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Design Museum in Holon


Design Museum in Holon


Design Museum in Holon


In 2010, the Design Museum in Holon, Tel Aviv's southern satellite city, was opened. The museum building, designed by Israeli architect and industrial designer Ron Arad, is one of the most unusual in the country.


The city of Holon is mentioned in the Book of Joshua of the Old Testament. However, by the 1930s, all that remained of this site were coastal dunes. In the mid-1930s, Jewish emigrants from Polish Lodz established a textile factory here, and Holon began to develop as the region's second industrial zone after Haifa. The local municipality made efforts at the turn of the century to reshape the working-class suburb: Holon is now positioned as a "city for children," a cultural city. Every year, a children's street carnival and International Fashion Week are held here, and the Institute of Technology's design department is located here.

In Israel, it is expected that design will become one of the most important export industries in a small country in the coming years. The Holon City Hall commissioned world-renowned architect Ron Arad to design the museum: the structure was to become an instantly recognizable landmark of the city, a striking concept that symbolized the importance of design in Israel.



Arad designed the structure, which is entwined with five massive metal ribbons in "desert" colors ranging from sandy to dark purple. They are reminiscent of both the massive Mobius strip and the exposed geological layers seen in the Israeli desert. There are two large exhibition galleries inside this impressive installation, which are linked by a pedestrian ramp hidden in one of the belts.


The museum's collection is divided into four thematic sections: historical (projects created in Israel since the 1930s), modern (Israeli design after 2000), an exhibition of works created specifically for the museum, and a collection of the best theses of Israeli design students. academies


Furniture, textiles, jewelry, shoes, and visual communication elements are among the objects presented here, both one-of-a-kind and in limited editions. The museum hosts thematic exhibitions regularly. A lighting installation made of metal sheets, cotton fabrics, and LED lamps, for example, demonstrated the versatility of modern lighting. The exhibition of works by futurist and modernist artist Bruno Munari aided in understanding the evolution of one of the twentieth century's greatest designers.


The primary goals of Design Museum Holon are to inspire and challenge the design community as well as the general public's perception of design and how it affects their lives.


The city of Holon, led by Mayor Moti Sasson and Managing Director Hana Herdsman, approached internationally renowned designer and architect Ron Arad to design an iconic structure that will provide visitors with an immersive environment to access and explore the world of design.
The Holon Design Museum will strive to embody Holon's longstanding commitment to culture and education, as well as its ambition to elevate design to a leadership position in Israel's cultural program.


The Holon Municipality has invested $ 17 million in the creation of the Holon Design Museum and is committed to providing ongoing support.
The Holon Design Museum will be a leader in the international and Israeli cultural landscapes.

The Holon Institute of Technology, the Mediathek, and the National Israel Cartoon Museum are all located in Holon.


The year 2010 is the first of many landmarks on the path to bringing design discussion and exploration to the forefront. In conjunction with the museum's opening, Holon celebrated its 70th anniversary and showcased design concepts in its numerous galleries, outdoor exhibition spaces, and special events.


The Holon Design Museum is a great place to take kids who are looking for fun things to do in Israel during their vacation or Bar Mitzvah tour!




Design Museum in Holon

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