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Geopolitical Jeep Tour of the Golan Heights


Discover the Complex Geopolitics of the Golan Heights by Jeep


Geopolitical Jeep Tour of the Golan Heights


The Golan Heights is one of Israel's most strategically important regions, playing a pivotal role in conflicts and politics over Israel's history. This in-depth jeep tour explores the Golan's diverse history, security challenges, and geopolitical dynamics with an expert guide/driver.

Tour the Former Syrian Bunkers Along the Defence Lines

As we traverse the Golan in modified IDF vehicles, we’ll stop to explore the maze of Syrian bunkers and fortifications that once dotted the territory from the bloody battles of 1967 and 1973. Inside we’ll gain perspective on Syria’s position along this contentious northern border.


Take a close look over Syria and the Valley of Tears


At Mount Bental’s summit, the Syrian city Kunetra unfolds before your eyes just beyond the mine-ridden no man's land between both countries. Here we’ll discuss the controversial 1981 annexation of this plateau and what future Golan relations might hold. Also, we will talk about the famous tank battle of the Golan Heights in modern history.

Descend into the Strategic Jordan River Water Sources


We’ll head off-road down to the Banias River waterfall, one of the main Jordan River sources originating here. Learn why this water source was critical for early irrigation and Israel’s present-day water security as we walk along the Banias.

Sample Local Wineries Impacting Golan's Evolving Identity


A revitalized wine region now thrives in these once war-ravaged hillsides. At boutique wineries, we’ll taste their finest vintages while decoding how an expanding tourism economy shapes the Golan's complex geopolitical status.

By the end of this intensive customized jeep tour, the Golan Heights’ diverse history and importance within Israel's security landscape will come into sharp focus, offering perspective on the region’s pivotal significance.




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