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Visit Ein Ovdat National Park in the Negev




How to get to Ein Ovdat


Ein Ovdat is located in an oasis of a glittering canyon with a spring that creates a charming Brook, waterfall, and ponds. the perfect recipe for a magical trip to the Negev desert.


Ein Ovdat National Park in the Negev is a spring arising in the section where the Zin stream leaves the level of Ovdat and competes between the plateau and the rowing Ridge. The stream creates a narrow and deep canyon in the soft and white cardboard rock, a truly unique sight!

The water stream of Ein Ovdat creates a Beautiful Brook, a waterfall, and ponds. The banks of the faction are shrouded in vegetation that attracts many animals, among which are ibexes and wild bores. In order not to damage the only water source of animals, the visiting hours of Ovdat National Park were limited for trackers and visitors. In the water stream, you can find a grove of Euphrates poplar, a tree that grows in deserts and is characterized by a wide variety of leaf forms.

Ein Ovdat National Park in the Negev

The hiking trail of Ein Ovdat National Park, designed very carefully and prevents the damage of nature and landscape, and passes near the caves of monks who lived here in the Byzantine period. The full walking route is one way only: from the lower entrance gate, up the stream, to the upper entrance gate. You can also walk from the lower entrance gate to the Ein Tarif pools at the foot of the waterfall, return in the same way and drive by car to the upper parking gate. In the full course, it is necessary to climb iron ladders fixed in the cliff.

* It is mandatory to find out the weather on the site before going on a trip to the area, and avoid visiting during floods.


Ein Ovdat is actually an ancient and spectacular Nabataean city that declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO.right inside you can find a spring, which is a charming attraction for visitors. It is also recommended to visit the observation point next to the upper entrance gate of the garden.

Ein Ovdat National Park

How to get there:

The canyon is near Route 40 between Sde Boker and Ramon Observatory. The lower entrance to Ein Ovdat is next to the Ben Gurion Tomb mansion and the Midrashat Sde Booker. The upper entrance is about 5 km south.



Track length: 2 km

Price: Adult: NIS 25, child: NIS 13




PHONE: +972 53 4779797