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Levinsky Market Ultimate Tasting Private Tour


Experience The Levinsky Market Ultimate Tasting Private Tour


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If you want to participate in a unique tasting tour in Tel Aviv, there is no doubt that Levinsky Market is the ideal place for such a culinary experience. A real pleasure for culinary lovers and not only. Join me, the expert for Tel Aviv Culinary, and the history of the city. The tasting tour of Levinsky Market is integrated into the history of the region. Special, exciting, educating, fun, and presented in a light of a variety of languages.

Levinsky Market in Tel Aviv is one of the most colorful, special, and fun places to visit. The Levinsky market is a place of smells, full of spices Humus, and other foods of the peoples and denominations of Israel.


Discover The Levinsky Market Flavors

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The market is located along Levinsky Street, between Aliya Street and Herzl Street, Jaffa Tel Aviv Wolfson Road. The market includes shops with a diverse culinary variety: crackers and dried fruits, bakeries, delicatessens and restaurants. In addition, there are special shops and places that can only be found in Levinsky Market. The magic of The Levinsky market and many other stories and legends have turned the place into the culinary gem of Tel Aviv with passionate fans that include residents, tourists, and even local chefs.

Levinsky Market is located at the heart of two unique neighborhoods from the old days of Little Tel Aviv. The first is the "Commercial Center" neighborhood, which was founded by Menachem Gilutz, one of the founders of Ahuzat Bait and Tel Aviv, who decided to help all the Jewish business owners who were affected by the events of May 1921 (the Brenner murder) and whose businesses were closed. Gilutz managed to convince his colleague, the legendary mayor Meir Dizengoff, with the help of the British Mandate authorities, to bring about the expansion of Tel Aviv south towards the border of the Abu Kabir neighborhood and to establish on this area the "new commercial center" of those days. Gilutz purchased the orchard of Hajj Muhammad Sheikh.

The area is divided into small plots. The director of the Anglo-Egyptian Bank of those days, Shimon Mizrahi, the same Shimon Mizrahi from Maccabi Tel Aviv, gave generous loans to buyers, and dozens of shops and businesses were established in the area. A few years later, a group of Jewish merchants settled in North Jaffa, on the border of Tel Aviv, and came from Thessaloniki led by the head of the community, David Florentin. His son Solomon Florentin, a contractor and man of action, led to the expansion of the neighborhood over the years towards a commercial center.

Some of the immigrants who were hard laborers opened shops where they sold the spices and special foods they brought from the Balkans and created the market area known today. With the establishment of the state, new immigrants from Iran settled in the market area, adding to the market the tastes and smells of Persian cuisine. Later, the market turned from a wholesale center of nuts and spices into a lively market that combines fine shops, restaurants, and a variety of tastes and cultures. A real "Kibbutz Galuyot" in the heart of the city.

Levinsky Street, where most of the stalls of this one-of-a-kind market are concentrated, is named after the Jewish-Russian Zionist writer Elhanan Liv Levinsky. This is the main street of the Neve Shanan neighborhood, which was also established in the 1920s and continued in the Commercial Center complex and the Florentine neighborhood. The street begins on Eilat Street (part of the historic Jaffa-Nablus Road) and ends at the end of Hagana Road near the Tel Aviv Hagana train station. The Neve Shaanan neighborhood was designed by the architect Yosef Tishler. The urban layout he created for the neighborhood, based on some innovative ideas for the time that were influenced by the outline plans of Richard Kaufman, was like a lamp with nine roads and Levinsky Street in the center, draining all the other streets to it. The street was designed as a commercial street and formed the commercial and physical center of the Hapoalim neighborhood.

Tour Levinsky Market With an Expert


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The tour of tastes and smells in the Levinsky Market brings beyond the historical story of the place, butterflies and stories of the way, also a series of special tastings from the abundance of dogans and restaurants located on Levinsky Street and the small streets around it such as Matlon Street, Zebulon, Halutzim, Mashbir, Nachalat Binyamin and more. The tasting tour lasts about two hours (there is an option to extend) and includes, among other things, Turkish Burekas and stuffed vine leaves that are out of this world, plenty of pickles, olives, and cheese, tastefully served by one of the first agents in the market.

Various sweets, such as the market's famous marzipan. We will also taste Levinsky's unique pastries spiced with leaves and herbs. We will taste meat and other surprises of the market!

We can do the tour in the afternoon or early evening, of course, we will not give up a beer tasting at "Matti the Curser", and be entitled to a juicy curse... Everything is according to your desire and interest.

The tasting tours in Levinsky Market are for individuals and small groups only, in Hebrew and English.


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