A fascinating Tel Aviv and Jaffa tour will strike you with a unique contrast between old and new.

Jaffa is mentioned in the Egyptian sources and the bible, the city probably named after one of Noah sons Yefet.
The Hebrew translation of the name is beautiful, visiting jaffa during any hour of the day the beauty of the city and the surroundings will amaze you, the blue sea, the green trees, and the warm soft climate is the perfect combination To create a beautiful place as Jaffa.
The city of Jaffa was always a very important place since the city is located on the coast of the Mediterranean sea and it was used as a gate for different armies, kings, pilgrims and different merchants to arrive in the holy land and to begin their journey towards the holy sites. The port of Jaffa is a very attractive place since you can find so many local restaurants, boat attractions and the beautiful promenade to walk.
During our Tel Aviv and Jaffa tour, we will be able to see the old city streets, each and every street has a different zodiac sign instead of the street name. the streets have amazing beige color and this is probably one of the best places to take some photos. In the heart of the old city, you will be able to find different galleries of local artists, paintings, sculptures, and different handmade jewelry. A few museums are a great recommendation to visit, for example, the Elana Gur Museum with her private collections of art from all over the world and also a chance to see her house from the inside. The museum of Ori Geller who is the most famous Israeli illusionist that can bend spoons with his mind.
People who like archaeology can enjoy excavations left from the Egyptian period  And sometimes there is a possibility to see an active excavation too!
An amazing opportunity During the Tel Aviv and Jaffa tour is a must to make a wish, therefore, you need to stop at the wishing bridge to find your zodiac sign and to make your wish.
the "floating orange tree", the symbol of jaffa is also a great attraction and a great story about the economy and the life in jaffa.
The famous church of the old city of Jaffa is the Saint Peters Church, according to the tradition Peter had a great vision on the rooftop of this building in which he was commanded by the Lord to eat animals that were not kosher in the Jewish tradition, he refused to eat them and God replied him," what God has cleansed you must not call common".
Ever since Jaffa considered the fundament and the place where Christianity actually began.
Next to the old city, we can enjoy the famous flea market with its unique shops, you will be able to find antiques, gifts and local restaurants.


My Tel Aviv and Jaffa tour provide live information, does not contain boring and facts, but is full of fascinating stories, legends and ancient legends that you will not read in books and see in movies.

Tel Aviv the city ahead of its time, which, according to the Israelis themselves, "never sleeps."

I am your tour guide in Israel and I want to show you all the charm of the secular capital of Israel with its historic streets and ultra-modern neighborhoods.


Since the late 19 century, the first Jewish immigrants began arriving mostly from Europe and Africa to the holy land and new neighborhoods outside the old city of Jaffa were founded, the first neighborhood was neve Zedek which was established by Jews from Africa, the mission was to build a neighborhood completely separated from the Ottoman Jaffa, The second neighborhood called neve shalom and then Kerem Hateymanim, those neighborhoods were joined together to become separated municipality from Jaffa, during the beginning of the 20th century more immigrants arrived from Europe and the population began to grow, those neighborhoods became a Hebrew center in the central district of the future country. Eventually, More land was purchased and those neighborhoods became the city that we all know, tel Aviv.
This city began to develop, cultural institutions begin to grow together with big and central streets, by 1914 Tel Aviv has grown to a size of one square kilometer and the population was nearly 3000 people, at the end of the first world war more and more Jews begun immigrating to Tel Aviv. The city attracted many European Jews since they had all the comforts which they were used to in Europe such as running water, cinema, opera, theater, schools, restaurants, and cafés.
In 1923 Tel Aviv was the first city to be wired to electricity, in 1925 Patrick Geddes Scottish architect created the master plan for Tel Aviv together with the first mayor of the city Meir Dizengoff. 
In 1933 the Jewish population began to grow dramatically since the nazis came to power in Germany and the population was more than 160,000 people, a port and also an airport began operating in this remarkable city, during 1947 after the UN made the partition plan Tel Aviv was included in the future Jewish state.
In 1948 the Declaration of Independence of Israel was declared in Tel Aviv in the same house where the first mayor of the city was living with his wife, the main man was David ben Gurion who declared this revolutionary message.
Today Tel Aviv considered as the vibe, modern and commercial center of Israel combining old neighborhoods and progressive high-tech zones.
All the immigrants who arrived during different periods to Tel Aviv brought their own cuisine, culture, and architecture and created a unique city.
Tel Aviv has a huge number of galleries and museums, one of my favorites is the Bauhaus museum located in the historical center of the city, the Tel Aviv Museum of art is a great option to get familiar with the Israeli local artists, the Museum of history of Tel Aviv, Ruven Rubin Museum, and many many more.
Yitzhak Rabin museum is a great place to get to know Israel in different periods and the history of this great man who was the Prime Minister and was assassinated by a terrorist.
The streets are also amazing especially the Rothschild Boulevard, King George St. and of course the promenade along the Mediterranean sea.
Walking in the old neighborhoods such as Neve Zedek Will take you back to the past but also to the future since this neighborhood became one of the trendiest places in Israel for local designers and rich people.
The markets of Tel Aviv will amaze you with the colors and the variety of different foods alongside local restaurants, one of my favorite thing to do is a culinary tour in the markets of this remarkable city so please keep it in mind.
The variety of restaurants is huge since we have so many different cultures merging one into another so don’t be surprised to be lost by making a decision where to eat.
Graffiti tour is also a great option in the trendiest neighborhood of the city called florentine, the neighborhood has developed in the past 10 years and still attracting the young population.

Tel Aviv and Jaffa tour is made according to your preferences and regime of life, without necessarily visiting uninteresting museums and other places for you.


A not less popular attraction of the secular capital of Israel is the diamond exchange center in Tel Aviv. The exhibition halls of the leading diamond manufacturers captivate the spirit with the beauty and richness of these noble stones. I will lead you for an exciting tour of the diamond exchange district and tell you what diamonds are preferred by the stars of the world's show business.