Ilana Goor museum in Jaffa

 Ilana goor museum

The Ilana Goor Museum is one of the best museums in jaffa and Israel that you don't want to miss, a real pearl in the heart of the old city of Jaffa,it is the home of the artist Ilana Goor but also a huge 3 floors exhibition centre.

The building was constructed during the 18th century during the Ottoman period and allowing its visitors to see many Ilana's Goor collections from all over the world with an amazing Mediterranian sea background out of the windows.

There are over 600 works of art by Ilana Goor and other artists in the museum, this is probably the most intimate museum to explore in Israel since you get a chance to see an individual perspective of the artist and not a mainstream view.

In every room, there is a different collection from all over the world, South America, Africa and other places and a unique story behind every work of art.

A beautiful gift shop is also available in the museum hand made by Ilana Goor and other Israeli artists.