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Sarona complex in Tel Aviv




Sarona is a renovated complex in the center of Tel Aviv, constructed by the German Templars in the 19th century,35 original buildings 130 years old which were restored 20 years ago are today preserved buildings hosting boutique shops and restaurants, the complex was opened in 2014 and considered as one of the trendiest places of the city.


History of Sarona

Sarona was established 140 years ago on the hills outside Jaffa by the German Templars, the whole idea was to prepare the ground for the coming of the Messiah, Sarona was not the only place since the temples build more colonies in Haifa, Galilee, and Jerusalem.
The Templars operated in Sarona till 1930 after they were suspected to be cooperating with the Nazis therefore they were expelled to Australia and Germany.

After the Templars came to the British and occupied Palestine making it a military base attacked by the Jewish underground several times, finally the territory was handed to the Jewish leaders in 1947 making it the first Israeli governmental hill(Hakirya).




Tel Aviv Municipality approved in 2006 the restoration of Sarona, an unbelievable project of a total of 33 building restoration and relocation of a few buildings from the military base across the road.
Thanks to the premium quality of the templar construction the municipality was able to move the houses in one piece and preserve it without any damage.

Sarona was planned exactly as it was 140 years ago and every house has its history including the original tools and names.


Visiting Sarona

The ultimate place to spend a few good hours, this is a preferred location to visit In Tel Aviv, with the beautiful garden with European architecture and the fascinating story about history and heritage mixed with boutique shops and local cafes.
For a local tour it is recommended to visit the visitors center of Sarona and for the culinary part, it is recommended to visit the Sarona market right under the residential buildings.

The food market

The food market of Sarona contains a huge selection of Israeli finest foods and drinks, you will be able to find Israeli wines, tapas dishes, bavarian sausages, Asian food, sushi, and Italian food, and enjoy a dinner in one of the finest restaurants inside the market or just taking some food outside while eating on the grass in the park.



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