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For the first time: you can see with your own eyes how the Jordan river flows into the Dead sea

I would like to present a unique moment during my guided tours in Israel, For the first time: you can see with your own eyes how the Jordan river flows into the Dead sea
A unique tourist route that passes through the territory of the closed military zone will open for one day

For the first time in more than 50 years after the area became a closed military zone, Israeli tourists will be able to visit the area of the mouth of the Jordan river - where it meets the Dead sea. The unique route, which will be opened at the same time, at least at this stage, stretches for 8 km, and nature lovers will be able to visit it as part of an event held by the regional Council Megillot - in the footsteps of the Dead sea pioneers.


The route will start at the mass grave in kibbutz Beit ha-Arava, pass over the Abdallah bridge, and continue south along the Jordan River to the spectacular point where the river flows into the Dead sea. After that, the route will continue for a little longer to the final point where the potash plant was once located. At normal times, the entire area, as already mentioned, is closed to the public but during my private guided tours in Israel, it will be finally reachable!


In addition, as in the previous year, the same event will open another route - to the So-called land of monasteries-which also starts from Beit ha-Arava and ends in Qasr al-Yahud - the official place of baptism, located in the Jordan valley. The route is 5 km long and the area is also closed to the public during normal times. However, tourists will not be allowed to visit the ruins of abandoned monasteries along the route.

This area was declared a closed military zone about 50 years ago due to numerous terrorist attacks that occurred in these places. Because of this, the entire territory was informally called the land of chases - because of dozens of persecutions of terrorists who entered Israeli territory from Jordan. The territory was closed to visitors by the then chief of the Central military district, Rehavaam ze'evi, and the commander of the Jordan Valley region, Raphael Eitan (Raful). The purpose of closing the territory was to protect these important places for Judaism. Qasr-El-Yahud is also important for Christians, because it is here, according to legend, that John the Baptist performed the rite of the baptism of Jesus.


Until 1967, this territory was under the control of Jordan, and in 1968 it was declared a closed military zone. Today only a small part of it is open to visitors by booking guided tours in Israel with a tour guide: the place of baptism, the monastery of Gerasim of Jordan, and the monument located near the mass grave in Beit ha-Arava. The site of the baptism of Iiusus is visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists every year since it was opened to the public in 2011.


About a year and a half ago, the Ministry of Defense announced that the land of the monasteries would open to visitors after many years of restoration work and the elimination of minefields. This area is home to several monasteries that were built in different eras and that served the monks who live near the Holy place for the Christian world on the Jordan River. The territory Of the land of the monasteries is about 1000 dunams, on which about 3000 mines were scattered.


The event "In the footsteps of the Dead sea pioneers" will be held on March 20, starting at 7 am till august 15. In addition to the unique routes mentioned above, a 2-kilometer route for families will be opened-the Cave Trail. The number of tourists who can walk Through the land of the monasteries and look at the mouth of the Jordan river is limited and requires a pre-payment of 50 shekels per person (45 shekels-for those who signed up before March 16, 30 shekels-for residents of the Megillot Regional Council). The price includes round-trip transportation from the starting and ending points of the route to the Parking lot.


Visiting the cave Trail is free with a private tour guide in Israel, but you also need to make an appointment in advance. For more information and registration, please call: 02-9945020 or visit the Regional Council's website.


join me by booking one of my guided tours in Israel in the Judean desert to visit this amazing place.


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