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Israel Tour Packages for 2023/2024

Best Israel package tours




My fully optimized Israel package tours are made and designed by me after more than 15 years in the Israeli tourism market, as a professional licensed tour guide in Israel I'm obligated to provide you the maximum experience that is possible to reach on your vacation in Israel.

I offer the best full Israel tour packages starting from your departure and including transfers from and to the airport, private guided tour in Israel for 5,7,10,12, and 14 days, accommodations, meals, and luxury private transportation, featuring the most amazing and classic sites in Israel, the best price and the best individual organization.

My carefully crafted Israel tour packages and tailor-made and fully adjustable for every client, after contacting me I will offer you my best Israel tours without any commitment to continue booking with me, we will go threw the itinerary and adjust every day and every visit according to your wishes and requests, I know my clients, therefore, I am committed to you and your requests.


Trips to Israel for seniors - Amazing tour package in Israel at a slower tempo and high attention to detail and time.

Tours for pilgrims in Israel - full coverage of the most iconic and important Christian sites including Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Jericho, and Nazareth.

Family tours in Israel - the perfect place to merge an educational trip with great attraction and fun.

Tours for couples in Israel - enjoy a romantic trip, an extreme trip with activities, a heritage tour, or a relaxed option.

Jewish heritage tours in Israel - full coverage of the most important Jewish sites and heritage stories.


Booking my Israel tour packages is possible all year long and in every season you will be able to enjoy something different, I advise you to choose your favorite season and weather before booking a tour since you can miss water attractions during the winter or less enjoy city trips on a hot summer day.

The most important advantage of booking an Israel tour package with me is my experience since I'm guiding and organizing these amazing tours in Israel for the past 15 years and I don't charge any commission or agents fees, therefore my tour packages in Israel will be at least 15%-20% cheaper than in a tour agency and still you will get much more.


There are no surprises or hidden words, we plan together and we create the best experience together without any full payment in advance.

Although I'm a small business I was nominated during 2019 as one of the best boutique Israel tour companies organizing the most unique and best Israel tour packages.


Please continue and explore my suggestions, don't hesitate to contact me whether you prepare to book with me or not.