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The Christian Galilee tour to the Galilee area is A must for every Christian person and one of the pearls is Nazareth which includes holy places connected with the earthly life of Jesus, held in Galilee and Nazareth.

Every Christian, regardless of denomination, visiting Israel for tourism purposes, should include in his CHRISTIAN GALILEE TOUR IN ISRAEL three main areas:


  • North - Galilee, Jordan River, and Nazareth.
  • Center - the birthplace of the Savior in Bethlehem.
  • Center - Christian shrines of Jerusalem.


christian galille tour in israel capernaum


As a tour guide in Israel to Galilee, I invite you to visit my CHRISTIAN GALILEE TOUR IN ISRAEL and discover this beautiful region of Israel, which is deservedly called the Middle East Tuscany.

We will visit during this amazing PRIVATE GUIDED TOUR IN ISRAEL TO GALILEE all the holy sites for every Orthodox, Catholic, or Protestant and we will significantly expand our knowledge about the life of Jesus, which is often limited to the Sermon on the Mount, the Baptism of the Lord, and the miracles of turning water into wine.

Certainly, one of the first locations of our CHRISTIAN GALILEE TOUR IN ISRAEL will be Nazareth, the city in which most of Christ's earthly life passed. Here the Virgin Mary received near the well the News about her pregnancy. We will be able to visit the Grotto of the Annunciation, on which the eponymous monumental temple was later erected. This Catholic Church of the Annunciation will amaze you with its beauty and size since the basilica is considered the biggest in the Middle East. 

Another holy place for Christians around the world in the Christian Galilee route is the Jordan River, in the waters of which you can feel the power of the Holy Spirit that descended on the Savior on the day of the Epiphany. One of the most memorable moments during the CHRISTIAN GALILEE TOUR IN ISRAEL is the baptism ceremony, You must go through it to leave all the negative behind and you will immediately feel the "fresh start".


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The shore of the Sea of Galilee has become a very popular holiday destination among Israelis thanks to the picturesque landscapes, gentle freshwaters, and an incredible atmosphere of harmony with nature.

Planning your private guided tours in Israel, the Christian Galilee tour with me driving you in my luxury car, providing you the peace of mind, comfort, and all the knowledge you need to be able to set aside, relax, and enjoy this magical experience and journey along the coast of the Kinneret or in other words the holy sea of Galilee.

We will visit the Orthodox Church of Archangel Gabriel, which impresses with its elegant but at the same time strict architecture, we will visit the source of the Mother of God and we will visit Mount Precipice believed by many to be the site of the rejection of Jesus described in the Gospels.
Another important place during our Christian Galilee tour is Mountain Favor, where the great miracle of the Transfiguration of the Lord took place, This is absolutely a magnificent place and the view all over Galilee is a place to visit.

My Christian Galilee tour in Israel is filled with only fascinating information and communication with tourists, with me, you can slowly enjoy the holiness of the land of Galilee and touch the stones of the rock on which the Savior uttered a sermon preaching.
Each part of the sermon began with the word "Blessed", which served as the name of this mountain, on top of which is located a Catholic church with a wonderful garden and a picturesque view of Lake Tiberias.

We will visit the Orthodox Capernaum church- the monastery of the Holy Apostles where Jesus selected his disciples, Next to this amazing church we will stop in Tabgha which is traditionally accepted as the place of the miracle of the multiplication of the loaves and the fishes and the fourth resurrection appearance of the after his Crucifixion. 


On our way back to the center, we will pass the Transfiguration church on Mount Tabor, and our last location during our private guided tour in Israel to Galilee will be the Armageddon Valley, where the final battle of Good and Evil will take place one day, hopefully not in our lifetime,
I am your tour guide in Israel and I will help you to feel all the splendor of this land not only spiritually, but also literally to the taste. We will be able to taste the legendary fish of the apostle Peter, the famous St. Peter's fish- tilapia on the grill, as well as to taste authentic wines in a quiet and not touristic place.


Tips and recommendations:


Wine tasting is a good option to include during the Christian Galilee tour since we have in Israel so many big wineries but also small boutique wineries that provide a great experience and an opportunity to understand the Israeli taste.
Usually, the wineries provide a pleasant experience including a local tour and also a place in the spectacular Green Garden with a platter of fresh cheese, vegetables, and of course great wine.
In the past 10 years, Israel became one of the top 10 countries manufacturing and combining food and the high-tech industry, The result is a great product that you can taste and also take with you.
christian galille tour in israel sea of galilee
If you are a very active person perhaps you can use this Christian Galilee tour as an opportunity for some outdoor activity, My recommendation is to do some wakeboarding on the sea of Galilee, There is a professional school in a kibbutz right on the coast renting boats plus all the equipment needed with a guide.
I recommend starting the day as early as possible since the mileage is quite high and it’s usually a very long day,
I usually start the day around 7 AM or 8 AM After a good breakfast and a good night's sleep.
The north region is usually colder than the central part of the country, during the winter I recommend taking warm clothes and a good coat, in the summer days I recommend dressing up as light as possible, remember during this day we will visit holy sites so we have to dress modestly. Please wear long pants and try to wear closed shoes.

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I'm not a fan of crowded and touristic places, therefore, I know all the secret, tasty and quiet places to eat and to drink.




Israel is a super fascinating place to visit, The variety of different sites is huge, and my tours in Israel for Christians will supply the best point of view about the most important holy sites in the world concentrated in one amazing day, by using my services with a private luxury car you will enjoy my full attention in this green region and you will never forget this amazing day.

 I hope you enjoyed reading this itinerary you can use it if you wish, or book a private guided tour to Galilee with me, for more tours please press here.

what a great day!



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