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Plan Your Next Vacation In Eilat - A Fully Open City In Israel On 2022



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Eilat is the southernmost city in Israel, it is a port on the most amazing of all seas - the Red Sea, from here a stone's throw to Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt, it is the most tourist of all Israeli cities. Here, in an area of ​​only 85 square kilometers, there is a huge number of hotels, restaurants, cafes, and the most exciting entertainment offered to tourists and residents of Israel. This is Eilat.

Since the legendary meeting of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, Eilat has been a special place that attracted sun lovers and entertainment, young people, and just young at heart, alone and with whole families. And to each of them, Eilat has offered and is offering a lot of interesting and remarkable ...

Nature has fashioned a harbor of exceptional beauty at the northern tip of the Red Sea, where the purple-tinted mountains of the adjacent desert merge with the white sands of the coral sea. At the southernmost point of Israel, it is here that Eilat is located - the place where the sun has received an eternal residence. Eilat has a mild climate even in winter, and the sun warms 359 days a year. At a time when Europe plunges into a snowy, dull winter, "winter birds" in Eilat are warming their numb plumage. Tourists from all over the world enjoy a rare combination of sea, city, and the surrounding mountain desert, which offers them endless opportunities for recreation and entertainment all year round.

Holidays in Eilat are a wonderful combination of climate and entertainment, sea and desert, mountains and oases, simple Bedouin cuisine, and gastronomic delights in French restaurants.

Eilat is located in a unique place where the sea and mountains converge, and the Syrian-African rift passes. Seas, deserts, and mountains are located around Eilat in such a way that all birds flying to Africa for the winter must fly through Eilat. Therefore, the Eilat Bird Registration and Ringing Center (IBRCE) has been opened here. Professional bird watchers and bird lovers come here from all over the world to watch migratory birds. And if you drive 20 kilometers from the sea, you can see ponds where pink flamingos live.

But the main thing, of course, in Eilat, is the sea. A narrow deep crevice between African and Asian deserts, filled with seawater, is the Red Sea. Rivers do not flow into this sea, there is no rain over it, so every day half a centimeter of water evaporates from its surface, but the evaporation is compensated by the influx of the Indian Ocean. Therefore, the Red Sea is the saltiest of the seas that have a connection with the ocean and the cleanest. The seawater temperature is the same both in winter and summer: 22-26 degrees Celsius.

The combination of these factors ensures the formation and existence of corals.

In most tropical seas, coral reefs are located much further inland and are less diverse than the coral reefs of the Gulf of Eilat. Transparent warm water and the proximity of coral reefs to the coast make this beautiful, enchanting world accessible to human observation without special equipment. In 1966, the Eilat coast was declared a nature reserve, and Eilat itself became a resort center.




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Eilat offers guests a huge selection of hotels of a wide variety of styles, and prices vary for any kind of vacation. If a family with children comes to Eilat, they can choose any hotel that has special events and programs for adults and children. There are also hotels in Eilat for holding congresses and conferences - it all depends on what type of rest (and possibly work, after which you need rest) you plan. Some hotels provide a free shuttle service to various locations in the city.


Hostels are the ideal solution for young people, soldiers, and tourists looking for an inexpensive holiday with amenities. Eilat youth hostels are beautifully equipped and furnished and offer vacationers a place to relax close to the beach and close to all the city's attractions. Here are the names of these hostels: "Aviv", "Beit ha-arava", "Lev Eilat," Beit ha-araha Eilat "and" Beit ha-araha Neot Midbar ".


In recent years, it has become fashionable to rent apartments or Zimmers. The city also provides such an opportunity. Such housing is more like a house, there is always an equipped kitchen and a furnished apartment, and at the same time, the cost of such apartments is less than hotel rooms. 

The resort city of Eilat also takes into account the special needs of some of its guests, which is why there are beaches, restaurants, and many tourist routes that are also accessible to the disabled. Chief among them are Timna Park, Ir ha-Mlahim, and the WOW!




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The park is a valley surrounded by sheer cliffs of different shades and different periods, sometimes reaching 850 meters in height, and the combination of primeval landscapes (in the form of a sphinx or a giant bird) of various mineral rocks reminds us of the real prehistory of the valley, in which copper mines of King Solomon. Among the attractions of the park is the Temple of Timna, dedicated to the goddess Hathor, built in the form of an open courtyard with various objects of religious worship. Lake Timna is a kind of entertainment center for the whole family. While children are sailing on the lake on pedal boats, parents can visit Nehushtimna, which demonstrates copper making and minting of copper coins from the time of King Solomon, or visit a Bedouin tent for oriental coffee.

There are many geological and historical hiking trails in the park, but you can take a jeep ride, and this trip among the Solomon Pillars, through the Pink Canyon and the Melting Camps, will be one of the most vivid impressions of Eilat. You can also book a camel ride in the park.

Timna is the only place on the globe where a unique semi-precious stone was found, the international name of which is "Eilat stone". This rock is a natural, natural alloy of two common semi-precious stones that are found in dozens of places on Earth - malachite and lapis lazuli. After the death of Solomon, when the Jews ceased to control the territory of southern Negev, the extraction of stone ceased and resumed only in our days.

Today in Eilat several factories process and sell products from this stone. Archaeological excavations led by Ben Rotenberg between 1959 and 1969 indicate that malleable metal was mined here 6,000 years ago. It is from these, the most ancient people in Timna, that the rock paintings depicting hunting and war, animals, and people on chariots remained. Next to the huge impressive Solomon pillars, on the opposite side of the sandy hill, are the remains of a double Egyptian temple of the supreme Egyptian goddess Hathor, or the goddess of the Earth. Quite a lot of ritual objects, tools, and inscriptions in Egyptian hieroglyphs from the 14th -11th centuries were also found here. BC e. The most interesting finds from Timna are exhibited today in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem in a special room called Beit Nehushtan.




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The City of Kings or King's City Eilat or Ir ha-Mlahim was erected at the end of the Eilat embankment, next to the eastern lagoon. It is a huge majestic complex, that houses an amusement park, reminiscent of a royal palace. Its visitors take an unforgettable journey back in time - they walk through caves carved into the rock, sail on a boat through the halls of King Solomon, and participate in a variety of entertainment activities that are designed using the world's most advanced technologies.

Visitors of all ages will find something interesting for themselves in this huge palace stretching over thousands of square meters, namely:

Travel to the past - An unforgettable event featuring 3D and 4D film screenings in a swivel chair. Guests are instantly transported to Ancient Egypt and the era of the pharaohs



A huge cave, including 65 interactive elements, intricate labyrinths, a hall of crooked mirrors, test-yourself games, special optical equipment for creating fascinating holograms, and much more ... An endless variety of amazing surprises.

Bible cave - The cave, carved into the rock, is about 360 meters long. To enter it, you need to go down the elevator to a depth of 60 meters. Wandering through the cave, visitors watch various performances on biblical themes. After walking through the labyrinth, they find themselves in a stalactite cave of amazing beauty, enjoy mountain waterfalls, and meet real deer.




A longboat trip through the halls of King Solomon recreates the stories of this famous king of Israel using special robots made in the form of humans and animals. This amazing journey ends with a walk to the artificial lake along amazing water channels. The 680-meter swim lasts about 10 minutes.

For those who are hungry, there are six different fast-food outlets with 300 seats. Those who wish can relax in an exquisite cafe, visit a gift shop or a photography shop equipped with the latest technology.




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Wow!  - The theatrical performance at the theater at the Royal Garden Hotel. The new program of this colorful show managed to gain great popularity in a short time. A breathtaking performance of artists from all over the world united in acrobatic fantasy with elements of humor and magic.

A global group of acrobats from China, together with the best and funniest acrobats from Europe, under the direction of director Hanoch Rosen, simply stuns the audience. The human body's possibilities are presented to us in a new, previously unknown dimension - all this to surprise and entertain the audience in the hall, who express their feelings with thunderous applause.
The Isrotel WOW Show 2005 is the largest family-friendly show ever, unmatched in the past and making an unforgettable experience. An hour and a half of entertainment, humor, extravagant costumes, and visual effects, as well as wonderful sounds, colors, and movement that leave you wanting to watch more and more ...


Undoubtedly the number one attraction in Eilat (not counting the sea, sun, and mountains) is the Underwater Observatory. Located at the end of the Coral Reef Reserve, 8 km south of the city center. Its white-painted tower is visible from afar. The Underwater Observatory Park is the world's first underwater complex. At a depth of 6 m, through the glass walls of the two observation rooms of the Observatory, delightful pictures of the life of the underwater world open up. Here is one of the main underwater beauties of Eilat - the coral reef "Japanese Gardens". Many fish of different sizes, colors, and shades scurry about in their thickets. Well, it is always interesting for a traveling person to look at corals ...

After a visit to the underwater world, you can drink coffee in the bar upstairs, and then go up to the observation deck at the top of the tower, where 90 steps lead, and from which you can see 4 countries - Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and, of course, Israel.






A unique nature reserve - an attraction located on the Red Sea, in Eilat. Visitors are given a unique opportunity to observe dolphins in the habitat familiar to these clever girls. You can swim with them, play and even take pictures. Eilat dolphins have Russian roots: in the early 90s, the first batch of these mammals was brought to Eilat directly from the Black Sea basin. When visiting Dolphin Reef, visitors can observe dolphins in the wild, observe trained dolphins, and snorkel, or scuba dive with dolphins.

On its territory, there is a self-service restaurant, a shop of unique souvenirs, a bar, a center for children's games, and a photo center.


And finally, a few tips: with a mask and snorkel, you can easily get to know the underwater world of the Red Sea. Do not try to take coral as a souvenir by beating it off with skillful punches. The memory of the fine will haunt you all your life.

In Eilat it is easy to get a sunburn, but even easier to get sunburned. In order not to spoil your rest, use special protective cosmetics. Their wide range will allow you to stay pristine white under the scorching rays of the sun, or get a bronze tan without even leaving the hotel.




Come and visit Eilat! Israel is fully open unlike other countries of the world, enjoy Eilat's best attractions and restaurants and visit the best shopping malls tax-free.





Enjoy your stay in Eilat!




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