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Top 10 Bar Mitzvah activities in Israel

Planning a Bar Mitzvah in Israel can be a very challenging event, since you have to arrange your transportation, activities, your ceremony, meals, and many other things, except for the basics I arranged for you a great list of different Bar Mitzvah activities in Israel that you should do.
1. Bar Mitzvah ceremony 
Top 10 Bar Mitzvah activities in Israel 
The number one and the most important is the Bar Mitzvah ceremony in Israel, many people prefer doing the ceremony near the western wall since this is the last part remaining from the great second Jewish temple and the closest place on earth to God, the ceremony has to be prepared in advance and booked according to your needs,
A few options are doing the ceremony, the traditional way, and the orthodox way by separating men and women and going through the classic procedure, Or the modern and reform option of doing the ceremony in the Davidson center along the western wall where everybody can be together, the ceremony will be guided by an authorized Rabbi. 
2. ATV driving 
Top 10 Bar Mitzvah activities in Israel 
One of the most exciting  Bar Mitzvah activities in Israel is renting off-road vehicles and going wild in the Israeli nature, This is an experience for the whole family driving together, adrenaline and rush will be with you, There are many unbelievably interesting roads combining nature and also learning about biblical sites along the road.
We have so many options around Jerusalem or the northern region of the country called Galilee.
The vehicles are new and equipped with all the safety technologies, Providing you with a full and safe experience with a tour guide.
3. Tour the Old City of Jerusalem and the tunnels
 Top 10 Bar Mitzvah activities in Israel
While visiting Israel The most important city will be Jerusalem, exploring the old and famous sites such as the church of the holy sepulcher, the streets of the Old City, and the famous market is a worthy place to see, The tour is not only about the typical touristic sites but also exciting locations such as the city of David located in the underground level of the city with amazing secret spots and tunnels and great water activities for kids, take a flashlight and walk in the wet Hezkiyahu tunnel! This is a truly exciting adventure!
4. Masada National Park
Deep in the Judean desert, there is an ancient fortress constructed by the great builder of the holy land, King Herods. This amazing location hidden in the desert will provide you a chance during this Bar Mitzvah activity in Israel to learn about the great Jewish revolt against the Romans during the first century A.D. and why a site like this was built in the desert, combining this visit with a swim in the Dead Sea will create a perfect day.
5. The north region, Galilee
"Switzerland of the north" is completely different from the central part of the southern part of the country, the combination between the green beautiful nature and the history is truly an amazing experience, visiting ancient Jewish synagogues from the Byzantine period Around the sea of Galilee or the secret synagogues of Safed Will bring you closer to the Jewish roots and the Jewish history, I usually recommend to visit also the Christian sites since Christianity developed from Judaism, this day will be very educational and will bring you the full picture about Israel
6. Wineries and Cheese
Top 10 Bar Mitzvah activities in Israel
In the past 10 years, Israel became one of the most popular and good wine producers, since we have very progressive technology and very Fertile soil The result is just amazing, the product is nearly one of the best in the world! Visiting the wineries of Israel with a local tour inside will open another dimension combining the Israeli wine with our local cheese will paint a full picture.
We have so many wineries across the country so this experience will benefit you and your family during your trip to Israel.
7. Horses and Flying
Along the coast we have so many villages providing a chance to ride Israeli horses, Taking a  private guided tour in Israel with these amazing animals along the coast and combining them with a great picnic will bring you a great family occasion, The weather on the coast is usually very cozy all year long so there is no reason skipping this event.
For more extreme people we have a location in the central part of the country providing you a chance to fly in a closed box and experience most safely a jump from a plane! I recommend using this opportunity for all family members.
8. Shooting range and military school
Israel is known as one of the strongest military countries in the world, we produce so many interesting local weapons and this is your chance to experience our technologies!
The first option is visiting caliber 3, this is a training school for officers and also provides so many different activities for the whole family to learn and experience how the Israeli army is protecting civilians and using different weapons combining them with special tactics such as Krav Maga.
The second option is visiting a shooting range, This activity will be shorter but will also provide you a chance during a private guided tour in Israel to use different Israeli weapons with an instructor.
9. Museums
The history of Israel is very rich, visiting Israeli museums will probably benefit you and your family and provide you a chance to learn about the history of the Jewish people, art, and technology.
The well-known museum in Jerusalem is probably the first one to visit, the Israeli museum is the National Museum of our country in which we will be able to see the famous scrolls of the Dead Sea and a huge model of Jerusalem from the times of the second temple.
Consider visiting during your private guided tour in Israel the art museum in Tel Aviv, the military museum in Latrun, the Israel vehicles museum, and probably the Nature Museum at the University of Tel Aviv.
10. Planting trees
Top 10 Bar Mitzvah activities in Israel
11. Jordan River Rafting
Enjoy a thrilling experience with the kids, and flow down the waters of the Jordan River!
By building a house, raising kids, and planting a tree according to this Israeli tradition you make your life complete, the most symbolic Bar Mitzvah activity in Israel for you will be planting a tree In one of the forests, This symbolic moment will connect you to the biblical land and you’ll be a part of Israel.
At the end of the ceremony, you will receive a diploma and you will be able to track the growth Of your tree!
Our country is very small but full of surprises, make your trip to Israel great, plan wisely your Bar Mitzvah activities in Israel for your bar mitzvah tour in the right way, and make the most out of it.



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