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One of the most exciting tours in Israel is the Israel Dead Sea area, as a rule, which is associated with the majority of exciting secret places, mud, and Spa treatments.

Welcome to the desert, Just 30 minutes away from Jerusalem or 1 hour from Tel Aviv the landscape is completely changing, We leave the urban sites behind and begin to discover the Judean desert, and the Dead Sea on one amazing Dead Sea and Masada private tour, cosmetics based on healing mud and direct bathing in the waters of this amazing and incredibly salty lake.

private tour to Masada and Dead Sea

My Dead Sea and Masada private tours are filled with non-standard information, stories about heroism, and thousands of years of legends.
We will visit the unique historical monument Masada National Park, located in the middle of the desert at the top of the cliff, We will visit the equipped beaches and swim in the waters of the Dead Sea and also try to figure out what attracted the Egyptian queen, Cleopatra, to whom Mark Antony conquered these lands.

As your private tour guide in Israel, I am ready to open this unique region of Israel to you from a new historical perspective and take you on the best Dead Sea tour.


One of the main historical sights that we will see during our Masada and the Dead Sea day trip from Tel Aviv or any other location is the legendary Fortress of Masada.
Constructed at the junction of the eras by Herod the Great, this serf building became an example of immense heroism and pride. After Jerusalem fell under the onslaught of the Romans, the fortress was held for more than three years by its inhabitants, who, even after the fall of the defense, did not surrender to slavery and committed a massive suicide.
In memory of the vivid example of heroism, steadfastness, and courage, the soldiers of the elite army of the Israeli army take their oath every year in the walls of the citadel.

Masada sunrise tour

A unique visit to Masada will be great for people who love to wake up early and create amazing photos and memories, The best way to do a Masada sunrise tour is to leave Jerusalem by 3 AM or Tel Aviv by 2 AM and to drive 1.5\2.5 hours to the famous fortress and then climbing up the snake path for additional 40 minutes, some people may think its a waste of time but believe me, this will be one of the best experiences in your life! after a stiff climb, you will be granted an amazing sunrise and soft rays of light! this tour is good during warm Israeli summers but also in the winters so consider this option...either way on this day we will be able to explore all the other famous sites(on the way to the amazing sunrise you will be able to sleep in the car or eat your breakfast).

Amazing Masada national park tour

During our Dead Sea and Masada private tour, we will visit the unique Ein Gedi National Park, which is a picturesque oasis right in the middle of the Judean desert. Here, nature has created a beautiful landscape with waterfalls and streams, leopards, and ibex, which live in the reserve in natural conditions.
We cannot only enjoy the landscapes of the oasis, sung in the "Song of Songs" of King Solomon but also swim in the waters of the second-largest waterfall in the country.

Also, we have the opportunity to visit the famous rock towering on Mount Sodom, with a column of rock salt, "Lot's wife", or the "Genesis Land " to experience the biblical times and ride camels, a great attraction for kids.
During my private tours in Israel you can see the main advantages of the services of a licensed tour guide in Israel:

The Dead Sea and Masada private tours from Haifa and Ashdod for tourists arriving by cruise ship start directly from the port terminal;
Unlike a taxi, I'm your private tour guide in Israel will be able to collect you straight from the cruise ship, where entry is forbidden by private transportation;
The tour program is made individually according to your wishes and needs.
I am a private tour guide in Israel and I will do everything to make your visit easy, comfortable, and unforgivable.

 guided tour to Masada and the Dead Sea


The Dead Sea Scrolls are the Jewish manuscripts that were found in the Israeli Dead Sea area in many caves of the Judean desert of the north part of the Dead Sea located in the West Bank.
The Dead Sea Scrolls contain many manuscripts including the oldest version of the Bible and external books and manuscripts, They preserve evidence and diversity of different Religious thoughts from the period of the second Jewish temple, the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in the Dead Sea area during 1947 and 1956 in 12 different caves, in total more than 900 different manuscripts were collected In this area.
Most of the texts are written in Hebrew and ancient Arabic and feel books are written in Greek, all the texts are written on papyrus and Copper.
Those ancient manuscripts are written by an ancient Jewish sect called the Essenes, A very strict community, the group had only men worshiping God and dedicating all their free time to praying.
The members of the community had to be baptized in a natural ritual baptism pool called Hebrew Mikve, Before every step, dining or writing any texts.
The discovery of the scrolls happened by accident, they were discovered by a Bedouin Shepherd throwing stones into a well to find out how deep it was when suddenly he heard a strange noise and he went down to the Cave to see how deep it was and he discovered the biggest treasure in the Jewish history.
Today the scrolls of the Dead Sea are presented in the National Museum of Israel in Jerusalem and we will be able to see them during this Dead Sea and Masada private tour if we have time to pass Jerusalem on our way back!
dead sea floating
The Dead Sea floating is probably the wrong phrase to describe this authentic experience, When you sit in the water you immediately begin to float like a plastic bag in your bathtub, this experience is very unusual and very different From any other body of water. You have to follow very important instructions on this Dead Sea and Masada private tour to prevent any pain or unpleasant feeling while swimming in this amazing salty Lake, You have to protect your eyes your nose, and your mouth And try not to taste the water since it’s extremely salty and it won’t be the most pleasant taste and experience. Using an old swimsuit is probably my recommendation since the waters are eating the swimsuit.
The Dead Sea is the saltiest body of water in the world and the percentage/concentration of the salt is around 40%.
Since the water is extremely salty prepare your visit and try not to shave any part of your body 2 days before your visit, Yes you can feel a little uncomfortable but it’s not so bad.
This magical place is great for people who suffer from different skin problems like psoriasis Or breathing problems like asthma, The medical mud that you can find on the beach it’s probably the best natural cosmetic product that you can enjoy for free and no limit by creating your ultimate Dead Sea relaxation day.
We have a few locations to select for this unique Dead Sea swimming experience, The first one is a wild beach without any facilities, the second option is a private beach with all the facilities and equipment including a nice restaurant for lunch, and the third option and my preferred is one of the Dead Sea hotels located on the south part of the lake in which we can enjoy a very good experience including the facilities of the hotel, Very good lunch and air-conditioning.
All three options are good and we can adjust the trip according to your needs and budget.
Why is the Dead Sea called the Dead Sea? 
Since the concentration of the salt is higher than 40 % nothing can live inside this salty body of water, not even bacteria! The Dead Sea in the bible is mentioned as a very blessed place as many minerals and medicaments were extracted, and in the New Testament as the place to which the water from the Jordan River floated and that was the place in which people were baptized and their sins where washed away, therefore this salty lake was often called a cursed place.
Masada and Dead Sea private tour in Israel from Ashdod port
Enjoy this amazing Private day trip to the Dead Sea and Masada in the Judean desert with a private tour guide in Israel, whether you start the tour from Tel Aviv to the Dead Sea or Jerusalem to the Dead Sea the drive to this fascinating location is less than 2 hours, and the distance from Tel Aviv to the Dead Sea is around 100km or 70 miles to the north beach! and satisfaction is guaranteed!
This is a great option to see not ordinary sites isolated from man, terrific monasteries, and amazing stories but also this tour day is perfect and interesting for kids, couples, and seniors and not involved with a lot of walking and stiff paths, nevertheless, we can adjust every day to your requests and needs, just let me know ahead!
Enjoy more options and daily tours in Israel.


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