Setting a Bar Mitzvah Ceremony in Israel

setting a Bar Mitzvah ceremony in Israel


A Bar/Bat-Mitzvah considered being one of the most important events in every Jewish girl's or boy's life. processing a bar mitzvah ceremony takes you the adult life while celebrating this amazing event with your family, celebrating this special occasion in a synagogue in Israel will leave memories of a lifetime, therefore, all the preparations are very important.

Celebrating a Bar Mitzvah in your hometown synagogue is great but the best way to have a proper festival is to make a Bar Mitzvah tour to Israel, a great journey to the land of the Bible by experiencing the Jewish culture and Jewish modern life and of course a traditional ceremony in Jerusalem, an unforgettable experience for the whole family.

A perfect Bar Mitzvah tour to Israel requires serious planning, rabbi, hotels, flights, transportation, activities for kids, and a general itinerary.


As a private tour guide and an event producer, I will be happy to set up your event, we will create a custom made Bar Mitzvah tour of Israel with all necessary locations and organizations, I offer experience after producing more than 100 bar mitzvah tours in Israel and my knowledge will take it to the next level,

My planning service is free of charge so feel free to discuss.





setting a Bar Mitzvah in Israel






The classic bar mitzvah in Israel ofter involved with Torah reading, if you decide to include this step we must arrange it before, the most common location will be the non-orthodox part of Jerusalem near the western wall where men and women can participate together in the Davidson center but others may choose to have the ceremony on the Masada or a Galilee ancient synagogue.

Other locations can be good as well,

The central synagogue in Tel Aviv.

One of the beaches near Caesarea.

Sephardic synagogues of Jerusalem such as the Hurva.

The central synagogue in the new part of Jerusalem.


If the list is not enough you can Check out my long list of suggested sites for a Bar-Mitzvah ceremony in Israel.

The ceremony can be individual but I recommend doing it in the right way by hiring a professional :


how to set a bar mitzvah ceremony in israel


A rabbi - this is the classic and the most common option, you can choose between a conservative or orthodox depending on your wishes, most people choose a conservative since the ceremony is much lighter.

MInstrel - A happy party maker and a motivator for good vibes.

Procession - A traditional Jerusalem way to lead a bar mitzvah, a band with Shofars, drums, or klezmer will sparkle up the event using traditional instruments and creating happy vibe music.

Doves and Balloons - A perfect ending to a bar mitzvah ceremony by releasing colorful balloons and live doves!



festive bar mitzvah meal in israel


How can you end a bar mitzvah perfectly? a festive dinner or lunch while looking at the walls of Jerusalem and enjoying tasty food with the family. for every location, I can help to set up a restaurant.




bar mitzvah photography


Memories will last forever, but using your cell phone to photoshoot the bar mitzvah is not the right way, I offer to hire a professional photographer, he will photoshoot the event from the begging to the end and will edit it properly, you will be concentrated on your event while he will be working.




Booking the full package through an agency will likely be more expensive, I offer the same service but free of charge, that way you will save a lot and won't pay any extra for any service, you will also not pay vat as a tourist.

All your shopping in Israel will be vat-free since you are not an Israeli and you will receive the money-back in the airport, I will give you a recommended list where to shop for the bar mitzvah ceremony or other typical stuff but you decide whether use it or not.

If the bar mitzvah tour program is too long or short please look at my other recommended itineraries.