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Who found the Dead Sea Scrolls in Qumran?



 the dead sea scrolls in judean desert


They were looking for an ancient treasure worth over 1,000,000 dollars, this is how the story begins...

Today,9 years ago ancient robbers from the village of Beit Ola in the west bank were caught while digging an archaeological site with a secret piece of intelligence and a metal detector.
The Pirates of antiquity did not find the treasure but certainly found an ancient ritual pool.

The first scrolls of the Dead Sea were discovered by Muhammad a-Dib, a Bedouin shepherd, who threw a stone into a well in an attempt to get a goat out of it hiding in it. The stone struck a clay jug found in a cave and contained three scrolls. The scrolls were taken to his tent, some of them were used as burning material to heat up in the cold desert nights.

In 1947 in ancient markets of Palestine, parts of ancient parchment scrolls began to appear, at first, they thought they were fake but very quickly realized that these were original Scrolls two thousand years old from the time of the Second Temple.
Professor Elazar Sukenik (Yigal Yadin's father) bought from his money from a dubious antique Merchant in Bethlehem several parts in November 1947.




Ancient Pirates realized that this was a gold mine and began to look for caves in which other scrolls were buried.
In the Qumran region, many scrolls were found that shed light on a mysterious sect that we call today " the sect of the desert of Judah", sectarian writings alongside books from the Bible, Chumash, and more.
Just to explain the proportions, in cave number 4 were found about 15,000 parts of scrolls from 500 different books!!!

After a massive robbery of caves in March 1952, researchers left the Rockefeller Museum and the American School of archeology, and they came to the cave where they found many scrolls. Together with these scrolls, one scroll was found different from the rest.

The Dead Sea scrolls - A scroll made of copper, divided into 2 parts, rolled 30 cm wide and 240 cm long. Explorer of the scrolls John Marco Allegro took a part of the scroll to the University of Manchester who managed to see the scroll to 18copper plates. When they began to decipher the scroll the researchers were amazed !! They read a list of 60 places where a mighty treasure is buried that includes huge amounts of gold, silver, coins, and valuable tools, (alongside the hiding places of these treasures (whose total weight is estimated at 100 tons).

Speculate that this is a treasure from the first or second temple period hidden on various sites.
This scroll excites the imagination of researchers and adventure people, and many expeditions have tried to unravel the scroll and find the treasure, unsuccessfully. The clues are written ambiguously and indistinctly which makes it very difficult to find the treasure.




An example of a clue is one of the treasures on the list "in the Salt Pit under the stairs forty-one talents of silver, in the cave of the old laundry room, on the third porch: sixty-five ingots of gold ". Because the real starting point is not mentioned, it will be impossible to go and find the treasures according to these instructions.

To all those who have had their eyes with a dream to put on an Indiana Jones hat and get rich quickly, the researchers believe that these treasures have already disappeared hundreds of years ago by foreign conquerors

Today visiting the Qumran national part on a guided tour or by yourself, will provide an opportunity to see how this amazing sect was living in the desert, a modest group of men who chose to isolate themselves in the Judean desert and dedicate their life to worship god. the amazing work of writing the dead sea scrolls is real, the members of the group have written the texts on pieces of papyrus without a single mistake, the Dead Sea scrolls are kept today in the national museum of Israel inside the shrine of the book.




Almost every day archeologists search the Judean Desert and find discoveries, since the scrolls were hidden in numerous caves scattered around the Judean area we can expect more and more surprises in the future.




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