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7 Day Jewish Heritage Tour to Israel: A Holistic Journey



7-Day Jewish Heritage Tour to Israel: A Holistic Journey




The 7-day Jewish Heritage Tour to Israel provides the perfect timeframe to discover deeply the min Jewish sites and the heart of the Holy Land. This 7-day itinerary in Israel contains not only biblical sites but also modern destinations, allowing you to absorb the full spectrum of Israel's rich history and culture. From the Golan Heights to the serenity of the Dead Sea, from the ancient streets of Jerusalem to the innovative Technologies of Tel-Aviv, this 7-Day Jewish Heritage tour will reveal both the renowned highlights and some of Israel's best-kept secrets.


Day 1 – Airport - Caesarea - Coast 


Your Israeli adventure begins with a warm welcome to the Holy Land! We'll assist you with passport control and baggage claim, ensuring a seamless arrival. Our first destination is Caesarea, a former Roman metropolis that will captivate you with its modern visitor center and the abundance of archaeological wonders, especially around the ancient port taking you back to the Roman times and King Herods.

Later on, you will tour the Atlit Detainee Camp, a significant site where British authorities detained Jewish immigrants in the 1940s as they aspired to reach the Land of Israel.


Overnight: Tiberias


Day 2 – Jewish Spirituality in the Galilee


On the second day of the 7 Jewish Heritage tour to Israel, we take a scenic drive to Safed, renowned for its deep connection to Kabbalah philosophy and its vibrant community of Jewish artists. Stroll through Safed's main street, home to wonderful Jewish art galleries.


Visit the Ha’ari Hakadosh synagogue, where Rabbi Yosef Karo compiled the "Shulchan Aruch," a cornerstone of Jewish law. Nearby, explore the famous tomb of the Rashbi, one of Israel's most revered Rabbi tombs.


Before returning to the hotel, you'll have the option to indulge in exciting activities such as kayaking on the Jordan River or hiking the Banias Waterfalls.



Overnight: Tiberias


Day 3 – Ascend to the Golan Heights


Our 7-day Jewish Heritage journey to Israel continues as we ascend to the majestic Golan Heights, reaching the summit of Mount Bental. From this elevated observation point, you'll find breathtaking panoramic views, spanning across Israel and deep into Syria. We'll also enter an unmanned IDF bunker, providing us a glimpse into the complicated geopolitics of the region.


Next, we'll visit the iconic "Valley of Tears," where a small tank force valiantly defended against a massive Syrian attack during the 1973 Yom Kippur War. For those seeking an adrenaline rush, an ATV tour near the Syrian Border awaits, allowing you to drive along the border with Syria and explore abandoned military facilities.


We'll enjoy a special lunch experience in a Druze village up on the Golan Heights and finish the day in a nice winery watching the sunset.


Overnight: Tiberias


Day 4 – Sea of Galilee, Jordan Valley and drive towards Jerusalem


Today you'll take a serene sail on the Sea of Galilee from Tiberias to Kibbutz Ginosar or a visit to Magdala, where a unique first-century CE synagogue was discovered in 2009. 


Later on, we will drive to the Jordan Valley and visit a real kibbutz to learn about agriculture and the life of the people in the Jordan Valley.


Before heading to Jerusalem we'll stop in Beit Shean and tour the rich Roman remains of this important Roman city.


Finally, we'll reach Jerusalem, where you'll be greeted with a "Sheheyanu" from the Mount of Olives, offering a breathtaking view of the city.


Overnight: Jerusalem


Day 5 –Biblical Jerusalem: Uncover the Layers


Today, the best 7-day Jewish Heritage tour to Israel will take us back in time to explore the ancient layers of Jerusalem at the City of David. Your journey begins with a captivating 3D movie introduction at the visitor center, setting the base for your adventure into the city's ancient water systems.


You'll have the choice to walk through either the dark, water-filled "Hezekiah's Tunnel" or the well-lit "Canaanite Tunnel," both leading you to the historic "Pool of Siloam." Here, we'll learn about the pool's significance during the days of the temple.


Ascending through the Herodian drainage channel, we'll arrive at the Davidson Southern Wall Archaeological Park, where you'll gain a profound appreciation for Jerusalem's rich history. After this enriching experience, we'll head to the Classic part of the Western Wall and then to the Jewish Quarter for a well-deserved lunch.


We keep touring and exploring sites like the "Burnt House" and the Hurvah Synagogue. Don't miss the opportunity to indulge in Judaica shopping at the "Cardo."


The Tower of David Night Show is optional.


Overnight: Jerusalem


Day 6 – A Relaxing Day at the Dead Sea


Today let's lower the temp and take a journey to the Dead Sea. Along the way, we offer an optional stop at the Sea Level sign, where you can enjoy a fun and brief Camel Ride.


Upon reaching Masada, you'll be inspired by the site that witnessed a dramatic chapter in history over 2,000 years ago. Explore the wealth of remains and reflect on the tragic fate of the Jewish rebels.


Take a short hike to Ein Gedi waterfalls and soak up the nature.


Alternatively, you can choose to drive to one of the hotels by the Dead Sea for a swim and relax at the Israeli resort with an amazing Israeli Lunch.


On our journey back to Jerusalem, we'll stop if you wish for a glimpse of the caves where the famous Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in Qumran, adding another layer of historical layer to our Jewish Heritage tour.


Overnight: Tel-Aviv


Day 7 – Embrace the young Spirit of Tel-Aviv


Our final day of the 7-day Jewish Heritage tour to Israel unfolds in the vibrant cities of Tel Aviv and Old Jaffa.


We'll start with A trip to Jaffa, where you'll immerse yourself in its rich history. Stroll through picturesque alleys and indulge in the unique art galleries that dot this charming area, amazing nature sculptures, and excellent museums you can admire.


Our adventure continues to the Flea Market, offering a delightful lunch break with local foods and the opportunity to discover rare vintage markets, Don't forget to bargain.


After Jaffa's old city, We'll continue visiting the Independence Hall on Rothschild Boulevard, where the state of Israel was proudly born.


Continuing along Rothschild Boulevard, you'll see the famous Bau Haus construction and find out how Tel Aviv was founded and developed into the bustling metropolis it is today.


Finishing the day at Neve Zedek or the ANU Museum, to learn about the Jewish roots.


Tour Conclusion: Tel-Aviv


This 7-day Jewish Heritage Itinerary is good for families, seniors, and Jewish communities coming from the United States, Canada, and Europe.


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