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Best Israeli Souvenirs | What to bring from Israel?



what to bring as a gift from israel

Your visit to Israel cannot be complete without shopping. Israel is famous for Dead Sea cosmetics, antiques, jewelry, and other tempting items. I would like to tell you all about shopping in the Promised Land and give you advice on what to bring home with you and as a gift to your family and friends.


Shops and shopping centers are open from Sunday to Thursday from 8.00-10.00 to 20.00-22.00. For Shabbat time, shops close on Friday at 13.00 or 14.00, Saturday is a day off but still, big shopping centers are working especially in Arab towns and Tel Aviv. They start working again on Sunday. In Israel, you can bargain in markets and bazaars. my top recommendations are visiting the famous bazaar in the Old City of Jerusalem and the Flea Market in the city of Jaffa.

The currency of Israel is the shekel, in most places you have to pay in shekels or credit cards but in tourist places such as Jerusalem or Nazareth you can pay in dollars, euros, or even Russian rubbles, they will be accepted with a smile!

so what should you bring from Israel?


 israeli presents to buy


Jews were always the best experts in the diamond and gold sphere and Israel is the world's largest exporter of diamonds and jewelry (although the rough material comes from Russia, South Africa, and India). There is a great variety of jewelry stores. In my opinion, Israel is undoubtedly of the best locations to shop for jewelry! Most of them are simply incredibly beautiful.


You can buy precious stones and jewelry at the Diamond Exchange. Its branches are located in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Eilat, and other cities.
Other jewelry stores include Ronit Cohen jewelry, Rotem jewelry, Stones Jewelry in Tel Aviv, and Danny Eliav Jewelry in Jerusalem. This is certainly not the whole list, because there are many stores. all you have to do is to choose between a boutique jewelry shop or a big shop, the most important thing is the warranty, the shops provide an authentic certificate and warranty so in case of a problem you have a reliable address.



 presents in israel


This is the holy grail of Israeli shopping. I think that not even a single woman can leave this country without Dead Sea cosmetics. Girls, this is a paradise with all kinds of masks, shampoos, peels, oils, creams, etc., containing minerals and salts of the Dead Sea and known for their beneficial properties.

man, please don't worry the dead sea has also the right products for you such as shaving cream, perfume,e and pilling creams after all this is 2020 so don't stay behind!


Me personally? I use the Dead Sea shampoo, masks, hair oil, Facial mask, and peeling of the Sea of ​​SPA and Ahava brands. I like the Israeli Dead Sea cosmetics I bought, especially because my hair was happy. And the price tag by the way is very acceptable and even cheap compared to the big luxury brands.

Popular manufacturers of cosmetics: Sea of ​​SPA, Sea of ​​Life, Ahava,-413.




best israeli presents


Usually, sea salt and mud are brought as a gift from Israel. These are natural ingredients, straight from the dead sea. Therefore, to the question of what to bring from Israel for a gift, I can recommend the dead sea products.



 presents of israel


Israel is a paradise and offers a fantastic culinary variety, the Israeli dates growing in the Judean desert are sweet and chewy and they can last more than 4 months without a doubt, the Israeli Halva is also a great option to buy as a souvenir, this is a delicious treat made out of sesame! you can find it in different flavors such as chocolate, pistachio, caramel, vanilla, and many more. If you love snacks you have to try the Israeli peanut butter snack called Bamba, everybody loves it so consider taking a few packs.don't forget the best for the last, the Israeli king - the Hummus! 



 should i bring a gift from israel


There are many antiques to be found in Israel. These are various antiques: coins, ceramics of ancient times, antique jewelry, etc. You can buy antiques in an antique licensed store, or at a flea market. One of these is located in the city of Jaffa or the grand bazaar of the old city of Jerusalem. This place is a paradise for collectors of such things.

Advice! Not all antiques are allowed to be exported from Israel. Everything that was created before 1700 can be exported with written permission from the Antiquities Directorate and paid tax. make your homework first before buying something expensive, not all the shiny things are authentic so be aware!




jewish gifts of israel


Visiting the holy land is often related to Christian and Jewish belief, after all, this is the promised land of the prophets and Jesus, consider purchasing Orthodox icons of Jesus or Mary in authorized shops with a license, this is not only a souvenir but also your guarding angel, the best part is blessing these precious items in holy sites of Jerusalem and carry it with you, this is a souvenir for a lifetime.



 what are the best israeli gifts


A cross is a very popular item to purchase, you can find a huge variety of beautiful catholic or orthodox crosses in the old cities, gold silver, or wooden pieces will be great for Christians! for Jews, the star of David for the bracelet of your chain will be ideal to bring as a souvenir from Israel.




traditional gifts of israel


Various ceramic vases, jugs, and decorative plates for interior decoration will not leave you indifferent.




gifts from israel


All over the world, the country of Israel is famous for the production of good quality natural silk. You can buy various beautiful scarves and handkerchiefs made from natural silk, as well as silk tablecloths of various bright colors.



 israeli gifts


And what to bring from Israel as a souvenir as a symbol. I would suggest the Menora, this is a candlestick considered to be a symbol of Israel. It can be seen everywhere. Usually bought as a souvenir from Israel.




This is certainly not a complete list of what to bring from Israel. I described the elements of shopping, which I considered the most basic and important in this country, and what would I take away from this country myself. Of course, there is a great variety of souvenirs and other things, many things of a religious nature, clothes, shoes, wine, etc.

Israeli shopping will satisfy all tastes with its interesting, useful, and unusual things, consider combining the shopping experience with guided tours in Israel!

Enjoy your shopping!


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