The secret tunnel of The Templars in Acre with a Tour Guide



 The secret tunnel of The Templars in Acre with a Tour Guide

The Templars were a military-monastic order, which in the name of the pope helped pilgrims and patients, who came from Europe to Palestine, to visit the holy places.

First, they sat in Jerusalem, on the Temple Mount, hence their name "Templars" - temple guards. After the capture of Jerusalem by Saladin in 1187, the Templars determined their place of residence in Acre and began to build their quarter in the south-western part of the city.

Here, at the western end of the secret tunnel of the templars in Acre, the central fortress of the order of the Templars was built. "The Templar fortress was the most powerful building in the city and is largely a weapon to the sea line. As a strong fortress, it's entry was protected by two powerful towers,



The secret tunnel of The Templars in Acre

The tunnel is 350 meters long and extends from the Templar fortress in the west to the port of the city in the East. On its way it crosses the physical quarter and in the past served as a strategic underground passage, connecting the palace with the port.

The lower part of the tunnel is carved into the natural rock, the upper part is built of gaseous stones, and above it is a half-barrel-like Vault.


The secret tunnel of the templars is definitely one of the most beautiful and unique sites in Acre that you can visit on a private guided to Acre and Haifa, a multi-impression engineering plant in Acre whose goals were many ranging from a formidable interchange and a transition from the marina to the Citadel and the great Templar Palace that was destroyed at the end of the Crusader period in 1291 and a sword into the sea, a Templar secret passage that probably aims not to pay taxes to Rigas(to the King), its shape as a chiseled arched barrel vault and built of granite stones, 350 meters in length, its average height two meters and opened in 1994 to the audience.