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11 Days Jewish Heritage Tour through Israel



11 Days Jewish Heritage Tour of  Israel - The Ultimate tour




Take an 11-day Jewish heritage tour of Israel, This extensive journey through Israel delves deep into its rich Jewish history and heritage. My unique 11-day Heritage tour offers a comprehensive exploration of Israel's diverse cultural and historical tapestry, spanning from the tip of the Golan Heights to the Red Sea shore, and from Vibrant Tel-Aviv to the mysterious Negev desert. This complete tour combines immersive outdoor adventures in breathtaking landscapes with cultural encounters, culinary experiences, and much more.


Day 1 – Welcome to Israel and go along the Coast!


Upon your arrival, The VIP Service will assist you with passport control and baggage claim and you will be taken directly to my vehicle.

Your journey begins in Caesarea, a former Roman metropolis, You will discover the history of King Herods, his construction and contribution to the land of Israel, walk the ancient port, and visit the new visitors center.

Then, we drive to Atlit Detainee Camp, where British authorities detained Jewish immigrants in the 1940s who were eager to reach the Land of Israel, a very important Heritage site.

Next is Haifa, you'll be able to see the Bahai Gardens before checking in at your hotel in Galilee and enjoying a delightful dinner.

 Optional visit: Akko Old City.

Overnight: Haifa



Day 2 – Discover the  Jewish Heritage of Galilee




Today, our focus is on the Galilee's ancient Jewish legacy. Sepphoris, a historic Jewish center during the Talmudic era, is our first stop. The Mishna was assembled here in the third century CE.

Visit the impressive Sepphoris ruins, which contain one of Israel's largest collections of magnificent mosaics.

Discover the synagogue of Sepphoris' mysterious mosaic floor, a singular fusion of Jewish and Pagan themes.

Explore the burial caves at Beth Shearim, which include the biggest ancient Jewish cemetery in Galilee and the ultimate resting place of renowned R. Yehudah "the Prince."

Visit "Elijah's Cave" after you are back in Haifa and get acquainted with the customs of this holy place.


Overnight: Haifa


Day 3 – Journey to Akko and Rosh Hanikra


Drive to Akko, a city with a colorful past dating to Canaanite times and a former Crusader capital, to start your day.


Explore the fascinating local market and archeological wonders of Akko's old city as you stroll through its historic streets.


Visit the former British prison, where Jewish underground activists were detained and some were put to death.


Later on, we drive to Rosh Hanikra Grottoes, located at the border of Israel and Lebanon, where a cable car will take you inside caves carved into the soft chalk rock.


After lunch, we will visit a nice winery in Galilee and enjoy nature.



Overnight: Tiberias



Day 4 – The Spiritual Heart of Safed and the Hula Valley


Begin your day in Safed, one of Israel's Four Holy Cities. Explore the ancient cobblestone streets lined with vibrant art galleries and studios, reflecting the city's rich artistic heritage. Visit the Ari Ashkenazi Synagogue, a spiritual center known for its stunning interior.


Discover the secrets of Kabbalah, Jewish mysticism, as you explore the Ha’Ari HaKadosh and Abuhav synagogues, both steeped in mystical traditions. Engage with local artisans, witnessing their crafts and understanding the spiritual influence behind their work.


Embark on a scenic drive to Hula Valley, a picturesque haven for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts. Stroll along the tranquil pathways of Hula Lake Park, observing a multitude of migratory birds in their natural habitat.


Experience the Hula Agamon, an oasis for diverse wildlife, where you might spot cranes, herons, and other avian species. Engage in immersive educational experiences to deepen your understanding of the area's ecological significance.



Overnight: Tiberias




Day 5 – Discovering the Golan Heights


Continue your 11-day Jewish Heritage tour in Israel and Embark on a captivating journey through the Golan Heights, a region steeped in history and natural beauty. This full-day tour promises a blend of ancient ruins, breathtaking landscapes, and insights into the geopolitical complexities of the area.


 Begin at the ancient city of Gamla, known for its dramatic cliffside ruins and the heroic stand against Roman forces. Delve into the archaeological wonders, where layers of history come to life. Visit the nearby Gamla Nature Reserve, a sanctuary for wildlife with panoramic views over the Sea of Galilee.


Enjoy a traditional Druze lunch, savoring the distinctive flavors of this unique Middle Eastern culture. Engage with locals to gain a deeper understanding of their heritage and traditions.


Ascend to the summit of Mt. Bental for sweeping views of Israel and neighboring Syria. Explore an unmanned IDF bunker, offering a glimpse into the region's complex geopolitical landscape. Take an exciting Jeep tour to learn about the geopolitics situation of the region.


Overnight: Tiberias


Day 6 – Journey Through the Jordan Valley, Greet Jerusalem


Begin your day in Tiberias, a city steeped in history. Explore the Hamat Tiberias National Park, where ancient thermal baths and mosaics reveal a glimpse into Roman-era luxury.


Travel southward to Beit She'an, an archeological treasure trove. Discover the extensive ruins, including a well-preserved Roman theater and intricate mosaics.


Drive through the stunning landscapes of the Jordan Valley. Witness the rich tapestry of nature, with the Jordan River flowing beside you and the mountains of Jordan in the distance.


Visit a Kibbutz and find out how to create life in no manland.


Arrive at the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, a site revered in Judaism and Islam. Enjoy the panoramic view of the ancient city, its golden stones reflecting the setting sun.



Overnight: Jerusalem


Day 7 – Unveiling Biblical Jerusalem


We set off on a trek today to the City of David, where the foundations of Jerusalem were first laid. Before investigating the city's historic water systems, start by taking in a 3D movie introduction at the visitor center.


Take a stroll through the "Pool of Siloam's" "Hezekiah's Tunnel," which is gloomy and filled with water, or the "Canaanite tunnel," which is dry and lit.


We'll explore the pool's importance during the construction of the temple before climbing through the Herodian drainage system to the Southern Wall Archaeological Park.


Before going to lunch in the Jewish Quarter, take in the Davidson Center's impressive exhibition.


Visit further locations in the Jewish Quarter, such as the Hurvah Synagogue. Remember to indulge in some Judaica retail therapy in "Cardo."


Overnight: Jerusalem


Day 8 – Exploring the Temple Mount and the Western Wall


Ascending to the Temple Mount is the next leg of our quest. You'll have the chance to look at the Muslim structures and check for objects that might be connected to the Second Temple, a crucial period in Jewish history.


Join a 1-hour guided tour of the Western Wall Tunnels to learn more about the Temple's origins. The examination of the historical and architectural features is fascinating.


Return to the Western Wall itself, which is a popular place of pilgrimage, and for a more thorough understanding of the period, consider taking a virtual tour of the Second Temple.


As we travel to Gush Etzion for anti-terror training, our experience takes a thrilling turn. Develop your Krav Maga abilities and engage in live shooting while acquiring a distinctive understanding of Israel's security initiatives.


We'll also go to Herodium, a magnificent archeological site where Herod's lost tomb once stood and which the Bar-Kokhba insurrectionists later occupied.


 Tower of David night spectacular is optional.

Overnight: Jerusalem


Day 9 – Floating in the Dead Sea and hiking Masada


Begin your adventure with an early departure from Jerusalem. As you head east, the landscape transforms, and the ancient stories of this region come to life.


Your journey takes you through the Judean Desert, a stark yet captivating terrain. Along the way, stop at the sea-level sign, a remarkable point below sea level. Capture the moment with a fun photo opportunity and perhaps a short camel ride.


Next, continue to the legendary Masada National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Ascend the ancient fortress by cable car or hike the Snake Path if you're feeling adventurous. Explore the remarkably preserved ruins, which tell the story of King Herod's lavish palace and the Jewish Zealots' heroic stand against Roman forces.


As you approach the Dead Sea, the world's lowest point on land, you'll be struck by its surreal beauty. Spend your afternoon floating effortlessly in the buoyant, mineral-rich waters, an experience unlike any other. Don't forget to apply the therapeutic mud, known for its healing properties.


Enjoy a delicious lunch at one of the Dead Sea resorts, where you can enjoy local and international cuisine while taking in panoramic views of this unique landscape.



Overnight: Jerusalem



Day 10 – Tracing Goliath and Samson in the Shephela


Our 11-day Jewish Heritage tour in Israel takes us to the Shephela Valley, a lovely rural landscape with pastoral low hills.


As we ascend Tel Azekah, you can think about the accuracy of the past of the location where David and Goliath fought.


The next step is a trip to biblical Lachish where you may discover how it was destroyed by the Assyrians in 701 BCE, a crucial period in ancient history.


Explore the historical events that occurred along the 1948 "Burma Road," learning about the struggles and fights that were fought during the War of Independence, particularly when it came to feeding Jerusalem with essential supplies.


If there is time, you can take a tour of "Machon Ayalon," the 1948 Secret Bullet Factory.



Overnight: Tel-Aviv


Day 11 – Modern History and Fun in Tel-Aviv


The state of Israel was proclaimed in the Independence Hall, located on Rothschild Boulevard, On our final day of the 11-day Jewish Heritage Tour in Israel we will finally see it. Explore the background of this crucial time in history and learn the modern era changes.


Explore Rothschild Boulevard further to learn more about Tel Aviv's history and development into Israel's economic capital.


Visit Jaffa Old City and acquaint yourself with its fascinating past. Enjoy its distinctive art galleries while strolling through picturesque streets.


Enjoy exploring the Flea market and you might find some unusual vintage items.


Stroll Neve Zedek shop for some goods and enjoy the best ice cream in Israel.


Lunch will be unique, we will take a culinary tour of the Carmel Market and enjoy the best foods in Israel.


Our next stop is the historical site of the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin, the Israeli prime minister, who was murdered there in 1995 by people opposed to the ongoing peace negotiations with the Palestinians.


Alternatively, we can visit the Museum of the Jewish people or the Palmach Museum.



Departure: Tel-Aviv


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