The Ramon Crater (Makhtesh Ramon)





The Ramon Crater (Mahtesh) is the biggest erosion(seismic) Crater in the world, some may call it a Crater but the proper name will be a Mahtesh, Ramon has a unique form and today is one of the 7 Mahteshim in Egypt, Jordan, and Israel. The crater is a big erosion "bath" from which the soft send and the soft layers were swept by rivers more than 200 million years ago, the size of the Mahtesh is 42 km length and 11 km wide, and may look like a piece of earth hit by an asteroid. the climate will be warm or hot during the day and cold during the night since the Crater is located in the Negev desert.

The Crater is a home of wild animals and supervised by the national park authority of Israel and the biggest Israelis national park, this is the perfect place to see rare animals living inside the Mahtesh such as the ibex, snakes lizards, scorpions, rodents, and many more! if you wish to visit a museum specially dedicated to the animals and the plants, Bio Ramon will offer the propper experience without walking inside the crater.



A visit to the Ramon Mahtesh can be short or long depending on your schedule, if you drive to Eilat, Israel's south capital you can stop at the observation point to take a few photos of a breathtaking view, or if you have a few days you can go dipper and take a geological lesson while driving or hiking inside the Crater and learn about the geological formation, climate, animals, and plants inside.



The visitor center in Mizpe Ramon named after the Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon who died on the Colombia space shuttle, located on the edge of the Ramon crater, presenting deep explanations about the formation and the geology threw the time, the history of the region, deep explanations about the living in the area and the flowers.

The film in the museum explains the formation of the Mahtesh using 3D models, a perfect way to explain and educate kids and teenagers, threw the glass windows and floor of the visitors center you will be able to see the Mahtesh and admire the size. A big part of the visitors center is dedicated to space and Ilan Ramon, you will b able to see items form the space shuttle, learn about Ilan Ramon, and experience different "toys" form the spaceship.

You man find in the visitor center a big variety of recommended hiking trails and maps specially prepared for this area.





The Ramon Crater offers amazing desert experience:

1. The "Minsara" - a hill of ancient sand which was baked very warmly, melted, and then slowly hardened into large crystals of quartzite. These crystals received the forms of hexagonal and pentagonal columns as polygonal prisms. The outer part of the prisms was covered with a patina, it is the oxidation of the Iron.

2. Be’erot campground - the ultimate camping site for hikers and nature lovers, unique bedouin hospitality under the stars will local food and snacks.

3. Star Gazing - explore the desert during the night and watch the stars, this is the best place in Israel to enjoy clear sky especially during august while comets passing the earth.


4. Jeeps tours - a great off-road activity, drive the Mahtesh and explore the old trails formed by nature, assemble color sand bottles, and lookup for the animals of the desert.