Neve Zedek


neve zedek

Neve Zedek is the first neighbourhood of Tel Aviv build outside the walls of Jaffa in the 19th century, the neighbourhood became one the trendiest and fashionable places in the past 15 years, many businessmen and rich people invested here to rise the location to its glory.
Neve Zedek or Neve Tsedek located just a few steps from the sea combining unique European eclectic architecture ith boutiques and small restaurants, definitely a place worth visiting.

History of Neve Tzedek


Neve Tzedek was established in spring of 1887, almost 20 years before the first Hebrew city Tel Aviv since the ottoman -Jewish relationship were not got and often intimidating the Jews were forced to leave the old city of Jaffa and to create a place of their own.

A new organization was established to purchase lands called "Ahuzat Bait" and the head of the organization Aharon Shlush made the first steps by purchasing lands from the ottomans followed by the first pioneers and their families, the whole idea was to be disconnected from the past by creating a liberal and modern residential city and basically living the simple life!
Since the beginning, Neve Zedek attracted many artists, poets and painters such as Dvora Bar-On, Nahum Gutman, Bialik and Jabotinsky and becoming the new home of the Israeli elite.


As the city began developing many residents left to the central and the north part of Tel Aviv and neve Zedek was left behind, building began to fall apart and only the poor and the old continued living there.over the years the municipality of Tel Aviv considered to demolish the neglected area and rise skyscrapers but luckily it never happened!

Many buildings entered the prestigious list of "preservation" in the early 1980'and many Israelis and jews from all over the world began investing a lot to rise the history and their capital, today this is the most expensive neighbourhood in Tel Aviv!

 Explore the neighbourhood

Today this is the perfect place to wander around and get some inspiration, learn about the Jewish desire to create and admire the beautiful architecture of this peaceful neighbourhood.

Enjoy the main street Shabazi with fantastic boutiques of Israeli designers, good coffee shops and restaurants and don't forget to visit the famous Suzan Dallal centre, the first cultural centre of modern tel Aviv.