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9-Day Jewish Heritage Tour Through Israel



9-Day Jewish Heritage Tour Through Israel




Discover the rich tapestry of Jewish heritage across Israel in this thoughtfully designed 9-day tour. Dig into ancient history, spirituality, and modern culture as we explore the diverse landscapes and cities that have shaped the Jewish identity.


Day 1 – Caesarea and Haifa


Welcome to Israel! As you complete passport control and collect your baggage, our 9-day Jewish Heritage tour to Israel begins. Our first stop is Caesarea, a former Roman metropolis. Explore the newly renovated visitors center and the wealth of archaeological remains, especially around the ancient port with amazing displays and blue water surroundings.

Next, continue to the port city of Haifa to see the German colony and the famous Bahai Gardens.

Continue to your hotel in Galilee or Tiberius to rest and relax.


Optional visit to Acre.


Overnight: Tiberias


Day 2 – Spiritual Safed and Northern Synagogues 


We travel today to Safed, a city renowned for its Kabbalah philosophy and thriving Jewish artist community. Take a stroll down Safed's main street and explore the Jewish art galleries there.

Go to the synagogue where Rabbi Yosef Karo wrote the "Shulchan Aruch." Visit the well-known tomb of Rashbi, one of Israel's most revered Rabbis, which is close by.

Learn about Israel's northern frontier as we travel along the border with Lebanon and visit the beautifully preserved Bar'am synagogue, an architectural gem.


Optional visit to the Safed Kabbalah Center to practice numerology and perhaps participate in a candle-making workshop.


Overnight: Tiberias


Day 3 – The Majestic Golan Heights


Today, we start exploring the Golan Heights and reach the summit of Mt. Bental. From here, enjoy a panoramic view of Israel and deep into Syria. Explore an unmanned IDF bunker, and take amazing photos.


Experience an exhilarating Jeep tour along the Syrian Border, allowing you to appreciate the natural beauty of the Golan's countryside and its unique geopolitical importance, visit the Syrian Headquarters from the war of Yom Kippur, and meet Eli Cohen, the famous Israeli spy.


Participate in a special lunch experience in a Druze village, savoring their distinctive cuisine.


Hike the Banias Waterfalls and admire Israeli nature.


Overnight: Tiberias


Day 4 – From Galilee to Jerusalem


We start the day sailing on the Sea of Galilee from Tiberias to Kibbutz Ginosar, where history unfolds. Explore the unique first-century CE synagogue discovered in 2009 in Magdala, pondering the significance of the enigmatic decorated stone at its center.


Combine this with an optional visit to Capernaum's ancient synagogue, followed by a visit to the tomb of Maimonides and possibly other Rabbi tombs in Tiberias.


Discover the pioneering spirit of the first Jewish settlers, who also established the world's first kibbutz, as we pass by Kinneret farm and cemetery.


Arrive in Jerusalem in time for a "Sheheyanu" blessing as the day comes to an end, and take in the magnificent view of the city from the Mount of Olives.



Overnight: Jerusalem


Day 5 – Unveiling the Ancient Layers of Jerusalem


At the City of David, set out on a journey through the eras of ancient Jerusalem. To set the stage for your exploration of the city's historic water systems, start at the visitors' center with an immersive 3D movie introduction.


Take a fascinating stroll through "Hezekiah's Tunnel," a dimly lit tunnel that is filled with water, or choose the "Canaanite tunnel." Both directions lead to the famed "Pool of Siloam." Investigate the pool's historical significance.


To get to the Southern Wall Archaeological Park, ascend the Herodian drainage channel. Learn more about the historical setting here.


Visit the Davidson Center for an informative presentation before going to the Jewish Quarter for a pleasant lunch.


Discover hidden gems like the Hurvah Synagogue and the "Burnt House" as you explore the Jewish Quarter. Don't pass up the opportunity to shop for Judaica in the "Cardo."


You can choose between seeing the City of David Nighttime Show or the Tower of David Night Spectacle in the evening.



Overnight: Jerusalem



Day 6 – Temple Mount, Western Wall, and Israeli  Martial Arts


Ascend to the Temple Mount in the morning. Explore the relics that may be connected to the Second Temple while visiting the Muslim holy monuments such as the Al Aqsa mosque and Dome of the Rock.


Join a 1.5-hour tour that explores the Temple's foundations in the Western Wall Tunnels. Visit the Western Wall itself after that, and think about participating in the sifting project of the temple mount.


Visit Caliber 3 in Gush Etzion to participate in anti-terror training where you can improve your Krav-Maga abilities and practice live fire.


Overnight: Jerusalem



Day 7 –  Dead Sea Experience and Historical Judean Desert Discoveries


Get ready for the Dead Sea and The Judean Desert experience, stop, and take a fun camel ride at the Sea Level sign.


Discover the breathtaking Masada site, which was the scene of a major historical drama 2000 years ago. Admire all the huge ruins while thinking about the Jewish rebels' tragic demise.

Drive to a Dead Sea hotel for a local lunch and swim experience.


Visit the Qumran caves where the renowned Dead Sea Scrolls were found as you make your way back to Jerusalem.


Discover the Dead Sea factory shop, to buy Israeli Dead Sea cosmetics and fresh Majhoul Dates.



Overnight: Jerusalem


Day 8 – Israeli war of independence in the Shephela


Take a scenic drive to the Shephela's pastoral low hills region.


Get to the top of Tel Azekah and learn the truth about the biblical battle between David and Goliath.


Take an ATV ride and rush your adrenaline while admiring the local nature.


Learn about the battles for Jerusalem during the War of Independence as you travel along the historic "Burma Road" of 1948.


If time permits, visit the Latrun Tank Museum to learn about Israel's war machines and other Arab armies.


Join a tour of "Machon Ayalon," the 1948 Secret Bullet Factory, producing bullets under the Ayalon Kibbutz.



Overnight: Tel-Aviv


Day 9 – Culture and fun in Tel-Aviv


Start your day at Independence Hall on Rothschild Boulevard, the site of the declaration of Israel's birth in 1948.


Explore Rothschild Boulevard further to learn the fascinating history of Tel Aviv's founding and growth into Israel's metropolis.


Explore Jaffa's historical charm by strolling through its picturesque alleys, art museums, wine-tasting rooms, Israel's first clothes factory " Maskit" and taking in its lively art galleries.


Visit Neve Zedek, and find out how this neighborhood became the most expensive one in Israel.


The Jaffa Flea Market is the ideal place to take a leisurely lunch break and look for unique pieces of vintage souvenirs.


Pass by the Rabin Assassination site, where the Israeli Prime Minister was tragically shot in 1995, marking a turning point in modern Israeli history.


Take a thrilling one-of-a-lifetime experience in "The Squadron," an extreme jet fighter flight simulator.





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