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Who Are The Best Israeli Musicians and Bands in The World?




Israel is home to a large number of talented musicians whose work has influenced the music of the whole world. Introducing 12 great Israeli musicians and bands whose creations have left their mark both in Israel and beyond.



Ha-dorbanim - הדורבנים ("Porcupines" Hebrew) - Israeli disco, pop, funk, rock group. Quite a variety of styles, don't you think? However, if you listen to their music, you also find it difficult to name one style in which this group plays. Their arsenal also includes catchy Disco-style songs from the dance floors of the 80s, touching rock ballads, and non-compelling, relaxing pop songs. All in all, the pieces from their albums will provide you with a good party track listing.

The melodic music of Porcupines may seem primitive at first glance, but only at first. Their music is a well-coordinated work of an impressive number of instruments: the voice of the guitars is intertwined with the drive of synthesizers, the brass dance with violins, and sometimes almost a whole symphony orchestra comes into play. Pleasant vocals are complemented by Hebrew lyrics, not without a bit of humor among Israeli musicians (the composition called "Alpaca", for example, tells about a love story between a man and an alpaca).

Unfortunately, the group, formed in 1999, disbanded in September 2009, leaving their fans with only three albums: Kobi (2003), Levi (2006), First After The Second (2009).


Ofra Haza


The youngest of eight children, Ofra Haza was born and raised in a poor area of ​​Tel Aviv to a family of Yemeni Jews, whose traditional lifestyle has undergone significant changes after moving to the newly formed state of Israel. Ofra began performing at the age of 12, and in 1983 she represented Israel at the Eurovision Song Contest in Munich.

The 1987 album - Shirey Moledet 3 ("songs about the homeland 3" Hebrew, also known as "50 gates of wisdom" - "50 gates of wisdom") brought her international fame. Fascinating and inspiring, it is written in a festive and religious oriental style. Yemeni is the traditional trend of this style solely because of its 17th-century poetry. In Ophra's hands, traditional tunes and ancient instruments are closely associated with modern drums and electronic synthesizers. The resulting hypnotic dance beats conquered dance floors long before Techno was born.

Music lovers will be interested to compare Ofra Haza's early albums with her latest work "Ofra Haza", released in 1997, which sounds appropriate and natural even today. Passionate, powerful compositions, complemented by bass synthesizers, stand out for their sound versus the best Israeli musicians, despite the notes of ancient tunes and almost twenty years that have passed since the album was published. Sadly, Ofra Haza, the Israeli Madonna, died in 2000 from AIDS.



David D'Or



Can you imagine a man performing Andrew Lloyd Webber's "The Phantom of the Opera" and "Memory" as well as the original? Meet David D'Or, a countertenor from Israel, whose range is more than four octaves. Is there anything else to say?

David was born in Holon, although his roots go back to Libya. David's parents predicted a career for him as a doctor or a lawyer, but, fortunately, David loved singing too much and would never agree to betray his dream. From adolescence, David began to develop his voice, and after military service, he was invited to the Israel National Theater. There he quickly won critical acclaim and a standing ovation from the audience, well deserved, worth noting.

Such an outstanding talent simply could not go unnoticed. David - three times winner of the Israeli awards "Singer of the Year" and "Best Vocal", he also took part in Eurovision 2004, where he took 11th place. To date, David has released 11 albums, two of which went double platinum, four platinum, and four gold.

In general, such love of the public is not surprising than David is one of the best Israeli musicians. The crystal clear powerful voice gives goosebumps and takes the listener far, far away into the magnificent world of classical vocals. You hear beauty, you want these sounds to be with you always. The magic of this voice will impress everyone: from a young rocker to an imposing connoisseur of opera.


Yitzhak Perlman



Those who prefer classical instrumental music should definitely pay attention to the work of Yitzhak Perlman, an American-Israeli violinist, conductor, and of the best Israeli classical musicians

Itzhak was born in Tel Aviv in 1945 in a family of immigrants from Poland. He first became interested in the violin at the age of three, when he heard a radio concert. He even wanted to enter the conservatory, but his application was rejected because he was too small to hold an instrument in his hands. Then Yitzhak began to learn to play the toy violin on his own and still entered the conservatory.

Pearlman is the recipient of five Grammy Awards for the performance of classical music. He is also known for his performances of traditional Jewish music and jazz. By the way, if you've watched the movie "Schindler's List", you definitely heard the mesmerizing violin in the hands of Yitzhak Perlman.

Pearlman one of the most famous Israeli musicians received in 2019 the respectful Genesis Prize for his contribution to the Jewish culture.


Laser Lloyd



Laser Lloyd was born in New York and raised by his music-loving father. From an early age, the boy had access to a rich collection of records. Blues, folk, rock, and jazz, along with his father's guitar, gave the world an extremely emotional bluesman, and training with such outstanding musicians as Milt Hinton and Randy Brecker perfected his talent.

Dressed in jeans, a T-shirt, and a black hat, hiding his eyes under sports glasses, framed by a bushy beard with glints of gray hair, Laser (born Lloyd Paul Blumen) creates an amazing blend of blues and Hasidism that looks more than natural.

For Lloyd, known as the Israel King of the Blues, the role of music is healing. When he performs on stage, he is one with the music: he sways to the beat, nods, and pulsates with the music. When playing a solo, he closes his eyes and lets the music take him entirely, shakes his head to the beat, or grimaces when he misses a particularly difficult passage.

"I want to bring the light of Israel to the world," says Lloyd. "Music is the way to do it."


Zohar Argov



If you want to hear real oriental music - Zohar Argov is for you. The real king of Mizrahi (Middle Eastern style of Israeli music), one of the most popular Israeli musicians of his time, Zohar was born and raised in Rishon LeZion into a poor family, the eldest of ten children. From early childhood, the Zohar sang in the Yemeni religious community.

Argov is one of the first performers to achieve commercial and popular success in the Mizrahi style at a time when radio stations were taken over by foreign pop hits.


Roman Arie-Alekseev


The music of Roman Arie-Alekseev, an outstanding Russian-Israeli guitarist, a master of his craft, was created for those who are in love with guitar music. For those who are fascinated by the singing of the strings, and the movement of the hands of the master on the guitar neck fascinates.

Roman came to Israel from Russia. He became interested in music as a teenager and even tried on the role of drummer and vocalist, but having organized a VIA during his military service, he quickly realized that he was best at playing the guitar. Inspired by rock giants such as Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Queen, and of course Deep Purple's Ritchie Blackmore, he devoted himself to playing the guitar. Great playing technique, masterful performance, enchanting compositions in blues and jazz styles, intertwined with classical elements - this is what characterizes Arie-Alekseev's work. The sophisticated listener will pay attention to the influence of Wes Montgomery and Django Reinhardt in Roman's instrumental compositions.

Roman Arie-Alekseev has several projects of his own, but he also participates in jam sessions with various musicians from Russia and the world, such as Frank Vignola and Vitaly Podolsky, as well as jazz and swing orchestras. By the way, Roman is also a producer of the annual Folk Stream festival in Israel and writing songs for the best Israeli musicians.





The psychedelic rock band Rockfour was formed in Holon in 1988, influenced by the work of such "classic" artists like The Beatles, The Zombies, The Who, and early Pink Floyd. However, Rockfour does not imitate anyone, sticking to their own distinctive and contemporary style. The compositions of these guys are amazingly well-developed and skillfully assembled into a single whole, while the music itself is brilliant and ... alive. Ideal group for those who miss the 60s era. By the way, it should be noted that in 2007 Rockfour won the music competition, judged by David Gilmour and David Bowie.




Ofer Dikovski, better known by his stage name Oforia, is a producer and musician in the style of electronic music a well-known Israeli male singer. He is one of the longest-running Israeli electronics. The master of powerful all-encompassing trance, Euphoria, became the founder of the mainstream sound of Israeli electronics. Ofer is rightfully considered the founder of the electronic music genre in Israel. In addition to his solo career, Ofer Dikovski took part in such musical projects as projects Oforia, Indoor, Tandu, Pigs in Space, Phreaky, OB1, and Ofer Di.

Euphoria's music sounds like hot metal mixed with psychedelic mystery. Following the main principle of electronic music, Ophoria's compositions are perfectly structured. They direct the listener to the world of hidden emotions, make moods change each other, and the heartbeat at different rates, obeying the will of the musician. An excellent choice for high-tech music lovers.





Gevolt, a Russian-Israeli band, is a godsend for those who have learned German from Rammstein songs. Powerful sound, industrial guitar riffs, and clear and deep vocals - the heritage of famous Germans - are complemented by a violin in the leading position and lyrics in ... Yiddish!

The group was created in 2001 by Anatoly Bondar and three of his friends. The violin supplemented the musicians in 2005 and almost immediately became the basis of the band's sound. A little later, synthesizers came along. A total of six people create a unique mix of metal, industrial with elements of classical music and traditional Russian tunes. Spice it all up with Yiddish texts and serve.


Beri Sakharov


Top of Israeli singers, Israeli rock star Beri Sakharov was born in Turkey in 1957 and moved with his family to Israel when he was three years old. Known as the "prince of Israeli rock", Sakharov began his career in the 70s at the age of 16 and became a rock star in Israel and Europe in the 80s.

Sakharov, guitarist, and vocalist, is best known outside of Israel thanks to his collaboration with Infected Mushrooms - Israelisikm psytrance-psychedelic duo. And even though Bari's music is more than rocky, the principles and techniques of electronic music are also involved in his work, along with outstanding lyrics. The album “Adumei HaSfatot” (Hebrew "red lips"), released in 2009, is an amazing fusion of electronic and exotic sounds of modern Middle Eastern rock with the high poetry of Shlomo (Solomon) Ibn Gabirol, a Spanish Jew of the 11th century.

Complicated and emotional music itself may seem strange to Western listeners. Compositions often begin with a long intro - improvisation of one or two instruments. Gradually, one after another, other instruments enter, until finally, the voice of Beri Sakharov introduces the lyrics, skillfully weaving them into complex captivating melodies that carry the listener into another reality. Gradually, the instruments dissolve, recede, until the last of those sounding brings silence.



Haim Witz


 Haim, who was born in the city of Karmiel, is perhaps one of the most famous rock and roll bass players of the last century and today. At the very beginning of his career, Chaim's face was covered with defiant make-up so that it was impossible to guess who was hiding under him. The mystery drove the world crazy, and by the time the group revealed their true appearance to the public, millions of fans had already painted their faces in image and likeness.

Bright and dynamic, Haim's music simply infects with energy, forcing you to dance to the beat, and love lyrics in English are simple and addictive, stuck in your head for a very long time, if not forever. Dozens of eternal hits, millions and billions of fans around the world, and at all times are the personal property of Chaim Witz, a mystical bassist with an unrealistically long tongue. But you probably know Haim as Gene Simmons - The Devil from Kiss. 



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