Bar Mitzvah Tour in Israel-North

This Bar Mitzvah tour in Israel is intended for an exciting family vacation and mental development and will help Bar / Bat-Mitzvah boy/girl to see the greatest Jewish history at first-hand.


This Bar Mitzvah tour in Israel including the north region of Israel incorporates a huge portion of Israel’s cultural heritage. But I am always happy to know your interests and wishes to make the trip specifically for your needs.


First day


I hope your flight was not tiring. We will meet at Ben Gurion International Airport and, as your tour guide in Israel, I will be able to answer all your questions regarding the upcoming fascinating journey in Israel.

After you will have a convenient vehicle with a large place for luggage at your disposal, The driver will take you to the observation point of Jerusalem, which offers an amazing view of all of Jerusalem. As people say, “A look at Jerusalem is not just a history of the world – this is the story of the earth and heaven".


Second day

Explore the Old City of Jerusalem



A full tour of the Old City of Jerusalem is waiting for us! This is the place where the shrines of Jews, Christians, and Muslims stand on one another, having survived the dangers of the past. I will help you uncover the mystery of these shrines and understand their significance for the three monotheistic religions.

You will visit the most important places of the Jewish heritage, starting from First Temple times and the surviving Broad Wall and continuing with the Second Temple Period, the Kotel (Western Wall), and the old Roman main street, Cardo.

Also, you’ll visit the shrines most holy to the non-Jewish faiths. They include the Church of the Holy Sepulchre (for Christianity) and the Dome of the Rock (for Islam).

After that, as your tour guide in Israel, I will tell you about the importance of Jerusalem in Jewish history and culture. I will share my thoughts on how useful it is for the identification of a Bar Mitzvah in Israel.

Next, you will visit the heart of ancient Jerusalem, the city of David. It is famous for the fact that the books of the Bible were written there.

Then we will go through the underground tunnels, cross the hidden sources of the city. Hezekiah’s Tunnel will be waiting for us ahead, here the water has been flowing since the time of the prophets and is no less filled with history than the buildings above.


Third day

Visit Yad Vashem, Israel Museum and Mahane Yehuda Market


The third day will begin with a visit to the official monument to the victims of the Holocaust – Yad Vashem.

The monument is located on Mount Herzl and can rightfully be considered as one of the most important captures of the tragedy of the 20th century.

For the visit to be postponed in memory for a long time, your Bar Mitzvah in Israel ceremony can “become twins” with one of the victims of the Holocaust.

Chef Led Market Tour

The next destination is the well-known Mahane Yehuda market. This is the abode of the real-life of Jerusalem, the epicenter of smells, tastes, and everyday fuss. A professional culinary specialist will introduce you to little-known dishes, without which the picture of Jerusalem will definitely be unfinished. He will explain to you the significance of Mahane Yehuda as a symbol of Israeli culture.

This part of the tour will last two hours, and you will be able not only to see dozens and even hundreds of different products but also to taste a lot of dishes.

These dishes are combined with many culinary trends, they are created by migrants from around the world and now they complement the entire Israeli culture.

Next, we will visit one of the most famous places in Jerusalem, the Israel Museum. This place has not lost its popularity for many years, especially after the global restoration, which helped to gain global recognition and enter the ten best museums in the world.

The Israel Museum is not only a great architectural creation but also the birthplace of the oldest copies of the Bible, the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Ahead you will find an amazing and exciting story about the history of these scrolls and the sect that wrote them.

After that, you will also visit the famous model of the second temple of Jerusalem, based on archaeological excavations. This is an amazing opportunity to see what Jerusalem looked like hundreds of years ago.

 as your tour guide in Israel I will be next to you and guide you all the time, so don't worry you will never be alone.

Fourth day

Mazel tov!



On this important day for Bat/Bar Mitzvah, we will go to the Kotel. There will be a ceremony at which the reading of the Torah will take place (there is a choice between Orthodox or conservative/reforms).

At the end of the readings, you will have a festive dinner prepared based on your culinary preferences or a restaurant according to your needs.

The second half of the day will begin with the fact that you will get the “Mitzvah project” in your hands, which strives to help to achieve world peace by encouraging everyone to study what God expects of us as human beings.

The evening will not pass without events. A light show awaits you at the Tower of David, located near the Jaffa Gate. This event will give you many memorable photos!


Fifth day

Learn about the IDF

This day will be different from the previous ones. IDF experts will tell and show you how to hold and reload weapons and how to act in emergencies (for example, during a terrorist attack). You will learn something about the fundamental values of the Israeli army, and you can learn the basic techniques of self-defense.

In addition, you can participate in the planting of a tree – a tradition recognized to honor the fallen Israeli soldiers.

If you are not afraid to get your hands dirty, then the next event is for you! You can take part in archaeological excavations at Beit Guvrin and personally experience the centuries-old history. This is a great activity for the whole family – not only fascinating and fun but also instructive. Excavations will last about three hours, which is enough to immerse yourself in the history of the ancient city.

After the activities in Beit Guvrin, you can enjoy the Kotel Shabbat experience(in case we plan this day on Friday). You will have a relaxing dinner in which you can chat with a war veteran. Later, a journalist will join in for dinner and talk about life in Israel in a fun and interesting way.


Sixth day

Explore Masada and Float on the Dead Sea



In the morning we will visit Mount Masada, or rather, the ruins at its peak, with a view of the Judean desert.

Many myths and fairy tales have been written about these places, their cultural value can hardly be overestimated. It is here, on top of this fantastic mountain, I will tell you about the life of the last Jewish rebels who did not agree with the aggressive actions of the Roman Empire. You will hear about those people who opposed the most powerful army of those days, sacrificing not only freedom but also life. Masada is a truly important place of great cultural value.

After that, we’ll get rid of the heat at Ein Gedi. This is a wonderful cool oasis with crystal clear spring water, pools, and waterfalls. Great place for walking! Palm trees swaying in the wind, rustling reeds, and tropical, wild plants will take you to another dimension.

This little trip is absolutely safe; as your tour guide in Israel, I will guide you through the family-friendly Nahale Davide trail. I advise you to prepare cameras, in the oasis, we will meet rare breeds of birds worthy of attention!

The place of honor in our tour today will take the Dead Sea. Cool wind, mineral-saturated water will give you a feeling of inexpressible comfort.



Exploring the Roman ruins at Caesarea, an ATV ride in the Carmel Mountains. Discovering Acre


Have you heard of King Herold the Great? He was called the greatest builder in Jewish history, we will explore Caesarea one of his greatest projects!

This is a real open-air museum! The ruins of theaters, handicrafts, and roman baths. The remains of the arena in which in ancient times the gladiators fought to the death. Partially preserved pier, which used to receive merchants and warships from around the world. All this awaits us here, in this port town!

An excellent choice would be to put on a diving suit, dive under the water, and personally look for the remains of bygone days (and there are many of them).

More active rest awaits us further. We will visit the rich green forests of Carmel. Here you can cross-forest trails and open spaces on a quadricycle or horse (depending on your preference).

Ahead of us is the ancient city of Akko! An important military and trade center of the Knights Hospitallers Order, filled with history to the last stone.

The legacy of the Crusaders still lives here, under the hot sun, washed by the Mediterranean your tour guide in Israel I will try to convey to you a part of this ancient world through legends and myths. We will visit the halls of the knights, the corridors of their fortresses, and underground tunnels, in which the spirits of the past still hang.

We will also recall the dead soldiers of the Jewish resistance during the Mandate period. Let us briefly plunge into this wonderful world of contradictions, war, and self-sacrifice.

 Did you think your Bar Mitzvah in Israel will look like this?:)

Eighth day

Hike Tel Dan, Visit a local winery and chocolate factory

The eighth day begins with a visit to Tel Dan, the ancient ruins of King Jeroboam times.

As your tour guide in Israel, I will lead you along a path framed by beautiful nature to the amazing 9th-century heritage – a stone tablet engraved with the inscription of Hazael King of Damascus, in which he boasted of his victory over the king of Israel and the house of David.

The Jewish craft of making wine has a long and fascinating history. That is why we will visit one of the best wineries in Israel, where I will try to amuse you with the details of this interesting art.

You can taste many wines and grab a bite to eat with excellent dishes: cheese, pasta, and pies.

A special program has been prepared for the children, a tour to the chocolate factory. Here they can come up with their own signature chocolate with an exclusive wrapper and name. If you want, then after lunch you too can take part in this fascinating activity!

A great end to the day will be a jeep ride through the lands of Golan. I will show you the kibbutz – agricultural land with its own culture and customs. Here people live in a completely different rhythm. I will share with you stories about this region and tell you the interesting features of this area.

Then we will drive off the bypassed road and ride along the demilitarised zone and along the Syrian border (it’s absolutely safe). We will have a view over the Israeli military units and bunkers that guard the peace of the country. I will introduce you to the course of the political situation and talk about relations with neighboring states.

And then a beautiful view awaits us! We will visit the site on Mount Bental and take a look around the surrounding area.


Ninth day

City of Tsfat (Safed)

We continue our Bar Mitzvah tour in Israel and Ahead of us is a short journey south, to the mysterious city of Tsfat (Safed)!

Strings of streets are filled with galleries, cozy restaurants, and ancient synagogues. Even the wind here is special – it seems to whisper ancient legends into ears, reminds of events and myths of the past. The city is steeped in history.

Here we will visit the candle craft, and then, if you like, a kabbalistic workshop where you can learn the mystical secrets and hidden meanings of the Bar / Bat Mitzvah’s name

Further, we will go to the grottoes of Rosh Hanikra, located north of the city of Nahariya. Extreme lovers will be able to climb down the ropes to see the enchanting, breathtaking landscape. I will share with you information about the geography and amazing features of this place, and then you will have a barbecue on the seashore and take a part in a boat trip.


Tenth day

Ancient Jaffa and modern Tel Aviv

This day will combine both the past and the present. We will start by visiting the city of Jaffa. Ships of many eras came into its old port. It received ships from the biblical era, galleys of Cleopatra, warships of Caesar, and many others.

Neve Tzedek, the ancient district of Tel Aviv, has its own interesting story, which I will gladly tell you. You will learn how this Jewish city has absorbed hundreds of years of change and formed into an important cultural and political center.

In the southern part of the city, we will be met by a local artist who will conduct an educational tour through the streets. There you will see many examples of contemporary art, graffiti, and learn about the peculiarities of the thinking of today's youth and the issues that they want to discuss with society using their drawings.

It's time to plunge into the modern life of the city!

We are going to walk through the bustling Carmel Market. Blends of aromas, mouth-watering smells of perfumes and products, the ongoing conversations of traders and travelers, all of this can be found here.

Our road will lead us to the Rothschild Boulevard and Independence Hall, where Israel's independence was born.

A mixture of architectural styles will not leave you indifferent! Migrants from all over the world participated in the construction of the city, bringing architectural ideas and unlimited imagination to improve the appearance of Tel Aviv.


Eleventh day

Private transfer to the airport

Our bar mitzvah tour in Israel came to an end.  A convenient vehicle will take you to the airport for your departure.

I hope that you have only good memories of Israel!