taste the Israeli fruits in the markets, walk the famous breathtaking streets of Neve Tzedek, and have fun on the best beaches and Museums of the most progressive city in the Middle East.


7. Jewish History and Heritage - Understand the reasons why Israel was founded while walking Jewish Heritage sites like Yad Vashem and the Hall of Independence.


8. Culinary Experience - Try the best food of Israeli minorities in Druze Villages and other oriental famous dishes in the best local spots.


9. Religious Sites - The world-famous sites for Jews, Christians, and Muslims! The Western Wall, The Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Al Aqsa Mosque, and many more.


10. Best Attractions for Kids and Adults - Ride Jeeps, Rafting in the Jordan River, Zoo, Beaches, Archeological digs, Bicycles along the promenade, and many more.



For a more detailed view of the program, scroll down!



My suggested FAMILY TRIP TO ISRAEL is flexible and together we can make any changes according to your Wishes. 




DAY 1 - Welcome To Israel, I'm So Happy To Finally Meet You! Let's Begin Our Family Trip to Israel!


book a family trip to Israel with a tour guide



I will meet you at the Ben Gurion International Airport and provide an airport VIP greeting, then drive you to your hotel in Jerusalem.

During the first day, you have a chance to relax and enjoy the evening and have a great meal in one of the best restaurants in Jerusalem.

If you arrive on Friday this is also a great chance to greet the Shabbat at the Western Wall.


Day 2 - The Old City Of Jerusalem Secrets


reserve a tourist guide for a family trip to israel



After a good Israeli breakfast, We begin our day early morning to discover the exciting secrets of the old city of Jerusalem.


Sites of the day:


• Christian Quarter - Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Via Delarosa, Golgotha, the Church of the Redeemer.

• Mound Zion - The tomb of King David, the Room of the Last Supper, Zion Gate.

• Jewish Quarter - The Western Wall, Western Wall Tunnels, the City of David, Hurva Synagogue

• Muslim Quarter - Observation point from the rooftops of the old city, the Dome of The Rock.


Day 3 - The New City Of Jerusalem And Jewish Heritage


Best family trip to Israel 2021



• Yad Vashem-world Holocaust Memorial Center

• Israel Museum- the Shrine of the Book and Old City model

• Mahane Yehuda food market

At the end of the day, we are traveling with our luggage to the Judean Desert and spent the night in one of the hotels on the Dead Sea.

Enjoy your evening and take a swim at the magical Dead Sea with your family.


DAY 4 - Fun And Adventures In The Judean Desert



family trip to Israel



We begin our morning very early and hike the snake path to see the sunrise over Masada, this is one of the highlights of the FAMILY TRIP TO ISRAEL program. We will explore the Masada fortress and learn about the great King Herods and the Jewish rebellion vs. the Roman army.


From Masada, we will return to the hotel to pack and have lunch watching the Dead Sea, and we will drive to Ein Gedi, a beautiful oasis in the middle of the desert with amazing animals and waterfalls.


This afternoon we will take the road north along the Jordan River Valley and stay overnight in the north region in one of the kibbutz-based hotels.


Day 5 - Jewish Mystic Secrets And Activities





Good news! Today we don’t have to wake up so early and we have a chance to relax a bit after the past busy days.


On our way north we will pass Beit Shean's old city to learn about the Jordan Valley and Continue our amazing family tour in Israel.


This day will allow us to discover the ancient city of Safed and the center of Kabbalah, after this educational experience, we can enjoy rafting in the Jordan River and then hike in the Banias national park waterfalls. 


Day - 6 Geopolitical Journey In The Golan Heights


family trip to Israel 


• The Golan Heights region is a very fascinating location, We will take an off-road vehicle to explore the Golan Heights and learn about the geopolitical situation of Israel, and you will see how important this region is strategically.

We will enjoy the fruits from the local orchids depending on the season.


• Mount Bentel observation point- a glimpse over Syria, Lebanon, and Syrian bonkers from different battles.

Our lunch will be surprising and different, we will enjoy Druze hospitality in one of the villages of Galilee.

Optional addition: wine tasting in one of the wineries of the Golan Heights.


Day - 7 Travel Along The West Coast - Enjoy the Sun And Cool Breeze


family tour to Israel summer 


The beautiful Israeli coast will amaze you today! Take out your camera and prepare to take the best photos of your family tour to Israel, the combination of the marble sea and the historical limestone building creates the best images that you can ask for. We will combine these unforgettable moments with historical sites and thrilling stories.


• Visit Akko, The fascinating city of the Crusaders


• View Haifa and the great Bahai Gardens


• Caesarea- Herod's greatest port and old city


This evening we will arrive in Tel Aviv


Day - 8 Old Ruins In Jaffa And High-tech Nation Stories


family trip to Israel



Starting the day from your hotel in Tel Aviv to stroll down the city!


• Explore the old city of Jaffa and the famous Jaffa flea market.


• Walk to Rotchild Boulevard to learn about the Independence Hall, where the state of Israel was founded in 1948, and speak about the Bauhaus construction architecture.


• Learn about the latest Israeli innovations in the Taglit/Peres Innovation Center. 


Optional visit at the Nahlat Binyamin local artist street and the Carmel market.


We continue this Amazing Family Journey and head to The South Part Of The Country


Day 9 - Enjoy The South District And Explore The Negev Desert And Mitzpe Ramon


where to book a family trip to Israel



On this tour day, we will learn about the rich history of the Negev region, starting our day tour from the ancient city of Ovdat to see how the famous Nabateans made a lot of money from transferring oil and wine to the Roman empire and admire the amazing city construction, hiking the canyons of the Desert in the Ovdat national park and then we will have lunch and camel ride in a bedouin village.

The last part of the day will be a Jeep tour in the Ramon Crater.


• Visit the desert house of Israeli's first prime minister David Ben-Gurion


• Hike the secret canyons of the desert


• Enjoy a Jeep Tour in one of the greatest Crators in the world


Day 10 -  Tour Jordan and Petra


visit petra and jordan from eilat



Discover 2 countries in one trip, This morning we will enter Jordan and drive to see Petra a UNESCO World Heritage site and a secret Nabatian city that was lost many years ago.


Day 11 - Heat in the south - Eilat





The last and the perfect place to relax before your flight tomorrow is Eilat, This amazing city will give you a chance to dive and enjoy the beautiful Red Sea. 


Day - 12 Departure, It's time to say goodbye


departure from israel airport ben gurion


This is the last day of the FAMILY TRIP TO ISRAEL, You have the option to spend some time on the beach before I will pick you up and take you to the airport


From Eilat, there is an option to take a flight to the central airport or to drive just 3.5 hours to Ben Gurion International Airport. 




1. How to arrange your travel to and from Israel?

Choose your preferred dates and book your flight to Israel, starting July 1 Israel is open for tourists! the next step is very simple, contact a licensed tour guide and plan your visit.

2. Where do you stay during your family vacation in Israel?

I suggest trying a few locations, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, the Sea of Galilee, Mipzpe Ramon, and Eilat.

3. For How many days should I plan a family trip to Israel?

7 days will be the required minimum to see the basic program and the main sites, and 10-12 days is the optimal tour duration in Israel.

4. Do you need a tour guide in Israel? Yes!

A private tour guide in Israel will be the most important part of your trip, transportation, organization, site booking, etc. will be made by him.

5. How much does a trip to Israel cost? 

An average private family tour(4 people)  for 7 days including a guide, transportation, and hotels will cost around 7000 USD.

6. What is the cheapest time to visit Israel?

Winter, and after the Jewish Holidays will be the cheapest time to travel in Israel but also right after the COVID-19 period in 2021.

7. What is the best airline to fly to Israel?

I like El Al the Israeli national airline but many other companies flying to Israel such as United, Delta, and British Airways.


8. What are the most important places to see in Israel? 

The Western Wall, The Via Dolorosa, the Sea of Galilee, Yad Vshem, Jaffa.

9. Will I be able to travel on Saturday?

Yes, most of the places will be open to visitors.



Tips for a Family Trip to Israel

1. Book only guided tours with a professional tour guide, Israel is a very busy place with so many interesting places that you don't want to miss, leave this mission to someone with enough knowledge to explain and take you to the right places around.


2. Use only authorized transportation - book in advance a private driver or a guide with "Eshkol Car" that way you will be safe and fully covered with insurance.


3. Reserve your hotels in advance, the prices are climbing fast as you get closer to your family trip in Israel, Try to find cancellation-free accommodations and you will be able to change them anytime!



Traveling with your family to any destination is the best trip that you can wish for, Choosing Israel is even better since we have so much to offer like no other place in the world, from jeep tours up in the Golan Heights and churches in Galilee to Camels in the desert and hi-tech technologies in Tel Aviv, this is not classic Europe or wild Savana in Africa, the Holy Land is a unique place with so many options for you and your family whether you plan to lay on the beach, visit holy sites in Jerusalem or Bethlehem or shopping for authentic pieces from the times of the Romans.


This is an optional 12-day  itinerary, and you will be able to change to any family trip duration or other sample itineraries as you wish!



Allow me to organize the best  FAMILY TRIP TO ISRAEL and save the Travel agent fees!



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