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The Railway Park(Hamesila) Tel Aviv

The New Railway Park(Hamesila) Tel Aviv


the railway mesila park neve tzedek tel aviv


The Railway Park(Hamesila) is a long public park situated in the Neve Tzedek neighborhood. The Mesila Park is built on the route of the Ottoman railroad and borders Eilat Street, Nachalat Binyamin, and the Old Jaffa station complex to the west. The beautiful Melisa park has been open to the public since October 2021. After there was no regional development along the route of the old railway in Tel Aviv as in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv had to align and create a park similar to the Jerusalem Railway Park, which was inaugurated in 2014.


The length of the railway park is 1.4 km and in an area of about 25 dunams. It includes a bicycle path, a pedestrian path, trees and vegetation as well as great cafes and restaurants alongside playgrounds for children. 


In the railway park, the inactive Ottoman railway, the Aharon Shlush Bridge, and other buildings that were part of the landscape of Jaffa since the 19th century have been preserved. The part that has not been preserved along the park is the IDF Museum which was moved to Latrun, and in its location, the Elifelt light rail station was built along which the red line of the light rail runs.


The History of Mesila Park


The Jaffa-Jerusalem railway was built between 1890 and 1892 to connect the ancient Jaffa port and Jerusalem. It began at the Jaffa railway station(today Mitham Hatahana) and traversed northeast to the bed of the Ayalon River. Later after 1908, Tel Aviv developed around this railroad, which runs between the residential buildings on both sides of it in a thin, stretched strip. The track was moved in a moat, or sort of trench dug in the dunes, that borders the Neve Tzedek neighborhood, close to the Jaffa train station.


The Jaffa station ceased operations, and train traffic on the line was suspended during the War of Independence in 1948. The line terminated at the Tel Aviv railway station. When the line to Jerusalem was reopened in August 1949, The railroad section that ran between Jaffa Station and Tel Aviv Station was demolished in 1950, and then, the area it crossed was divided into parking lots, and the "back yard" of the office building around.


Planning and Development of the Railway Park 


The Kolker-Kolker-Epstein architectural office, which also created the Elipelet railroad station, designed the Mesila Park. The landscape architecture was given to the Dan Fox office. The conservation efforts along the park were carried out by the Mandel Architects office, which also included the restoration of the old railroad sinking along the park's paths, the dismantling and reconstruction of the Three Bridges, and the preservation of the moat walls, supports, and slippery one.

As part of Tel Aviv's light rail project, NATA - Urban Transport Routes is responsible for the park's development and financing.


The Railroad Park Project


After the path of the rail was a parking lot for many years, It was decided that the red line would partially follow the abandoned track of the former railway when the plans for building Tel Aviv's light rail system were formed. Although this section's track was supposed to be elevated according to the original plan, it was ultimately decided it would also pass through a tunnel excavated beneath the old track route, with a promise that a public park would be constructed above it.


Restaurants and Cafes along the Mesila Park


1. Teder FM - Located in Beit Romano, excellent pizzeria and live music & DJ sets every weekend.


2. Kasata Ice Cream - crazy flavors made by Eyal Shany


3. Lava - Concept Italian Restaurant


4. Hammus Hakerem - a small tasty Hummus Bar


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