The Flea market in Jaffa

Jaffa Flea Market

The Flea market in Jaffa is one of the most unique markets in Israel, began as a small market outside the walls of Jaffa to sell clothes, food and exchange money for pilgrims coming to Palestine during the 19th century, and today this colorful market offering a unique chance for authentic Israeli shopping such as rags, old lamps, second-hand clothes, and Israeli souvenirs.

Don't forget to bargain over the price, this is a part of the middle eastern culture.

The market also has a good selection of local restaurants and bakeries, this is the right place to taste a local Hummus dish, a fresh bagel while observing the Israeli vibe and spirit.

If you looking for some entertainment, the nights in Jaffa Flea market providing live music with fantastic bars and restaurants.

The market is located just a few steps from the clock tower and the old city of Jaffa.