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Bar-Mitzvah Ceremony at the Western Wall

 Bar Mitzvah Ceremony at the Western Wall


According to Jewish traditions, a not less important Jewish event than a wedding is a Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony, having this precious ceremony near the Western Wall will be a true memory.
A piece of history, the Western Wall, the Wailing Wall, or the Kotel is the only remaining second Jewish temple since its destruction by the Romans almost 2000 years ago. this is the most sacred place in the Jewish hearts for decades!

Jews all over the world wish to visit this place and come to place their wishes on the wall while talking to god, a Bar Mitzvah ceremony near the Western Wall will be the most powerful ceremony and the happiest event in your life.



The western wall is the only site in Jerusalem operating 24/7 but it doesn't mean that the ceremony is possible all day long, reading the Torah only possible on Monday and Thursday according to the old Jewish rules and the ceremony has to be booked in advance through the western wall heritage foundation, the event is set for boys only and only on the men side while women can watch the Bar Mitzvah ceremony at the Western Wall from the women side. the location is open-air but when it's too hot or cold the ceremony will take part inside a synagogue near the western wall a less comfortable option for men and women since the ladies won't be able to see it.

My preferred option is the Davidson Center, this is a part of the western wall where men and women can gather together for the Bar Mitzvah ceremony, in this open-air archeological museum the family can celebrate together while having a traditional orthodox or reform ceremony and reading the Torah any day, it is still recommended to book the ceremony in advance and have an official figure such as a Rebbi to host the event.



To complete the ceremony I highly recommend setting a tour of the city of David and the underground tunnels, visiting the "chain of generations" or a guided tour of the Western Wall tunnels, these places will benefit the experience and enhance the appreciation of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah boy/girl.



The Jewish ceremony cannot be complete without a traditional celebrational meal, you have a few options, you can book a dinner in your hotel or choose a restaurant in the Jewish quarter of Jerusalem, but I recommend finding a restaurant in the part of Jerusalem for the full experience, of course, I will help you to make a decision.



Usually, guests who set a Bar Mitzvah ceremony in Jerusalem stay in Jerusalem, nevertheless, the approach to the Western Wall, while you are dressed in your finest clothes and the distance, will be a slight problem, I will help you to organize private transportation, and you just be concentrated on your event without sweating.



Reserving the ceremony is easy by connecting with the “Western Wall Foundation” directly, but the full organization of the ceremony including the transportation, rabbi, meals, etc will be too much to handle during the event day, therefore I offer to organize it for you completely free while we touring in Israel.


PHONE: +972 53 4779797