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Night Safari Jeep Tours Of The Golan Heights

night safari jeep tours


The wild nightlife of the Golan Heights is just another excuse to get on the Night Safari Jeep tour and go on an adventure you won't forget. The night Jeep trip includes powerful and safe searchlights that will allow us to locate the wild animals in their natural environment: wild boars, deer, foxes, jackals, wolves, rabbits, porcupines, foxes, birds of prey, and much more. During the Night Safari Custom tour, we can stop and light a fire in the grounds, take photos, cook herbal tea, and tell stories by the light of the stars with spectacular views.

Try a Unique Night Safari Jeep Private Tour 


I will be happy to provide you with a one-of-a-kind night safari Jeep trip starting from Kibbutz Merom Golan, emphasizing and adjusting to your personal needs and dreams on the way to a relaxing experience full of fun and freedom. At night, we will go out into the wild open areas, with the best of our driver\guides who are well-versed in the terrain and history of the Golan. We will take you in jeeps equipped with spotlights full of light on a relaxing trip while admiring the spectacular scenery of the Golan. Together with you, we will go on an adventure in the heart of the Golan - we will observe the wide variety of wild animals in the area, we will tell stories in front of the campfire, we will absorb the smell of the area of the Golan Heights and relax in the moonlight. I believe in a personal approach to my customers, so I will be happy to hear the type of trip you want to make, and I will do my best to provide you with the most suitable and enjoyable night safari jeep tour according to your demands.

Dont hesitate! Selecting a night safari jeep tour as your vacation's main attraction in Golan Heights is a great decision. I'll be pleased to give you an enjoyable experience the best I can, focusing on lots of nature, breathtaking views, fun, and individual attention. I'll be pleased to help you select the ideal nighttime jeep excursion for today. It is advised that you wear warm clothing and take part in the safari excursions during the lovely winter months.

What makes my Jeep Safari Tours of the Golan Heights Unique?


I guarantee personal attention to my customers. Whether you are old or young, whether you want to focus on wild animals or the wild landscapes of the Golan, prefer a calm and relaxing trip along the Golan trails, or prefer fascinating stories in the light of the moon and the stars, I will always be happy to provide you with an enjoyable and special trip full of experiences and fun while adjusting the Night Safari Jeep Tour route in a way that will suit you perfectly.


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