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My private Israel small group tour package is different from any other typical tour itinerary. Why?


Since the beginning of March 2020, Israel has been closed to tourists and a visit to the most interesting country in the world for individual tourists is not possible.


Today, the Ministry of Tourism has launched a new program that allows small and large groups of tourists to visit Israel officially from September 19, 2021.


The good news is that I am a guide in Israel who provides trips for small and large groups in Israel. I can officially arrange a visit to Israel that you will never forget without any need for advance or unnecessary paperwork.


Several clauses need to be met, but in short, there is nothing special or difficult that will prevent your group from visiting the Holy Land.


As an experienced English-speaking tour guide for small private groups in Israel, I will escort you through the entire process of your small or big private group tour, explaining the most important facts, leading you, and overwhelming you with surprising facts and superb attractions. Based on my experience and knowledge, on any flexible dates, this private Israel small-group tour operates with big or small groups of between 5 and 50 participants, providing a private group touring experience. Hotels will be booked for you throughout the Israel small group tour, with the best accommodations for the best prices.


Join this small group Israel tour and see the country's most iconic and historic cultural sites, while also experiencing lesser-known locales off the beaten path. Throughout your journey, you'll breathe in mysticism in cities like Safed and Jerusalem. Taste the vibrancy of Tel Aviv, hear the city's history at the Museum of Israeli History, experience nature in Jerusalem Forest, and stay in the best boutique hotels that Israel has to offer!


Visit Israel and discover the multicultural cuisine in vibrant Tel Aviv, enjoy the silence in the monasteries of the Judean desert, and float with a newspaper on the salty waters of the magical Dead Sea. Discover everything about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and visit the iron dome system, experience a Shabbat in Jerusalem, try milking a cow in a Kibbutz, and much more!


This small group Israel tour is waiting for you! With flexible dates upon your request in every possible time frame, my small-group tour to Israel ensures a private and individual-like touring adventure. Let me, your private tour guide for a small group in Israel, lead you through the entire journey, giving you the best service with my deep knowledge of Israel's history and the safest, most comfortable, and most enjoyable Covid free travel in the world, since we will be strolling Israel with our private small group luxury bus/minivan and without any strange people.




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1. As part of my Israel small group tour, you will spend your free time exploring Tel Aviv's finest museums, hot public beaches, and the best local shopping districts, which have been planned and prepared for you ahead of time! A map with the best places and recommendations will be handed to you.


2. Discover how the Israeli innovation industry was born and evolved. Explore the 4,000-year-old city of Jaffa and its landmarks. Stroll through the white city's historical buildings.


3. Meet the notorious King Herod of Caesarea Port. Follow the history of the crusaders along the Israeli coast from Jaffa to Ackko before you visit the modern stages in Israel's development-Moshav and Kibbutz.


4. Infuse the fresh air of the Golan heights, take a dip in the magical Sea of Galilee, traverse the old streets of spiritual Safed.


5. Discover the tastes of Israeli minorities in the Druze villages of Galilee, find out who the Bahais are in Haifa, learn about Jesus's childhood in Nazareth, and continue to the most interesting city in the world-Jerusalem.


6. Take an early morning hike to the fortress of the desert-Masada, and learn about the last Jewish battle of the 1st-century ad, relax in the medical waters of the Dead Sea, and surprise yourself by watching the night spectacle show at the Tower of David.


7. Dive into the history of ancient Jerusalem, go deep and walk the old underground tunnels of the Western Wall, stroll the ancient streets of Israel's capital, and visit the iconic locations such as the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the Western Wall, and don't forget to pray.


8. Dedicate a day to seeing the biggest holocaust museum in the world-Yad Vashem, and learn about the tragedy of the Jewish people, continue to the Israeli museum to see the shrine of the book and the model of Jerusalem dated to the times of the second temple.


9. Pay a visit to our neighbors. Cross to Bethlehem and visit the Church of the Nativity and Manger Square. Continue to see the oldest city in the world, Jericho.


10. Enjoy the best small-group attractions in Israel, such as the Caliber 3 Military Academy and the Time Elevator.








Enjoy my prioritized small group private tour to Israel itinerary based on my customers' requests, step by step.




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On day one of your small group Israel tour, you will arrive at Ben Gurion Airport and your small touring group will receive help from our representative who will assist you through customs and baggage claim and the PCR test that will be booked ahead. You'll then be escorted to a private minivan/bus and a driver waiting outside the terminal gate for your arrival. Your hotel in Tel Aviv will be booked and the keys will be ready before your arrival, where dinner and rest await after a long flight.
  • Bottled water and masks for your small group trip
  • Contact list
  • Travel Itinerary File
Overnight in one of Tel Aviv's boutique hotels



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Good morning! On the second day of our small group tour to Israel, I will greet you in the hotel lobby and we will drive to the old city of Jaffa to see its amazing old buildings, the floating tree, and the authentic port. After taking a short cruise on a boat to see Jaffa from the sea, we will continue to the famous flea market to find some bargains. Next will be Tel Aviv. I will take you to visit the Taglit Innovation Center, Israel's famous start-up nation museum located inside the stock exchange center. Our driver will be waiting to take our small touring group to the central market of Tel Aviv-the Carmel Market, where we will have a tasting tour and try the famous Israeli dishes! With our full tummies, we will stroll the city streets such as Diangoff and Rothschild Boulevard and finish the day in the picturesque neighborhood of Neve Zedek.
Overnight in one of Tel Aviv's boutique hotels



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Dear small and amazing Israel touring group, it's time to pack our bags and move to the north! Our day's opening location will be the ancient city of Caesarea and its amazing port. We will take a walk to see the amphitheater and the famous hippodrome, then we will have a cold drink in the visitor's center and watch a thrilling movie about the administrative capital of the Roman empire, 2000 years ago.
Continue our small group trip. We will head to a kibbutz located on the shore of the Mediterranean coast to learn about the traditional way of living and also discover Israeli agricultural technologies. Before heading to our next destination, we will have a classic Israeli kibbutz lunch.
A short but exciting spot is waiting for us at the famous Bahai Gardens in Haifa, a World UNESCO Heritage Site. This stop will be very pleasant and you will take amazing photos of our incredibly beautiful gardens.
The last part of the day will be dedicated to another UNESCO World Heritage site, the old city of Akko. Today we will learn about the history of the Crusaders and visit the famous Crusade Halls, the Turkish Hamam, Al Jazar Mosque, and how can we forget to visit the authentic Shuk of Akko.
Overnight in one of the Tiberius Boutique hotels




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Say good morning to the sea of galilee, let's have our gorgeous buffet breakfast and drive to the famous city of Kaballah. When Madonna visited Safed, people began paying attention to one of the pearls of Galilee where the famous mystic Jewish texts were born. I have a surprise for my small Israel tour group after visiting the Abuhab and Yosef Caro synagogues. I'll give you spare time to shop in the most unique and special Jewish souvenir boutiques.
Following a good history lesson about Kaballah, your loyal Israeli tour guide will take you to the mountains. While ascending to the Golan Heights, I'll explain how the region was formed, and then we will have an exciting jeep tour off the beaten track! Taking a few old land rover defenders will allow us to discover the hidden places of the Golan Heights, such as the old Syrian headquarters where the famous Israeli spy Eli Cohen visited, driving along the border with Syria and Lebanon, and picking fresh apples!
Where is the best place to finish the day if not an Israeli winery? Today you will enjoy the finest Israeli wines that the region has to offer and combine them with fresh vegetables and amazing local cheese.
Overnight in one of the Tiberius Boutique hotels





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Starting a day full of experiences around the magical Sea of Galilee, today we will discover the most iconic Christian places related to Jesus. The first place will be the Jordan River, the authentic location where Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist. This is your chance to wash away your mistakes and start everything from scratch. Continue to Kibbutz Ginosar to see an ancient boat used by Jesus's disciples and pay a visit to a fishing village, Magdala, the oriental birthplace of Mary Magdalena.
After a good lunch, we will continue the Mount of The Beatitudes and to Tabcha and learn about the miracle when Jesus fed 5000 people with 2 fishes and 5 loaves of bread and also pay a visit to Capernaum where the first church in the world was established next to a remarkable ancient Synagogue from the 5th century.
A proper finish to the day will be a boat ride on the waters of the Sea of Galilee before we start driving to Jerusalem.
Overnight in a good Boutique Hotel in Jerusalem




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Experience the thrill of driving east through the Judean Desert until you reach St. George Monastery, which offers a breathtaking view of Wadi Qelt. Walk through the ruins and learn about Masada's tragic tale before admiring the view over the Dead Sea and Jordan. Finish off with floating in the Dead Sea's healing waters and applying its mineral salt, which will leave a fresh and smooth feeling before you eat lunch in one of the dead sea luxurious hotels.

We will return to Jerusalem to have some rest before the evening light show at the Tower of David (Jerusalem's history). You can also use this time to shop in Jerusalem's city center if you wish.


Overnight in a good Boutique Hotel in Jerusalem




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The most exciting day for our small Israel tour group is about to begin. This morning we will dive into the past and visit the city of David, the oldest layer of ancient Jerusalem!!! This is the place to see the secret water tunnels, the construction process, and other old discoveries. Ascending to the old city through the pilgrim tunnel, we will visit the Jewish quarter with its famous old synagogues, the Roman Cardo, and spend some time at the Western Wall.
After lunch on one of the rooftops of Jerusalem, we will climb to the Temple Mount and visit the Al Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock, continue to the Muslim and Christian quarters and walk the Via Dolorosa, and eventually visit the famous Church of the Holy Sepulcher, where the Savior was crucified, buried, and ascended to heaven.
Bonus: I always love to surprise my small Israeli touring group, therefore I will take you to one of Jerusalem's rooftops to see the city 360° from above including the famous Mount of Olives!
Overnight in a good Boutique Hotel in Jerusalem




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Dedicate a few hours of your Israeli small group tour to one of the most important museums in Israel, Yad Vashem is the holocaust memorial hall dedicated to the biggest tragedy of the Jewish people. The visit is not easy, but a must-visit place. I will guide you through the museum and explain everything step-by-step.
The next location will be the Israeli museum where we will learn about the Scrolls of the Dead Sea inside the Shrine of The Book and also visit the model of Jerusalem from the times of the second temple. 
Another amazing surprise for my small touring group in Israel is that our festive lunch will be held in the famed Mahane Yehuda market, where we will eat the finest Israeli dishes and take a food tour alongside the market's shops.
The second part of the day will take place in the Palestinian Authority. We will tour Bethlehem, the Birthplace of Jesus, and attend a mass at the Church of Nativity and Manger Square.
Now you have some free time to do your last-minute shopping at the Mamilla Mall and on Ben Yehuda Street! Enjoy!
Overnight in a good Boutique Hotel in Jerusalem



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My dear small Israeli touring group... our journey in Israel has come to an end. Today you will have a private transfer from Jerusalem to the airport and a departure VIP service. Our representative will take care of your luggage and your fast check-in. Enjoy your flight from Israel home and see you next time in the Holy Land!






The small group tour to Israel is available all year long regarding the ministry of tourism requirements. Hotels, entrance tickets, transportation, and guiding services will be included in the tour package price.




1. Can you travel to Israel on your own? Not!. Israel allows only small groups(5-30 people) to enter and travel to Israel due 2021, individual tourism is not possible yet. This program is perfect for families or friends you arrive and leave together.
2. How difficult it is to travel to Israel now? Since the borders are closed spontaneous visit to Israel is not possible.
3. How can I travel to Israel today? You should contact a licensed tour guide or a travel agency and they have permission to let you into the country, OFFICIALLY.
4. Should I use a travel agency or just a private tour guide in Israel? A private Israeli guide can do the same job, cheaper by 20% and more efficient.
5. What is the best time to travel to Israel with a small group? Now! Everything is open, comfortable temperatures, the hotels are cheaper and there are no visitors!!!
6. What should you not miss when visiting Israel? The Dead Sea.Jerusalem, Nazareth, Jordan River, The Negev Desert, Masada, Tel Aviv, Jaffa.

7. What do I need to travel to Israel? Negative PCR test in your country, Negative PCR test in Israel, Serological test in Israel and to be vaccinated in the past 6 months, Private tour guide.


8. Can I visit Israel under the new group entry program launched on September 19? If you are traveling from a "Green" or "Orange" country due to the last information you will be permitted, you have to be vaccinated in the past 6 months by an authorized vaccine of the United States or Europe.


9. When should I provide a final answer in case I plan to visit Israel during the new group program starting September 19? All paperwork(passports, vaccination certificates, travel plans) must be submitted at least 15 days before your arrival date.


10. How much does it cost for a group of 5-30 individuals to visit Israel under the new trial program? Free! Even if your group is turned down, I don't charge any fees for filing a new request to the ministry of tourism.


Are you ready to book your private small group tour to Israel during Covid 19? contact me today! free cancelation and 0 commission!!!