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Weather in Israel and Travel arrangments

While planning your trip to Israel please check my recommendations in the following article about weather in Israel information and packing tips.


Weather in Israel and Travel arrangments


As a private tour guide in Israel I provide a full service, I gathered very helpful and useful information about the weather in Israel and other useful tips for traveling to Israel.
I would like to be as helpful as I can so that during your visit to Israel, you will have all the tools and necessary items ready with you. Whether you’re planning a family journey in Israel or a Bar-Mitzvah tour in Israel this article will provide helpful information.
The following chart presents the annual average temperatures in Israel

Weather in Israel-winter(December-march)



Israel‘s winter weather is variable, Some winters are very cold and rainy, and the winter of 2019 was very rainy and snowy in the north region such as the Golan Heights but on the other hand, The south region remained dry.
While other winters can be sunny and mild.
The temperatures range from January till March are in the 50-60 F or 11-15 C in most places but lower in the mountains such as the area of Jerusalem, Galilee, or the Golan Heights.


Weather in Israel-summer(June-September)

Israel’s summer temperatures are in the high  80’-90’(27-33 C) range, Many cities especially near the sea can be very humid such as Tel Aviv, Haifa, or the Sea of Galilee. Jerusalem weather will be cooler since the city is located in the mountains, the south region including the Dead Sea, Negev desert, and Eilat will be extremely hot even During the night And the average temperature will be around 100-115F or 40-45C.

Weather in Israel-Autumn and spring (September, November, March, April, May)

This is the best time To travel and probably the best weather in Israel during the year, During the day the temperatures are around 60-70 F(17-24 C), the temperature in Tel Aviv will be normal and average, and Jerusalem will be a little colder, the Dead Sea and Eilat will be warmer but still pleasant.

What should you pack for your trip to Israel?


Spring/Summer Trip in Israel Packing Guide

1. Comfortable walking shoes, open sandals, and evening shoes for an event or restaurant.
2. Lightweight linen or cotton clothes.
3. Long-sleeved shirts, this is the best option to protect your body from the sun.
4. Short-sleeved shirts for hiking or indoor museums.
5. Shorts for hiking, I don’t recommend using short jeans.
6. Long pants, since you will be visiting holy sites you should dress modestly in these places.
7. Skirts and dresses for women, use the long version below the knees for the same reason mentioned above.
8. Bathing suit, I suggest taking a new one and an old one For the dead sea since the waters of the lake can ruin your bathing suit.
9. Hats.
10. Underwear and leggings.
11. Sweater or a light coat since the weather in the north or, Jerusalem can be a little chilly during the night.
12. Sunglasses.

Autumn/Winter Trip in Israel Packing Guide

1. Long pants.
2. Warm coats and raincoats.
3. Warm shirts and thermic clothes.
4. Scarf and gloves.
5. Underwear and leggings.
6. Sneakers and boots.
7. Sandals to hike in the desert.
8. Sunglasses.
9. hats.
10. Bathing suits.
Whether  traveling alone or with a tour guide you should always carry with you all year long during your trip to Israel the following:
1. Sunblock and a hat, maybe it sounds childish but the sun in Israel is very strong and even the locals use these items all year long.
2. Sunglasses.
3. A long scarf or a shawl, is a very useful item especially for women to be able to wear comfortable clothes and cover themselves while visiting a holy site.
4. Sports shoes and sandals.
5. Water bottle.
6. Swimsuit, an old one for the Dead Sea and a new one for the rest.
7. Mobile phone or a camera.
Necessary items in your carry-on bag
I always take a small bag with my precious items and most important with me since the luggage gets lost sometimes during the flights, Make sure your most important items will be with you.
1. Passport.
2. Boarding tickets.
3. iPad or a book.
4. Sunglasses or reading glasses.
5. Tissues.
6. Face-mask.
7. Hotel vouchers.
8. Cell phone.
9. Medication.
10. Cash and credit cards.
Necessary medications and toiletries
1. Prescription medications and a prescription.
2. Deodorant.
3. Diarrhea medicine and coal tablets.
4. Eyedrops.
5. Toothbrush and toothpaste.
6. Shaving machine.
7. Shampoo and soap.
8. Nail clippers.
9. Flu pills.
10. Hairbrush.
Additional recommended items:
1. Yamaka or kippah for men.
2. Camera.
3. Cell phone charger.
4. Adapter or converter for electronic devices.
5. Flashlight.
Usually, you will be able to find many of the items mentioned above in your hotel or your tour guide’s vehicle, Even if you missed something from this list you will be able to purchase everything you need during your trip to Israel in one of the local shops.
I hope this article about the weather in Israel and arrangements was useful, As a tour guide in Israel, I will be able to advise and help with any questions before or during your trip to Israel.


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