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Camping Around The Sea of Galilee

 The Sea of Galilee offers great camping locations for tourists and locals, all you need to do is select the right option from the list below! 



As an ardent lover of outdoor adventures, camping around the Sea of Galilee is a dream come true. The Sea of Galilee, or Kinneret, offers a unique camping experience, surrounded by beaches that bear its name. It's an opportunity to immerse oneself in nature while still enjoying the conveniences of well-equipped campgrounds.

Israelis, known for their affinity for camping, create a vibrant atmosphere. During school holidays, the campgrounds come alive with individual sound systems and communal BBQ gatherings. It's a time of festivity, and as is the Israeli way, everyone is welcome to join in the festivities. Camping around the Sea of Galilee is more than an adventure; it's a chance to connect with the warm-hearted locals.

Choosing a location isn't a challenge, given the Sea of Galilee's compact 49 km rim. The primary consideration might be proximity to Tiberias. Beyond that, the style of the campground and available facilities become pivotal in decision-making.




1. Jordan Park Campground

2. Amnon Beach

3. Bereniki Beach

4. Dugit Beach

5. Gofra Beach

6. Green Beach

7. Haon Beach

8.Jordan-Kinneret Beach

9. Sussita Beach 

10. Lavnun Beach

11. Tzubari Beach


Gofra Beach


A campground with space for up to 420 tents is located on the eastern shore of Lake Kinneret, 1.5 km north of Ein Gev. It offers amenities like restrooms, showers, a mini-market, a cafeteria, camping gear, small refrigerators for rent, playgrounds, and boat moorings. There are several amenities and lodging choices. 

The location is only open in the spring and summer; you may only utilize the hotel in the winter. There is a lovely 1,700-meter-long beach, lifeguard service, BBQ stalls, and a little woodland, as well as a national park. Additionally, there is daily beach cleaning. There are no automobiles allowed on the beach, thus access is exclusively by foot. This campground welcomes caravans, or you may hire one for 480ILS for 24 hours. Even a tent with 2 to 6 mattresses, chairs, and tables is available for hire.

Green Beach

One of the most stunning beaches in the region, it is Blue Flag certified. On the northwest shore of the Sea of Galilee, 4 km north of Nof Ginossar is where you'll find this beach-park camping. It's a clean beach with grass that reaches the shore and trees that provide shade. Parking, bathrooms, showers, camping tables, lighting, and a convenience shop are all present.

The park is open all year round. It is not permitted to use jet skis, sound systems, generators, or animals. Tents, beds, tables, and chairs may all be rented. You will pay 350ILS for a single tent, a table, and four seats for the night. You may hire a caravan at this campsite (800ILS-2000ILS) or bring your own. For 150ILS per person, the campsite provides a variety of packages, including a tent, mattress, chair, and table.

Haon Beach

Campers and visitors share the beach at the campground, which is south of Kibbutz Haon and close to the Daria Holiday Village. The beach is 1.5 kilometers long, and lifeguards are on duty from 9:00 to 17:00. There are BBQ vendors, bathrooms, showers, tables, seats, and umbrellas, as well as a refrigerator rental service and electricity outlets. While there is established wheelchair access to the campground, there is none to the water. The beach is open in the summer and in the spring; winter is off-limits. On this beach, loud music and gatherings are not permitted. The "Zemah" crossroads, where you may shop for goods in the supermarket, is nearby.

Jordan-Kinneret Beach

This beach is ideal for families and is 1 kilometer long. Because of this, it is a quieter beach than others and loudspeaker amplifiers are not allowed. Music playing without an amplifier is permitted from 8 am to 11 night. It is a wild beach since there is no lifeguard assistance. The campsite has showers with hot water available all the time, bathrooms, picnic tables, a mini-market, refrigerator rentals, illumination, and a place to charge phones. Wheelchair access is not feasible at the campground. Due to security guards and the fact that there is only one exit option from the beach—the front gate—families will love this beach. 

Lavnun Beach

There are several places to set up a tent on Lavnun Beach, which is a series of three beaches along with Halukim and Kursi Promenade. Water sports are available on the website (kayaks, water skiing, paddle boats, etc.). You may discover cold water showers, a restaurant, ball courts, a place to wash your dishes, drinking water, a place to recharge your phone, and an energetic, youthful environment.

Expect a lot of noise at this beach, especially during Israeli holidays, as it is a favorite with the younger Israeli visitors. Expect an all-night party because Israeli teenagers like to camp here and bring their karaoke equipment. There are lifeguards on duty, but there isn't much wheelchair access. For parking and camping, the cost is roughly 100ILS for 24 hours. for families, couples, and peace seekers this is the worst option among the beaches of Galilee.

Bottom line, Loud and noisy beach!

Sussita Beach

This beach, which the Ein Gev Kibbutz controls, is located just north of Ein Gev and is about 1 kilometer long. It lies on the Sea of Galilee's eastern shore. It is named after a vehicle formerly made in Israel (" Sussita") and holds nostalgic value for many Israelis. Swimming is prohibited at this unauthorized beach because no lifeguards are on duty. but you can do it under your responsibility.


From April to the end of October, the campground is open. You can set up your tent on the beach as well, however, groups sleeping on the grassy area close to the shore should make prior arrangements. Tables, bathrooms, shelter, electricity, showers, and a canteen are available. Since it's a "wild" beach you need to set up everything by yourself.


 There are 11 steps from the parking lot to the beach, making it inaccessible to wheelchairs. Camping is free in this area. 

Tzinbari Beach

One of the most well-known beaches and campgrounds in the Kinneret, it serves as a location for numerous summer festivities. There are lifeguards on duty in a small concentrated area from 9 am to 5 pm along the 1.5-kilometer-long beach. Water slides, a baby pool, electrical outlets, illumination, a spot to set up a tent, indoor accommodations, beach shades, shade, seating, locker rooms, cold water showers, and a place to charge mobile devices may all be found here. 

Restrooms, water-related activities, lighting, a dining option, a ton of parking spaces, and wheelchair accessibility are all provided. However, access to wheelchairs is difficult due to rocks and stones, and getting to the water necessitates descending a few stairs. There are signs indicating that enhanced audio systems are not permitted in the southern portion of the region.

Jordan Park Campground

Nestled within the expansive Jordan Park, this site offers a wealth of natural wonders. Streams from the Jordan River meander through the park, inviting swimmers. The facilities are comprehensive, from electricity outlets to a small amusement park. For those seeking adventure, Abu Kayak offers an unforgettable experience on the Jordan River.

Amnon Beach

This campground, which is close to Kfar Nahum in the northwest end of the Kinneret, is favored by Christians who recognize the area as Capernaum, the hometown of Jesus. This location allows for the use of tents and caravans and has parking, picnic tables, chairs, covered spaces, showers, and bathrooms.

Water sports and kid-friendly activities are available during the summer (the final attraction will close in late October). The beach café offers a breakfast buffet, and if you follow Shabbat, you can order food in advance for the Sabbath. The café also offers chair and mattress rentals. There isn't a lifeguard on duty at the beach. Camping costs 149ILS for a single vehicle for 24 hours.

Bereniki Beach 

This calm beach, which stretches for more than 2.7 kilometers to the west of the Sea of Galilee, is well-liked by Israeli families and young people and is located close to Tiberias. The campground allows music to be played by campers and includes shade trees, night lighting, showers (cold water only), bathrooms, a café, tables, umbrellas, and chairs (all free of charge). 

Swimming is only permitted in a small area that is patrolled by a lifeguard from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. You swim at your own risk on the unauthorized portion of the beach at any hour but without any supervision. The beach is accessible not only for handicapped but also for their vehicles, so they may get to the water easily. Similar to many camp beaches, parking fees are charged here rather than camping fees. 80 NIS for one day. if you are a family with kids this is a very good option and you can drive anytime to Tiberius to buy additional supplies.

Dugit Beach

This campground is situated on the Sea of Galilee's northeastern shore, not far away from the Setai Hotel, and is bordered by one of the region's most attractive beaches and scenic woodland. There are kayaking, sailing, and other water activities available here. Tents, a small store, a café, and a restaurant can all fit. There are bathrooms, showers with cold water, illumination, and lifeguard coverage.

It is banned to play loud music or even carry loudspeakers into the area. Similar to most Sea of Galilee campsites, parking costs 90ILS for 24 hours before you may set up the tent. The payment is hourly in case you enter for less than a full day. Wheelchair users may enter the campground, and tables and chairs are available for hire, table will cost 30 NIS, and chairs 25 NIS.





1. Can you swim around the sea of Galilee? 

 Absolutely! Swimming in the Sea of Galilee, or the Kinneret is not only possible but also incredibly enjoyable. The Kinneret is a freshwater lake located in the northern part of Israel. Its crystal-clear waters and pleasant temperatures make it a popular spot for locals and tourists alike to take a refreshing dip.
The fun begins as you wade into the gentle waves. The water is remarkably clear, allowing you to see the lakebed beneath you. This creates a surreal and beautiful experience, especially on a sunny day when the sunlight dances on the water's surface.
As you swim further from the shore, you'll feel the soothing embrace of the water around you. It's both invigorating and calming, a perfect balance for a relaxing swim. The Sea of Galilee's calm waters make it an ideal spot for leisurely strokes or playful splashing around.

One of the unique aspects of swimming in the Sea of Galilee is the surrounding scenery. You'll be enveloped by lush green hills and picturesque landscapes. It's a serene backdrop that adds to the overall experience, making you feel truly connected to nature.

Additionally, the Kinneret's waters have a buoyant quality, making it easy to float effortlessly. This buoyancy adds a touch of magic to your swim, as you can lie back and let the water support you.

If you're in the mood for some adventure, consider trying water sports like kayaking or windsurfing, which are popular activities in the area. They add an extra layer of excitement to your aquatic experience.

2. What is the difference between the Sea of Tiberias and the Sea of Galilee?

The term "Sea of Tiberias" is another name for the Sea of Galilee or Ginosar Lake, which is the largest freshwater lake in Israel.

Emperor Tiberius, a Roman ruler, gave his name to the Sea of Galilee during the 1 century B.C., which is why it's also known as the "Sea of Tiberias." This title was bestowed in honor of the emperor. Consequently, the Sea of Tiberias, the Lake of Gennesaret, Lake Kinneret, and the Sea of Galilee all refer to the same magnificent body of water in Israel.

3. Are there sharks in the Sea of Galilee today?

No, there are no sharks in the Sea of Galilee today. It's a freshwater lake, and sharks are marine creatures that inhabit saltwater environments.

 4. What else can you do around the Sea of Galilee except camping?

Around the Sea of Galilee, there are various activities to enjoy aside from camping: 

  1. Water Sports: Engage in activities like swimming, kayaking, windsurfing, and sailing.

  2. Historical Sites: Visit locations of historical and biblical significance, such as Capernaum, Magdala, and the Mount of Beatitudes.

  3. Hiking Trails: Explore the stunning landscapes on foot through various hiking trails around the lake.

  4. Religious Pilgrimage: For Christians, the area is significant due to its association with many events in the life of Jesus. You can follow the Jesus Trail or visit the Yardenit Baptismal Site.

  5. Cultural Exploration: Discover local culture through visits to nearby towns and villages like Tiberias and Safed.

  6. Hot Springs: Enjoy the natural hot springs in places like Hamat Gader.

  7. Boat Tours: Take a boat tour on the Sea of Galilee to experience its beauty from a different perspective.

  8. Birdwatching: The Hula Valley nearby is a renowned spot for birdwatching.

  9. Winery Visits: Explore the local wineries around the Sea of Galilee and sample some excellent Israeli wines.

  10. Cuisine: Savor traditional Galilean and Israeli cuisine in local restaurants.

  11. Museums: Learn about the history and culture of the region through various museums.

  12. Archaeological Sites: Discover ancient ruins and archaeological sites in the vicinity.

  13. Nature Reserves: Visit nearby nature reserves like Jordan Park and the Gamla Nature Reserve.







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