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Christian Holy Land Guided Tour of Israel 2024






Walk in the footsteps of Jesus Christ through the sweeping vistas and ancient streets that shaped His journey and ministry over 2,000 years ago. This comprehensive 8-day Private Christian Holy Land tour exclusively for Christian travelers offers a life-changing Christian pilgrimage to Biblical sites such as Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nazareth, the Sea of Galilee, River Jordan, Mt Zion, and more for a transformative faith experience.

As your devoted tour guide on this spiritual voyage, I invite you to connect on a profoundly deeper level with your Christian heritage and scriptures at the locations where Jesus was born, was baptized, delivered the Sermon on the Mount, performed miracles, had the Last Supper, was crucified and resurrected. We'll take an adventure including expert teachings for context to these sites held sacred by generations. Along the way, the natural splendor and scenes described in the Bible will come alive before your eyes like never before. Walk the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem, sail the Gospel routes across the Sea of Galilee by boat, and reflect inside intricately decorated churches rich with Christian history passed down through the centuries.

Join this exclusive Private Holy Land Christian tour in 2024 for a life-enhancing encounter with your faith amidst its origins and the enduring sacred terrain where Christianity was unfolded.




A pilgrimage tour to Israel is a must if you are fascinated by the coexistence of 3 faiths. This interfaith Israel tour is mandatory for every Christian to understand the holy land and the roots of Christianity.


In the Footsteps of Jesus: A Comprehensive 8-Day Christian Holy Land Tour


christian holy land israel private tour  


After your safe arrival, I will take you to your Jerusalem hotel, making sure you have a comfortable VIP-level stay from day one. Your transfer to a hotel will be smooth, in a private car with a tour guide in Israel (me) with enough space in the trunk.

At the hotel I will help you to check in, the staff speaks many languages so, you will find everything at ease, and prepare for the next day.

Unveiling the Rich History of Old Jerusalem's Christian Sites


Christian Holy Land Israel sites


This morning the great guided tour in Israel to the Christian sites starts with an early breakfast at the hotel and our walk to the old city of Jerusalem. On our way, I will tell you about its history of multiple wars over land and religion in this area mentioned in the Bible. A neighborhood like no other will be open before your eyes! where people of various religions pray at the same monuments. Starting from the Kotel, the only remaining Western Wall of the great Second Temple built under Persian patronage in 515 BCE, it's a place where Judaism, as we know it now, was formed.


Moving to the Dome of the Rock – a mosque on the Temple Mount, a sacred place for Muslims where Prophet Muhammad ascended to heaven, also a place where the history of monotheistic culture starts layering on each other, here in the form of a beautiful, majestic place for prayers I will tell you about how originally it was a church, then Jewish shrine and later the mosque was erected on this exact place, this is also an origin where people from different religions are praying at the same time, a phenomenon that you will witness only in Israel.


By walking the ancient streets on our private guided tour in Israel to places like King David’s last burial place at Mount Zion and the Cenacle – the room of the Last Supper – you will experience how the Holy Spirit and Christian beliefs have actual physical proof of its existence, such understanding is crucial in learning more about the Christianity like any other religion.


The Church of the Holy Sepulcher is located in the heart of the Christian Quarter at the end of the Via Dolorosa (14 stations of the cross). Here I will explain the influence of the Byzantine and Roman Empires on the population, and their religious beliefs and show you examples from Christian Churches that slowly went through many transformations carrying bits of history from every century. We will learn about the Golgotha on which Jesus was crucified and the Tomb of Jesus(Holy Sepulchre), where he was buried and resurrected.


Late afternoon drive to the Mount of Olives – a picturesque place with small cozy restaurants serving local homemade food and wine made by ancient traditions that survived modern technological progress. Here you will see the whole of Jerusalem from the highest point of the city, this is the right place to conclude this full touring day of Jerusalem's old city and discuss the formation, the Christian churches of the Mount of Olives, and the early life of Jesus! While walking down the Mount of Olives we will pass the Dominus Flevit church, where Jesus cried over Jerusalem, the Chapel of Ascensionthe Garden of Gethsemane with its ancient olive garden, and the Tomb of the Virgin Mary.


The Mount of Olives is also an important site mentioned in the gospels as the spot where the dead will resurrect, symbolic of standing in a place where Jesus and his followers were preaching.


While driving back to our hotel, we will circle Jerusalem's old city walls while watching the Kidron Valley and Akeldama.


Optional site: The Garden Tomb


Bethlehem and Holocaust Remembrance



holy land israel christian trip


Bethlehem – a city near the Ancient City of Jerusalem, located in the Palestine Authority, is considered Jesus Christ's birthplace. I will take you to

The Church of the Nativity and the Milk Grotto to pray and explain how religion and historical accuracy became the root of the multi-international conflict.

As a tour guide in Israel during our stay in Bethlehem, I can organize a short visit to see the Roman Catholic Chapel of the Shepherd Fields, considered the first place where angels spread the news about the birth of Christ, a small but beautiful church built in Byzantine style.

The Holocaust World Center, Yad Vashem, is a monument that holds great power to commemorate such a World tragedy. The museum also carries a heavy burden of a silent reminder of the history of the Jewish people. This visit is important, but replaceable with a trip to Jericho.

Cultural Delights and Spiritual Insights: Israel Museum and the Central Market


mahane yehuda market and israel museum


During our Christian holy land Israel tour, we will try other things besides religious sites, Hosted by a famous chef – we will take you around one of the oldest and most colorful street markets. Mahane Yehuda Market – is a place to learn more about multiculturalism and the history of Jewish immigrants through their cuisine, appetizers from Syrians, soup from local Israelis, and finishing with coffee made from traditional Palestinian recipes.


The second part of the day will be dedicated to the Israel Museum and the Dead Sea scrolls found in the Judean Desert among the Essian community, which John the Baptist used to purify the members of Qumran.




Sacred Waters and Ancient Ruins: Judean Desert Exploration


Christian Holy Land tour from tel aviv


After a traditional Israeli breakfast, we will drive into the wilderness of the Judean Desert. Ascending to the top of Masada Fortress Unesco World Heritage Site by cable car, where freedom was achieved in a bloody battle. The word Masada from Hebrew means "fortress".a significant place where Roman troops were sieging during the First Jewish-Roman War. Enjoy a great view over the Judean Desert, the Dead Sea, and the Jordanian mountains.


Midday is the hottest time in the desert, so to cool off I will take you for a swim in the Dead Sea during the best Holy Land tour in Israel. Enriched with oxygen and high levels of minerals. It's a great place to nourish your body and soul. You can test by yourself the legends about how one can float at the top of the lake and not drown, with Belief or scientific explanation! But beware, because these waters are as dangerous to your swimsuit fabric as it is beneficial for your health. On the morning of this day, I will remind you again what to wear.


Closer to the evening, we will visit Qumran – an archeological site where only recently, in the 20th century archeologists found the Dead Sea Scrolls, its many texts containing parts from the Old Testament, and many other biblical texts.


Qumran is a region with many diverse locations to visit. Everyone will find something interesting to do here. For example, it has one of the best Israeli National Parks – an oasis in the middle of a desert, with exotic birds chirping melodic songs, or learn about Jewish monastic groups that allegedly guarded secrets and manuscripts of the ancient town among them was a famous person, John the Baptist.


The Baptismal Site of Jesus Christ or Qasr al-Yahud will be next. Located at the Jordan River Bank, it's a part of the National Park and a popular area among Christian tourists. This is your chance to be Baptized in the famous Jordan River. It is also a place where many important events in the history of Christianity took place. From here starts an ancient road that leads straight to the gates of Jerusalem, connecting the city with the river where the Children of Israel ascended to the Holy Land after 40 years of wandering the desert.


Optional visit to Ein Gedi National Park.

The Splendor of Galilee: Church of the Annunciation and Mount Tabor in Northern Israel


annunciation church of nazareth holy tour sacred site 



Start a new day of a Catholic Holy Land tour in Israel to satisfy your art and religious desires. Feast your eyes on the most beautiful region in Israel – Galilee. One of the biggest cities in the north is the city of Nazareth, the destroyed ancient village, with only its mosaic among bushy greenery. Not only does it bear architectural significance, but it is also a notable place to visit for any Christian. It's the birthplace of the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus, and where Jesus lived in his early years. The Annunciation church is the biggest catholic church in the Middle East and the most unique since the interior will be very odd and different from any other church you have ever seen. In the middle, you will see and worship the house of the holy family.


There's nowhere better than Nazareth to get a taste of Israel's Arab culture! Even though this is one of the largest cities in the country and has a significant Arab population and influence, curious travelers continue to visit sites that have historically been associated with Christianity, such as shrines constructed by local Christians honoring biblical events that occurred in the area.


While walking the streets of Nazareth, I encourage you to listen to the mix of languages heard on the streets, it's a place where two opposite cultures clash and create a unique ecosystem. Here culinary enthusiasts can try Arab cuisine made with Israeli hospitality.


Mount Tabor, located near the Sea of Galilee, is an important historical place for Jews, a place to remember the victory described in the Book of Judges in the 12 century B.C., as the Battle between the Israelite army and the army of Canaanite. For Christians, it's a place to pray, and visit the Transfiguration Church described in the New Testament. Jesus transfigurated and became radiant in glory upon a mountain.

Life of Jesus Revealed: Exploring the Sea of Galilee and Banias Springs


chritian pilgrims to israel


A day to learn about the life of Jesus. I will take you from the hotel to the place where Jesus was preaching and delivering the Sermon on the Mount. the mount itself is believed to be the Mount of Beatitudes – an incredibly beautiful place, where the local scenery will nurture a troubled soul. From the top of the mountain, you will see the full view of the Lake of Tiberias (aka The Sea of Galilee). This place will be our next stop today. Here you can also pray at the Roman Catholic Chapel and I will tell you about the tradition of building new churches at the places of the ancient ruins and how locals still manage to preserve the remains of the monastery that was here in 4 the century.


While descending to the water, we can enjoy the beauty of the Kinneret Lake. While we drive to Tabgha the famous place where Jesus fed 5000 people with 2 fishes and 5 loaves of bread, and continue circling the Sea of Galilee while reaching Capernaum to visit the oldest church in the world and St Peter primacy, and also a synagogue from the 5th century of a wealthy Jewish community.


Our next stop during the Christian holy land Israel tour is the Sea of Galilee, the lowest freshwater lake on Earth. This location has many underground rivers that sometimes erupt in springs like the Banias, creating islands of comfort and fresh breeze above Galilee.


The Banias Spring located at the foot of Mount Hermon and the Golan Heights, is an oasis with multiple small waterfalls and one big one. For centuries, travelers found shelter in the coolness of this natural phenomenon. The first who decided to turn this place into a city was Herod’s the Great son – Philip, he built a Roman city and named after himself Caesarea Philippi. A pagan temple dedicated to the god Pan in the center was later destroyed by the Crusaders who came here with their historical myths about Peter, who recognized Jesus as the new leader. It all led to multiple cultural and political quarrels resulting in the demolishing and rebuilding of this place for many centuries, details of which I will tell you at the site during our private guided tour in Israel.


Optional attractions and places to visit:


1)Jesus Boat Ride - Sail on the Holy Waters of the Sea of Galilee


2)Cana - The first miracle of Jesus turning water into wine


Haifa to Caesarea: Tracing Christian History Along the Western Coast




Today, I will help you check out from your hotel in Tiberius, and we will move to Tel Aviv for the second chapter of our Christian Israeli pilgrimage journey.


On the way after Megiddo, we will discover Stella Maris Monastery, located at the top of Mount Carmel in Haifa, which has a beautiful observation over the Carmel region, and in ancient times was a cluster of small monasteries where hermits lived in caves spending days praying. 


We will visit Elijah's cave and see how he lived in such a dangerous place without connecting with the outside world. Later in the 19th-century monks were cast out by Mamluks – non-Arabic slave soldiers, therefore the monks created the famous European Carmelite order in Haifa on the top of the Carmel mountain. We will continue and visit the Transfiguration church and descend south towards the Middle Coast.


Our next stop on our Christian holy land Israel tour is Caesarea – an ancient port city with a rich history and recognizable architecture that combines original Roman influence with later additions of Byzantine styles and Crusades.


Each site brings something unique, creating a historical kaleidoscope for the modern tourist. Amphitheater, Hippodrome, Roman baths, etc... You will never guess under whose occupation built the next building and what ethnic group lived on the corner street. It's a great place to recognize how the power dynamic between religions has changed throughout history. Here Desiple Paul was set to trial, It is also a place where we can witness the downfall of the Roman Empire and how once a great building erected in the name of the Roman Emperor is now a few pillars and a mosaic floor in ruins what is left of them after Ottoman Empire rule.


According to Christian belief, Ponti Pilatus was sent from Caesarea to judge Jesus in Jerusalem.


Our last stop during our private Israel Christian Tour before arriving in Tel Aviv is the old city of Jaffa, surrounded by palm trees and smells of exotic dishes. Here is the place where Napoleonic influence meets ancient Egyptian beliefs. It has the European spirit inside and will prepare you for the explosive energy of individualistic Tel Aviv.


A Colorful Farewell: Celebrating the Success of Your Christian Holy Land Tour


all inclusive holy land tour


A city with a diverse cultural and historical background will be a beautiful memory of the time spent on the Christian holy land Israel tour. I will lead you on the final day tour to Christian places you choose, such as an old Flea market in Jaffa where you can find unique souvenirs like nowhere else, or explore the city center and visit the Museum of Art with an impressive collection of modern art form artists around the world. I will tell you about the Bauhaus movement that has a tremendous influence on Tel Aviv's architectural context, and its collection was listed in UNESCO World Heritage.


Afterward, I will drive you to the Ben Gurion Airport, so hopefully, you will remember this Christian holy land Israel tour with only positive words saying "TODA RABA” for this experience!


I would also like to remind you that it is your travel desires that I'm trying to meet as your tour guide in Israel, so any requests during this private Christian Israeli tour package will be welcomed. You can always extend the tour since there are so many undiscovered historical gems like Petra, Mount Nebo, Tel Aviv nightlife, and Negev Desert that I will gladly take you to visit.




Christian Heritage holy land Israel tour is the best sample of exploring our beautiful Israel. Check out my Christian Israel tour Packages concentrating on the Christian Holy sites.

Remember, every Christian tour itinerary will be custom-made just for you. The Christian tour or Christian group tours include entrance fees and full insurance.


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