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Amazing facts About the Dead Sea

A trip to Israel is not a trip without a visit to the Dead Sea, a genuine marvel of nature! Before you go, there are a few facts about the Dead Sea that you should learn about this unbelievable and fascinating spot.


Interesting Facts About The Dead Sea






1. The Dead Sea is located at 1400 feet underneath the ocean level, making it the absolute bottom on earth, some may say it's not true but it is a fact!


2. The high salt concentration provides the option to float and relax, there is no need to learn how to swim in case you want to visit the Dead Sea, just take your favorite book or a newspaper, I don't recommend taking an electronic device... and float, just float!


3. Since the concentration of salt is so high, there is not a single creature in the waters of this amazing place, and that is the reason it is known as the "Dead" Sea.


4. even though it's known as an ocean, the Dead Sea is a big salty lake.


5. The concentration of salt is much higher than in the Mediterranean Sea (4%) or the Sea of Galilee (1%), the actual number is 40%!!! Tasting the water probably won't be a good idea, so try to keep your mouth, nose, and eyes away!


6. The Dead Sea gets its waters from a few sources, the first and major one from the north is the great Jordan River, the second one from the east during fluids is the Arugot or David River and the last source is rain waters, a rare situation in the desert but still possible.


7. One of the saddest facts about the Dead Sea is the water level, since the beginning of the 20th century, we have evidence of how the Dead Sea has vanished, a well-known British organization called the PEF(Palestine Exploration Fund) measured the level and the size of the lake and it was almost 1100 km2 and the shore was close to Jericho, today the size is nearly a half and the north shore in near the Lido junction.
Scientists say that the Dead Sea can disappear till 2030 if we don't make any drastic changes.


Dead Sea Medical Treatments Advantages


8. The water is full of many minerals and vitamins, today this place is recognized around the world as the biggest natural spa area for the treatment of your skin(psoriasis) and breathing problems such as Asthma.


9. The salt from the Dead Sea is exceptionally bitter and saltier than regular salt, so eating it won't be a good idea, however, it has a great assortment of skincare benefits. The salt and minerals from the ocean can treat skin breakouts, hives, psoriasis, cellulite, and numerous other skin illnesses.


10. How many times did you buy an expensive cream for your body? The Dead Sea offers the best and most free natural mud that you can extract from the bottom of the lake with your hands and apply on your hands, legs, back, and even your face to create a thick layer of organic and natural cream layer! For a stunning result, spread the mud all over your body and wash it in the ocean a few times. You'll feel the difference, there is no better product than the original trust me!


11. The air around the Dead Sea is another great benefit! It is full of bromine, and low in dust, and allergens, making it the ideal area for those with asthma and not a stable nerve system, you will be surprised but the air can replace any psychological treatment.


Historical facts about the Dead Sea


12. During ancient times the Greeks and the Romans used to extract mud and other minerals from the Dead Sea to fix their ships, today you can even find on the shore an ancient Roman naval base.


13. Along the shore there is a beautiful national park, where you can find a wide variety of biblical plants such as the persimmon.


14. The first world luxury spa of the great king Herods was established along the shore during the 1st century BC.


15. The Dead Sea was one of Cleopatra's preferred spots, she may be the first woman in the world to create the beauty industry!


16. The Dead Sea is probably one of the oldest lakes in the world, estimated age-4000 years old!!!


Can you float in the Dead Sea?


Yes, it's very easy to float in the Dead Sea due to its extremely high salt concentration, which makes the water denser than your body. The salt concentration in the Dead Sea is about 10 times higher than in the average ocean, which makes the water very buoyant. When you enter the water, you will naturally float on the surface without having to exert any effort. It's nearly impossible to sink in the Dead Sea due to the buoyancy of the water. However, it's important to note that while the buoyancy can be fun and relaxing, the high salt concentration can also be quite harsh on your skin and eyes, so it's important to take precautions and not stay in the water for too long.


About the Area of the Dead Sea


17. The Dead Sea is a part of the Great Rift Valley, connecting 19 countries such as Israel, Syria, and Egypt.


18. The agriculture is also amazing, you probably picture a desert with sands and stones around but this amazing place together with progressive Israeli technologies created a magical oasis growing the biggest number of date trees and the dates...mmm just delicious!!!! 


19. The climate is warm all year long, and the region barely gets any rain.


20. The Dead Sea is located on a very low level and the region is very hazy, this is a great thing since the haze and the low location provide a natural UV block from the sun!!


After reading my amazing facts about the Dead Sea you have the opportunity to visit it, I offer a few options on how to visit the Dead Sea region by a private tour, please check out the Dead Sea and Masada tour!




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