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6-Days Israel Private Tour Package for Seniors

6 Days Private Israel Tour Package for Seniors



This special 6-day tour package for seniors is designed to cover most of Israel’s highlights, but with minimal walking and wheelchair accessibility if needed. It includes sites and subjects relating to the Old Testament, the New Testament, Biblical Archaeology, modern history, and more. I will guide the tour in a luxury-level authorized vehicle, providing in-depth explanations and creating unique and exciting activities and experiences. The pace of the tour can be matched to your specific wishes, limits, and time constraints, making it a perfect comfortable Israel senior tour.

Day 1 – Exploring Roman Caesarea and Meggido


Welcome to Israel! Depending on your arrival time, we can visit the ruins of ancient Caesarea on our way north, but if you're tired, we can simply stop for lunch. This Roman-era metropolis contains a wealth of historical treasures, including the site of Paul's Prison in Caesarea, the aqueduct, Roman baths, and a fascinating film. As we drive to Galilee, we can stop at Atlit Detention Camp or by the Biblical site of Megiddo, also known as Armageddon, and learn about its association with the Apocalypse. The city has over 30 layers of civilizations, city gates, and a water reservoir.

Overnight: North

Day 2 – Explore the Golan Heights and Enjoy Druze Hospitality

Today we ascend to the top of the Golan Heights. At Mt. Bental, we’ll view Syria and review the conflict between Israel and Syria, as well as the ongoing civil war in Syria. Nearby, we’ll visit the 1973 battle site “Valley of Tears,” where we’ll have a photo opportunity next to Syrian and Israeli tanks. For lunch, we’ll head to a Druze village for a special Druze lunch and hospitality experience. After lunch, we can continue with some wine tasting at a local winery and end the day on a Jeep tour of the beaten path.

Overnight: North

Day 3 – Sea of Galilee and Nazareth

This day is devoted to sites in Galilee and around the Sea of Galilee. We start with a visit to Capernaum, the “Hometown of Jesus” according to the New Testament. Today, Capernaum is an impressive archaeological site that includes the biggest synagogue ever found in Israel from the Byzantine period. Nearby, we visit Magdala, a site that combines significant Jewish and Christian history related to the disciples and Mary Magdalene. Next, we head up to Nazareth for a nice local lunch, and then tour the annunciation church before heading to Jerusalem.

Overnight: Jerusalem

Day 4 – Jerusalem Old City Unveiled

Our full-day tour of the holiest city in the world will begin with an introduction from the Mount of Olives Viewpoint, possibly including a quick visit to the Garden of Gethsemane. Next, we continue into the Old City, where we stroll through the Jewish Quarter and visit the Western Wall. After a lunch break, we continue into the Christian Quarter and walk along parts of the Via Dolorosa, ending at the holiest site for Christians – the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. We may include a visit to the tomb of King David and the room of the Last Supper as well.

Overnight: Jerusalem

Day 5 – Float on the Dead Sea and Explore Masada

Heading to the lowest dry place in the world, we might want to make a stop at the Sea level sign for a camel ride. Next, we will pass by Jericho the lowest and oldest city in the world, and the Baptism site (Qasr el-Yahud) and view the caves where the famous Dead Sea Scrolls were found (Qumran). Further south, we drive through the nature reserve of Ein Gedi and possibly spot some local ibex. The main focus will be on the magnificent site of Masada, famed for its dramatic and tragic history. After admiring the site, we head for lunch and a swim at the Dead Sea, then head to Tel Aviv.

Overnight: Tel-Aviv

Day 6 – Enjoy Moden Tel-Aviv and Old Jaffa


A full day dedicated to Israel's modern history as seen in Jaffa and Tel Aviv will begin with a stroll through old Jaffa and its nearby Flea Market. Next, we'll go to Rothschild Boulevard to learn about Tel Aviv's early history and visit Independence Hall, where Israel was founded. We will conclude with a drive to the Rabin Assassination Site and a discussion of Israel's current geopolitics and surroundings before departing for the airport.


The Best 6-day Senior Tour Package to Israel is Waiting For You

This 6-Day Israel Private Tour Package for Seniors offers a unique and enriching experience, perfectly tailored to meet the needs of senior travelers. With a focus on comfort, minimal walking, and wheelchair accessibility, this tour ensures that you can explore the wonders of Israel at your own pace. With My in-depth explanations and experience, all while traveling in a luxury tour vehicle.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with staying in senior-friendly hotels in Israel, where your comfort and accessibility are a priority. From the historical treasures of Caesarea and Jerusalem to the natural beauty of the Dead Sea and the Golan Heights, every aspect of this 6 day senior tour is designed to offer a comfortable Israel tour.

With a personal tour guide, you’ll gain deep insights into the rich history and culture of Israel, making your journey both informative and memorable. my 6-day senior-friendly travel approach ensures that all your needs and preferences are catered to, allowing you to focus on enjoying the experience.

Join me for this unforgettable journey and discover the best of Israel with the assurance that your comfort and accessibility are always in mind. Book your senior 6-day tour package today and go on an adventure.


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