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western wall in the jewish quarter jerusalem


The Jewish quarter of Jerusalem is one of the most visited sites in the old city, every local Israeli and tourist has to visit this quarter to learn about the Jewish neighborhood considered to be one of the oldest in Israel when people say Jewish quarter they mean the iconic site of the western wall but there is so much more to see except the well known wailing wall of the second Jewish temple.

In the past 50 years or since the end of the 6-Day War the Company for the Reconstruction and Development of the Jewish Quarter has been working to bring back the history and to restore the historical and archeological sites including Jewish but also Muslim locations, there aren't a single day without an active excavation or news.

Visitors usually include 2 common sites to visit in the Jewish quarter such as the Western Wall and the Old Cardo Street but there are additional sites worth visiting to create a full experience if you have time to spend and to fill up your knowledge even one day won't be enough just to explore the entire Jewish quarter.

The quarter includes amazing sites and historical monuments from the period of the First Temple and the times of King David such as the first protecting wall, a luxury complex from the Second Temple period with restored houses and facilities called the ancient Beverly Hills of Jerusalem, Roman period streets with authentic paved stones, galleries, and pillars, renovated synagogues and exhibitions from the biblical times.



davidson center in the jewish quarter

For a full experience of the Jewish chronology, there is no better way to learn about Jewish history and Jewish sites than the Davidson Center, this is an amazing open-air museum full of archeological discoveries!

There are so many archeological remains dated to the first and second temple period, you will find huge parts of the western wall available to touch for men and women together, stones dated to the Roman period fallen off the wall while Jerusalem was burning, the ancient pilgrims' road from the city of David and the Silvan valley up to the temple and an option to repeat the route by yourself! the south part of the temple and the ancient steps leading the pilgrims to the heart of the second temple aside from old ritual baths(Mikve) and a palace from the early Muslim period.

The inner part has another museum presenting the time graphic of Jerusalem along all historical periods.

In case you plan to have a bar mitzvah in Jerusalem the Davidson Center will be the perfect place for all the guests together and the closest to the famous Western Wall.

Address: Maalot Harav Shlomo Goren, Jerusalem
Contact: 072-3932801


the jewish quarter tour

After a good visit to an archeological site, this is the time to learn some facts and get a little closer to the religion, the biggest and most impressive synagogue in the old city, and the Jewish quarter, the  Hurva Synagogue.

The synagogue is dated to the 15th century when Jews were not allowed to purchase lands but you will find out that there is not anything impossible, the Jewish Ashkenazi community constructed the synagogue in 1864 and used it till 1948.
The synagogue has two parts, the upper part is the Ashkenazi synagogue and the lower part is the Sephardic synagogue, since the monument was destroyed during the war and banded, right after the six-day war the Company for the Reconstruction and Development of the Jewish Quarter reconstructed part of the synagogue and during 2001 the final works were finished after a big donation from Jewish Ukrainians, Vadim Rabinovich, and Kolomoyski.

In front of the synagogue, you will find a gold menorah donated to the synagogue waiting patiently for the full construction of Jerusalem and the third temple.
 Address: 89 Hayehudim St, Jerusalem
 Contact: 072-3932825

Israeli archeologists revealed a full luxury neighborhood just a few steps from the food court of the Jewish quarter, this is the authentic neighborhood of the richest people of the Herodian period, the times of the second temple were very prosperous and the rich community was big enough to cover the expenses of the city.
The quarter was built during the times of the great king Herods. the high society, mostly the high priests the Cohens were the residents who enjoyed luxury and private facilities such as Roman baths, private housing, private toilets, and ritual pools

This is the perfect place to learn about different Jewish layers and not only the typical sites, this museum has an air conditioner perfect for hot days and very simple exhibits for kids and adults.

Address: 1 Hakaraim St, Jerusalem
Contact: 072-3932833

cardo street jewish quarter

Experience the most well-preserved street from the Roman times of the old city, the "Cardo" was a name given by the Romans to the main roads and translated as "Heart" During the ancient times the street Began from the Damascus gate to the Zion gate and crossed the entire city! the street was the central part of the city and the main trading location for decades, today you can find archeological excavations from different periods, an amazing Byzantine map called "Madaba", and a Roman authentic pillar with arches in between symbolizing the location of old fancy shops.

Except for the old part, you can find the perfect place for shopping, and enjoy an amazing variety of local shops selling art, religious items, unique souvenirs, Dead Sea products, and many more.

Address: 10 HaCardo St, Jerusalem
Contact: 072-3932865
Planning a wedding or a bar mitzvah will be perfect in the quarter, most of the museums, restaurants, and archeological locations offer a place for a celebration, Western Wall view? green garden or old ruins? any place will be possible.
jewish quarter churches
Don't be surprised to find Christian holy sites since the roots of Christianity began with Judaism, the famous site of the Last Supper is located on Mount Zion, you will find the authentic location where Jesus had the last supper before his crucifixion and also the Pentecost event.
Just below you can visit the tomb of Jerusalem's founder, kind David!the only actual tomb dated to the times of the first temple.
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