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Visit Mount Bental in the Golan Heights

Mount Bentel on the Golan Heights(Tal Al-Gharam) is a great observation point with a stunning view over Northern Israel and Syria. Here tourists can enjoy a walk through a reconstruction of an IDF post with automatic information stations, lush vegetation, and modern iron statues made from tank parts.

Mount Bental Israel General Information



Mt Bental is an inactive volcano peak located near Mount Avital. The height of Mount Bental is 1,164 meters above sea level, and it was created as a result of a volcanic explosion of a conical volcanic structure. The western part of the mountain exploded in the explosion, and in that direction from the Lava stream, the plato of Kibbutz Merom Golan was created.

On the top of the Bental mountain, there is an excellent lookout, a cafe(Kofi Annan), as well as a visitor center of the Golan Regional Council. At Mount Bental, you can also enter a reconstruction of an IDF outpost with automatic information stations. From the mountaintop, a path marked with red trail markers descends north towards the water reservoir of Kibbutz Merom Golan.

Mount Bental is west of the city of Quneitra, a Syrian town that was destroyed during the Six-Day War and the Yom Kippur War. The Syrians established the new Quneitra a few kilometers north of the destroyed city. In light of the developments of recent years in Syria, it is sometimes possible to see smoke and hear the fighting of the rebels vs the Syrian Regime near the border.



The Meaning of The Name Bental


The Hebrew name of Mount Bental was born as a result of the height difference to its neighbor Mount Avital, which is higher (1,204 meters) - Avital is, therefore, the father, and Bental is his son. In Arabic, the mountain is called "Tel al-Aram", meaning "The Beloved".

From their names(Av in Hebrew is a father and Ben is a Son), we can learn that Mount Avital is slightly higher and older, and both belong to the same volcanic ridge separating Israel and Syria

At the foot of Mount Bental lies Kibbutz Merom Golan, the first settlement in the Golan, located inside the volcanic crater. After the Six-Day War, the inhabitants of Kibbutz Marom Golan settled in the suburbs of the Syrian city of Quneitra, which was abandoned by all its inhabitants. In 1972, the members moved to the permanent point on the western side of Mount Bental.

 From The War Of Independence To The Six-Day War 1948-1967


In 1948, the War of Independence began, Israel was attacked by its Arab neighbors, including Syria, which occupied the Golan Heights area and controlled for years the highest peaks in the northern part of the country.

Syria established a military outpost and fortifications on Mount Bantel and controlled the northeastern part of Israel including the Sea of Galilee. Over the years the kibbutzim and the residents of the area suffered from the Syrian attacks and bombings, therefore the need arose to move the Syrians and resolve the risks in the area. In the Six-Day War that the Israeli Army started in 1967, the battles were fought in the Golan Heights area mainly against Syria, and the Golan Heights with Mount Bental was occupied by Israel. The Syrians were pushed down and moved towards Quneitra, and since then, Mount Bental has been under Israeli control.


Yom Kippur War - 1973


In the Yom Kippur War in 1973, Israel woke up in complete shock to another surprising attack by the Syrians and Egyptians. One of the largest tank battles of Israel and the modern war since World War II took place at the foot of Mount Bental in "The Valley of Tears". 

In this battle, the Israelite tank brigades fought against 600 Syrian tanks in a battle of the few against the many and, the Israelis had the upper hand. 

At the end of the war in 1974, a demilitarized zone was established between Syria and Israel under the supervision of the United Nations. 

Ever since the area has been considered the most peaceful in the Middle East. Bental Mountain and the Golan Heights have since belonged to Israel without any changes.

 Mount Bental Overlook


From the Mount Bental observation point, you can see Lebanon, the Syrian border, United Nations bases, and Mount Hermon, the highest mountain in Israel with a great ski resort and bright white snow. Also, from the mountain top, you can understand the strategic importance of Mount Bental and the Golan Heights to Israel after looking down to the "Valley of Tears", where the famous tank battle was.


What Can Be Done on Mount Bental's Summit?


The Dutch sculptor Joop de Jong, who lives on Kibbutz Marom Golan, has created steel sculptures to adorn the path leading up to the observatory. "Coffee Annan", a coffee shop named after the former leader of the UN, and the gift shop are located at the summit of the mountain, and an IDF outpost—erected atop a Syrian outpost—is situated next to it. Walk the trenches, take photos, and enjoy the fresh air!


Mount Bental Opening Hours, Entrance Prices, and Services for Travelers


The site is a regulated tourist site, although the Nature and Parks Authority does not manage it. Staying at the site is allowed only during the day by the IDF.


Magical and Picturesque Holiday Complexes Near Mount Bental


In Kibbutz Ortal near Mount Bental, you will find a beautiful and well-kept resort complex. The guest rooms in the complex and wooden cabins await you. Want to continue enjoying the peace of the Golan? Book a relaxing vacation in Ortal and fall in love with the Golan region! Do you want to spoil the children with fun attractions? In Kibbutz Ortal, you will find fun attractions such as experiential horseback riding, family bike riding, sweet chocolate workshops, fun cherry picking, night lantern tours, and many other surprising activities. Want to continue exploring the wonders of the Golan? Kibbutz Ortal is a convenient point of departure for the leading sites of the Golan, such as Mt Hermon, Birkat Ram, Odem forest, Tel Dan, Nimrod Fortress, Caesarea Philippi(Banias), Mount Meron, Hula Valley, Hamat Gader and many more.

I would suggest paying attention to the resort hotel in Kibbutz Merom Golan if you're searching for upscale lodging. There are excellent cabins for families with kids and nice guest rooms available at the facility. The kibbutz also has a horse farm and the "Habokrim" restaurant, which serves excellent Golan meat.

Additional Attractions on Mount Bental


1)The bird trails on Mount Bental are comfortable and accessible to hikers.

2)Want some battle heritage? The abandoned IDF post on the spot will illustrate for you the stormy days of Israel's wars. The post itself is closed, but you can walk through its trenches and feel a little what the soldiers who fought there went through.

3)Jeep Tour of the Golan Heights to drive along the Israeli-Syrian border and see the Syrian territory.

4)Love hiking? The Golan trail is a great option to explore the region on foot.


How to Get to Mount Bental


The road to Mount Bentel branches off from road 9881 (the access road to the Golan Heights), which can be reached either from road 91 (Gesher Bnot Ya'akov - Ein Zivan) or from road 959 (Gonen Junction - Bar-On Junction).


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